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SRA Day - Marketing Presentation


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A presentation I gave to the Student Radio Association's SRA Day in London talking about marketing small radio stations - like student stations and our digital radio station Fun Kids.

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SRA Day - Marketing Presentation

  1. 1. Getting More Listeners Matt Deegan (@matt) from Folder Media (@folder) & Fun Kids (@funkids)
  2. 2. Then: Student Radio Radio Academy GWR Group GCap Media Now: Folder Media Consultancy & Services DAB Multiplexes Fun Kids
  3. 3. What’s The Point of Student Radio?
  4. 4. Owned Earned Paid Contra’d
  5. 5. Owned & Earned
  6. 6. Content as Marketing
  7. 7. Small stations, big problems •Small budget •Young staff •No lack of enthusiasm
  8. 8. Station filter/objectives •Does it drive awareness? •Does it make money?
  9. 9. Whilst we’re the only kids radio station, that doesn’t mean we don’t have other radio competition
  10. 10. Half of stations have more than 500k listeners
  11. 11. But it’s not just radio… We’re competing for time…
  12. 12. Spend as much time on marketing as you do on programming
  13. 13. Owned
  14. 14. 400k pageviews 100 channels/200k downloads 500k listening instances
  15. 15. Earned
  16. 16. Contra’d
  17. 17. Social
  18. 18. Owned & Earned What have you got? Why should someone care/share? Does it do a job for you? How can you use your content as marketing?
  19. 19. Contra What have you got that someone else wants? What can you swap?
  20. 20. Matt Deegan (@matt) from Folder Media (@folder)