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C3. The parties acknor.vledge that at the date ofthe execution ofthis contract, the Coverning Board has
 not adopted its 2...

                  M1. Administrator aftjrms that all Administrator representations in this Contr...
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Paul B. Mohr Jr.- Contract


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Do you know how much he makes? Apparently, not enough. Find out what’s wrong with this contract! You’ll be surprise. Source: C-R-C.org

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Paul B. Mohr Jr.- Contract

  1. 1. &w Silverio Garcia, Jr. www'c-r-c'org Founder& Executive Director z ADMINISTRATOR CONTRACT 2O09-2010 *r V. t U I I Ai flr : This contract ("Contract") made and entered into as of its day of execution heteinafter set forth is A -.r{;!9 between Murphy Elementary School District No. 21 ("District"), by and through its Governing Board, and Paul Mohr ("Administrator"). District and Administrator agree as follows frL# Non-Profit Organization TERNT OF EMPLOYNIENT T1 IL The Board agrees to employ the Administrator for the term of July 20, 2009 - June 30, 2010. The Administrator shall be employed to work for a period of tlvelve months each fiscal year. T2. If the administrator is certificated. then the Board shall provide notice of the Board's intention not to renew a contract on or befbre April 15'h. Administrator has no legitimate expectancy of emplovment bel,ond the term indicated in Paragraph T1" DUTIES Dl. The duties and responsibilities of Administrator shall be those duties as may be assigned to the Administrator by the Superintendent. D2- The Administrator maJ' be assigned to any parlicular buiiding, location or depafiment within the school district at the discretion ofthe Superintendent and may likewise be transf-erred from one assignment or duties to another. D3. The Administrator will competently perform the duties of his assignment and will be subject to a performance evaluation. The Administrator shall be governed during employment by the policies. rules and regr.rlations of the Board and shal1 fulflll all thc duties and responsibilities assigned. ADMINISTRATOR QUALIFICATIONS Ql. Administrator represents that Administrator has obtained all required special licenses and/or certitlcations so as to fulfill the duties of the position to lr'hich the Administrator has been assigned. Administrator shall maintain the same durin-q the term of this Contract. 1'he Employee represents that he/she has not been convicted of a dangerous crime against children as deflned in A.R.S. 13-604.01" Employee understands that a conviction of same during the terms of this contract must be reported to the Superintendent immediatell' upon conviction. f'he loss ofsuch cerlitrcate or license for any reason and at any time during the term ofthis contract shall constitute grounds lbr immediate termination of this contract. Q2. Administrator has provided fingerprints to the Arizona Department of Education and maintcnance throughout the tem of this contract of an IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card on file with the District. unless the Administrator's cerlification status does not presentil.recluire fingerprinting or a clearance card. c}'l If nervly hired" this contract is conditional upon a positive response has been received from the background investigation/reference checks. COMPENSATION cl. In consideration of performance of services pursuant to this Contract, the District agrees to pa) Administrator, in addition to any fringe benefits provided by District policy. based on the sum of $102.253. The annual salary shal1 be paid in equal installments in accordance riith the policy of the Roard governing pa-u-ment of sa1ary to other members of the prolessional staff. C2. In addition to the base salary discussed in subparagraph Cl. Administrator shall be entitled to the fbllorvins stioends: Vehicle Stipend: $ 7,400. Longevity: $ 6,949. Annuify Stipend: $ 0,000. Other Stipend: $ 0,000. Pro Growth: $ 0,000. Phone: $ 35 / month bl (t
  2. 2. C3. The parties acknor.vledge that at the date ofthe execution ofthis contract, the Coverning Board has not adopted its 2009/20 1 0 budget nor has the Arizona legislature conclurled its review of school finance laws. 'l he Goveming Board- in its discretion, may increase ihe Administrator's base salary siated in paragraph C1 and./or total compensation paid to Administrator priof to the start date olthis conlract- Ary additional increase in compensation is expressly conditioned upon receipt of additionai funding from the Arizona legislature and upon ttre Governing Board,s discretion in allocatin_e tuads zrrd in adopting any salary schedule changes. C4. The Board may' require there to be a pro-rata reduction ol the total amount or" compensation due under this Contract or mav reduce the number of administrators shouid the Arizona Legislature not fund, ei.ther fully or partiatl-v, or othenvise lirnit. reduce, delay pa-.rment or require repayment of amounts appropriated for buciget categories used {br salaries. C5 Should Administiator believe there has been a mistake in the Administrator's salar1,, the Administrator shali have 30 (thirry-) working davs to noti$ District of ihe mistake" The sum stated above is intended to conespond to Administrator's step and degree placemenl for the ?009-2010 school year as determined bv the Administrator's training and erperience on reccrd s,ith the District. if the salary recited in this provision is mistaken and not in accordaace r.vith an accurate placemeni on the saiary schedule. the accurate placement on the sa1ary schedule sha1l govern and the amount shall be adjusted. BENEFITS Bl Thc Administrator shall receive benefits {such as but not limited to pai<i leave- .racation- legal holiday's and other benetits) in accordance with their emplovment status ii.e. part time. reiired, certificated ot sr,rpport staff) and pursuant to the applicable Governine Board Policies. (a) .tf the Administratcr is a full time emplovee and not y€t retireC. then the.idministrator sha1l receivetwenty-two(22)daysofvacationannualll,,erclusiveofiegaiholi<1a1s. Vacationshallbetakensubjectio the approval of the Superintendent. Vacation time shal1 accrue as per District policy. Administratcr mav be entitled to reiinbursement for vacation da1,s upon termination of ernployment as dictated by the appiicable Goverriing Boar<1 policy. {b) Dailyrate of compensation to be used in any caicuiaiion of benefits shallbe determinecl by dividing the annr-ral base salary by the number of contract davs B2 Adnrinistrator shall be eligible for the lowest cost medical/denral plan prcvided by Districi rvhen Administator qualifies for the insurance under the medical and dental plan and under Board policl'. Said plan rvill be paid for by the District. 83. llapplicable based upon Board policy- then lile insurance shall be provitied r,v|'rich equares rc 1vo tines the annual saiary of the administrator. Based upcn Board policy the District rvill provide prof"essional ilability insurance coverage for administrators. 84. lf appiicable based upon Board policy. then the District shall provide Short Term Disabiliry Insurance. Administrators i,r'ill receive a percentage o{'monthly earnings subject to the conditions and specitications of the applicable short term disabilif_v ptan. 85. Within budget, stafling and legal constraints. the Administrator. upon approval b1,. the Superintendent, shall bc encouraged to attead appropriate prolessional meetings at the locai, stale and national levels. Cost of attendance. rvhere approved ir advance. shall be paid b,v the District. 86. The Administrator will be reimbursed tbr traveling to be dcne or behalf of the District in accordance r'vith A.R.S. Sec. 15-342. it is acknorvledged thzrt Administrator r.vill provide a personal vehicle to be used for prof'essional business. B7 {f the Administrator has retired rvith the Arizona State Retiremenr System. Administrator acknorvledges: as follon.s: fhat District shall nol pay contributions on behaif of the Administratorpursuantto A.R.S. 38-736,38-731 or 38-797.05 during the ter-rn cl ihis contract and that the Administrator shall not accrue creriited service. retiremert benefrts or long-term disabilitl.'program benefits pursuant to Afiicie 2.1 of Title 38 lor the period the ACministrator retums to work- 'ltl1 f ,4{_y<,0 z Wffirsh'
  3. 3. MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS M1. Administrator aftjrms that all Administrator representations in this Contract as rvell as those contained in the Administrator's application and related documents as submitted to the District are true and accurate. Determination by the Governing Board or its authorized representative that any such representation is not true or is inaccurate may, at District's option. be deemed a material breach of this Contract and constitutes grounds for termination of emplol'ment in addition to any other action authorized by law or District policy. M2. This document constitutes the entire agreement r.vith the exception of Governing Board policies and administratil'e rules and regulations rvhich ma-v be amended from time to time, and are incorporated into this contract by this reference. This contract cancels and supersedes ai1 prior contracts issued for any portion of the term of this contract. An1'subsequent amendment or addendum must be in lvriting. M3. This contract must be sigred and returned within thirty (30) days from date contract is distributed or it will be considered void. Execution of this contract was authorized at a legally convened meeting of the District Governing Board this 13th day of Julv 2009. IN WITNESS WHIREOF. the parties have caused this agreement to be executed on the day and 1'ear designrted bilow. MURPHY ELEMENTARY SCT{OOL DISTzuCT NO. 2I Rv Board Representative By I)atc Paul Mohr # 1 Al1 Eligible Stipends: Pay lhroughout the )'ear Pal. End of Year Pay in December Silverio Garcia, Jr. Founder & Executive Director €s6 r o Lu.,y,z,l o'1,* 4t',' qrAt- (623) 418-2't34 s) (u't,, Silverio@c-r-c.org Non-Profi t 0rganization