Mctel sms firewall


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Mctel sms firewall

  1. 1. SMS Firewall THE COMPLETE SECURITY SOLUTION PROTECT your network againstInternational SMS Fraud PROTECTyour subscribers In todays mobile networks, SMS spam and fraud protection is getting increasingly difficult as more uncontrolled entities may gain access to SS7 backbone and SMS spoofing may enable spammers to masqueradeagainst SMS Spam fraudulent SMS as originating from roaming partner network. SMS spam is an annoyance to the customer, leads to complaints and churn, cause revenue loss and network inefficiency. SMS fraud is a direct attack against the revenues of the Mobile Network Operators. REDUCE MCTEL SMS Firewall uses innovative mechanisms to filter incoming SMS, check they originate from roaming partners, filter them according to their your costs content and other criteria, generate alarms when needed, and block unwanted or illegal traffic.with First Delivery Advanced message content control mechanisms allow to detect SMS flooding and any unwanted content.Attempt module MCTEL SMS Firewall can be installed on existing network (connected to the current SMS Center) and can be integrated seamlessly with SMS Control (Parental Control and Smart Messaging) and MCTEL FDA (Direct Messaging). INCREASE the satisfactionof your customers MCTEL – 41 avenue Hector Otto – MC 98004 MONACO – Tel +377 92168888 / Fax +377 92168865
  2. 2. THE COMPLETE SECURITY SOLUTION Easy to install ► MCTEL SMS Firewall can be integrated in existing network or used MCTEL SMS FIREWALL interworking with mcTels other messaging solutions. Extensible ► MCTEL SMS Firewall interworks with MCTEL SMS Control (Parental Control and Smart Messaging) and with MCTEL First Delivery Attempt (Direct Messaging), increasing ARPU and reducing Operations costs. Complete ► MCTEL SMS Firewall is a complete proactive protection efficient against major leaks or network security: Anti-Spoofing, Anti-Faking and Anti-Flooding. Features Support for all kind of SMS messages Advanced Anti-Fraud algorithms Anti-Spam customizable features with personal dictionary Web, SMS, USSD, IVR Front-End available for easy use Key Benefits Easy deployment using existing backbone Very high throughput and scalability Protect network integrity, subscriber privacy First Delivery Attempt module Seamless integration with SMS Control: Parental Control and Smart Messaging Technology Compliant with all relevant ETSI, 3GPP, ITU, CDMA standards Runs on high availability redundant platforms Carrier-grade solution, scalable n+1, with building blocks of up to 1000 SMS per second each. Load balancing and high availability configurations Flexible licensing scheme MAP support over SS7/SIGTRAN Web and SNMP management Built on more than 15 years experience in message routing Since 1992, MCTEL delivers carrier-grade network solutions to telecommunication operators worldwide with a comprehensive suite of solutions in Advanced Messaging, Mobile Device Management and Service Delivery Platform for VAS. MCTEL proposes a powerful value chain approach from the design of innovative products up to the deployment of solutions delivered turnkey and as hosted services through MCTEL’s SS7 international signalling backbone.MCTEL – 41 avenue Hector Otto – MC 98004 MONACO – Tel +377 92168888 / Fax +377 92168865