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Stipend for unit administrators


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Stipend for unit administrators

  1. 1. Stakeholders, Please help the Murphy Governing Board make the right decision.
  2. 2. Consideration of Approval of an Incentive Stipend Through the Title II- A Grant Read the idea:
  3. 3. Given the accountability pressures through NCLB, especially at high- risk, high-needs schools, this stipend is an encouragement to attract and retain unit administrators at our inner-city high-needs schools to promote academic student achievement. Teachers at schools receiving a performing label through AZ LEARNS receive 301 monies as an encouragement to promote academic student achievement. Unit Administrators do not receive and are not eligible to receive stipend through 301 monies. However, the federal government has approved the incentive stipend at the federal level for AYP only. Unit Administrator that have schools making AYP according to any of the formulas excluding the “N” count criteria which indicates the number of students tested. This adjustment will, in fact, make it equitable for all unit administrator to received the stipend regardless of the population size of the school. This stipend is based on student achievement and not based on student population size of the school. This amendment has been approved and is effective for the 2009- 2010 school year.
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