Powerful. Versatile. reliable.When you need broadbandWireless go with the leaderoutdoor broadband wireless      redline un...
loWest lifetime Costredline’s software versatility combined with its powerful radioplatforms and high reliability deliver ...
ProduCt Portfolioredline’s award-winning products                         an-80iprovide high capacity point-to-point      ...
QuiCK faCts                                            unmatChed suPPort                                                  ...
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Redline products brochure


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Redline products brochure

  1. 1. Powerful. Versatile. reliable.When you need broadbandWireless go with the leaderoutdoor broadband wireless redline understands wireless networking. Powerful,systems enabling the delivery versatile and reliable redline systems deliver wirelessof high-speed communications video surveillance and private network solutions; digitalservices and applications to oil field and sCaDa/Video/Voice/Data network solutions;business and government. backhaul and business internet access solutions.
  2. 2. loWest lifetime Costredline’s software versatility combined with its powerful radioplatforms and high reliability deliver the industry’s lowest lifetime cost.PoWerful Versatile reliablelongest range redline has installed secure redline is the only broadband highest reliability redline’smore than 200 links over 80 km, wireless company offering the choice industry-leading 29-year Meanmore than any other supplier of aes-256, X.509 authentication time between failures (Mtbf),worldwide. long reach means and fiPs 140-2 certification, the combined with the industry’smore coverage with fewer radios. stringent security required by federal lowest documented field failure government and military customers. rate (0.3%), means maximumbest coverage redline radios offer uptime and hassle-free operation.the greatest line-of-sight (los) and future-proof redline’s productsnon-line-of-sight (Nlos) ranges, are software upgradeable. Purchase designed for outdoors redline’sdelivering uninterrupted coverage in the features and the throughput ruggedized, submersible productsthe most challenging environments. performance you need today; upgrade provide uninterrupted coverage tomorrow without replacing hardware. in harsh weather conditions andhighest throughput redline delivers in the most challenging urban andthe industry’s highest throughput— specialized redline networks are industrial environments.up to twice the throughput of the ideal for point-to-point and point-competition. redline’s powerful to-multipoint applications. software Quality assured redline testsprocessors don’t slow under small- options tune redline products to all products with leading camerapacket, high traffic conditions, work seamlessly in wide range of and other manufacturers to ensureso adding new applications won’t specialized applications including flawless performance of the system,impact existing applications. redline business internet access, data not just the network.supports more applications and acquisition, video surveillance,more users with fewer radios. and high security networks. “With state-of-the-art videolowest latency redline’s innovative surveillance comes complexity, Personalized. redline’s advancedMedia access technology delivers and Redline has the only broadband Quality of service (Qos) controlsthe world’s lowest latency—more radio system capable of supporting let you create tiered services andthan 10 times lower than the nearest our new and demanding server increase customer satisfaction.competitor—ensuring a seamless applications for Advanced Videowireless experience today and Functions. Redline made it possibletomorrow. Nobody matches “The Marine Corps Wireless Point- for us to implement the best videoredline’s < 1msec latency. to-Point Link (WPPL) program had technology available, and their ability a long-standing requirement to add to create multicast groups within a certified FIPS-140-2 transmission our wireless network allows the“Redline was the clear choice for encryption capability in order to National Police to share videoa radio partner due to its products’ ensure completely secure wireless security resources with securitycoverage, capacity, speed of communications. Redline’s high- divisions.”deployment, and fast return-on- security, validated AN-80i broadband Han Mutlu, President Global Forteinvestment. The result is the best wireless radio makes this criticalservice for the 100,000 people of feature a reality.”Oxford County who are spreadover 2,000 square kilometres.” Major William Cornell, USMCJonathan E. Scott, CFO & V.P.of Operations Execulink Telecom
  3. 3. ProduCt Portfolioredline’s award-winning products an-80iprovide high capacity point-to-point the aN-80i delivers high capacity, high throughput andcommunications links to backhaul long range performance along with redline’s industry- leading lowest latency for point-to-point and point-to-information between network locations multipoint wireless communication links. softwareand high speed point-to-multipoint options make it simple to configure for a wide rangeaccess links between business users of specialized applications.and their corporate networks. telecomservice providers, local and stategovernments, the oil and gas industryand military organizations worldwide rdl-3000choose the redline wireless experience the rDl-3000, redline’s next generation radio platformfor seamless operation of complex adds 2 X 2 MiMo and enhanced radio technology toapplications. deliver industry-leading throughput and range along with redline’s leading low latency. fully configurable via software options, the rDl-3000 is ideal for super high capacity, extreme range point-to-point and point-to- multipoint specialized wireless applications.softWareModular software delivers the ultimatein versatility. remotely configurespecialized applications, update unitsfor more capacity or change from rdl-2000point-to-point to point-to-multipoint the rDl-2000 uses 2 X 2 MiMo technology to providefor hassle-free operation: one platform, up to 200 Mbps point-to-point wireless links. rapidliNKtotal flexibility, lowest cost of ownership. software, very low power consumption, and a compact solution allow quick deployment.• rapidlinK for fast and simple setup on point-to-point links• metrolinK for premium access services in private and access redmaX WimaX family networks redline’s aN-100u/X base stations and range of• smartlinK for machine-to-machine subscriber units are wiMaX forum Certified wireless communication, including smart Grid access systems for fixed and nomadic broadband and smart field applications.• VideolinK for high capacity, high quality video surveillance• securelinK for secure operation and stringent fiPs 140-2 compliance easily dePloyedredline management redline’s solutions approach ensures easy and seamlesssoftWare (rms) deployment for sCaDa /aMi data acquisition systems, backhaul, video, private networks and access systems. industry-leading lowthe award-winning redline Managementsoftware (rMs) lets it professionals latency and high throughput allow multiple applications to workeasily deploy, control, monitor and without expensive, time-consuming configuration changes.upgrade redline components through asophisticated, intuitive, user-friendlyinterface. Powerful. Versatile. reliable. www.rdlcom.com
  4. 4. QuiCK faCts unmatChed suPPort redline offers warranty and maintenance plans, professional services, training11 Number of years redline programs, and more to protect your investment and ensure service continuity.has been making award-winningbroadband wireless products teChniCal sPeCifiCationsfirst radio in its class to be Product redmaX an-80i rdl-3000 rdl-2000awarded fiPs 140-2 certification,demonstrating its high security technology Fixed wiMaX oFdM oFdM-MiMo oFdM-MiMocapability PtP throughput N/a 90 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbpsno. 1 the most deployed PmP Capacity 18 Mbps 48 Mbps 100 Mbps N/acommercial off-the-shelf latency 20 ms < 1 ms < 1 ms < 2 ms(Cots) broadband radio in u.s.Department of Defense history Packet 37,000 PPS 176,000 PPS 220,000 PPS 50,000 PPS Processing (PPs)<1 ms the latency of aN-80i mimo-a No No Yes Noand rDl-3000 radios, lowest in (~2X range)the industry ensuring applications mimo-b No No Yes Yescontinue working as in wireline (2X speed)130 Number of countries where range 72 Km (45 Mi) 80 Km (50 Mi) 120 Km (75 Mi) 50+ Km (30+ Mi)redline products are installed rf band 3.65 ghz (FCC/iC) 4.9-5.8 ghz 4.9-5.8 ghz 4.9-5.8 ghz 3.3-3.8 ghz (intl.) 3.65 ghz (FCC/iC) 3.65 ghz (FCC/iC)40 Number of municipalities in 3.3-3.8 ghz (intl.) 3.3-3.8 ghz (intl.)Mexico currently using redline PtP Chan size 3.5/5/7/10/14/20/ 5/10/20 Mhz 5/10/20/40 Mhzradios for video surveillance and 28/40 Mhzfor connecting schools PmP Chan size 3.5/7 Mhz 3.5/5/7/10/14/ 5/10/20 Mhz 20 Mhz40,000 Number of redlinefixed wiMaX radios installed in gPs synch Yes No Yes Noa single network, largest such operating -40 ˚C to 60 ˚C -40 ˚C to 60 ˚C -40 ˚C to 60 ˚C -35 ˚C to 60 ˚Cnetwork in the wiMaX forum temperature -40 ˚F to 140 ˚F -40 ˚F to 140 ˚F -40 ˚F to 140 ˚F -31 ˚F to 140 ˚Fdatabase security 3deS aeS-128/256 aeS-128/256 aeS-128 FiPS 140-2 FiPS 140-2200 Number of wireless linksexceeding 80 km, surpassing other software Yes Yes Yes No upgradeablebroadband wireless suppliers software options rapidliNK rapidliNK rapidliNK$9 million the size of MetroliNK MetroliNKredline’s biggest network this year SmartliNK SmartliNK VideoliNK VideoliNK SecureliNK SecureliNK management rMS/SNMP rMS/SNMP rMS/SNMP rMS/SNMP redline products are marketed and supported locally through a network of certified value added resellers in the americas, the Middle east and africa. to learn more, please contact us or visit www.rdlcom.com302 town Centre blvd, Markham, oN l3r 0e8 Canada+1.905.479.8344 email info@rdlcom.com170111 ProDuCts © 2011 redline Communications inc. all rights reserved.the symbols ® and tM designate trademarks of redline Communications or identified third parties.all other logos and product names are the trademarks of their respective owners, errors and omissions excepted.