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Murphy District - Report Card


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Published in: Education
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Murphy District - Report Card

  1. 1. District “Report Card” on Dr. Mohr’s issue.
  2. 2. Nothing motivates a child more than when learning is valued by schools and families/community working together in partnership.
  3. 3. These forms of involvement do not happen by accident or even by invitation. They happen by explicit strategic intervention.
  4. 4. Communication between home and school must be regular, two-way, and meaningful.
  5. 5. Dear Board members, Enclosed please find the MSD report card.
  6. 6. MSD used a variety of communication tools on a regular basis, seeking to facilitate two- way communication
  7. 7. MSD established opportunities for parents and staff to share information
  8. 8. MSD involved teachers and staff in meaningful collaboration to address this issue
  9. 9. MSD provided clear information regarding the issue
  10. 10. MSD disseminated information throughout the community regarding the issue
  11. 11. MSD encouraged immediate contact between parents and teachers when concerns arose
  12. 12. MSD translated communications to assist no-English-speaking parents
  13. 13. MSD provided opportunities for parents to communicate with principals and other administrative staff
  14. 14. MSD conducted meetings with parents regarding the issue with follow-up as needed
  15. 15. MSD meetings accommodated the varied schedules of parents, language barriers, and the need for child care
  16. 16. MSD used digital technologies to address the issue e.g., Blogs, Wikis, discussion boards, Websites
  17. 17. Recommendations for the MSD Governing Board:
  18. 18. Take charge of your schools!
  19. 19. Decide for what is best for the community and the future of our children.
  20. 20. It’s time to get a new school superintendent to shake up the organization.
  21. 21. Improve communication.
  22. 22. It’s time to stop the “one million dollar hand shake” at the end of every board meeting . . .
  23. 23. Tell your district administrators that you want RESULTS instead. Fact: MSD spends over a million dollars a year just in administration.
  24. 24. These are the ONLY efforts made by the MSD administration to address the issue among the Murphy community. Click on the links: Important notice to the parents and community & staff Memo to staff Or visit: