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Hunter gatherers


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Hunter gatherers

  1. 1. 21 Sept Hunter-Gatherers
  2. 2. TODAY..• Return essays• Review cultural evolution• Modern hunter-gatherers• Discussion Qs• WWCavemen clip
  3. 3. Biological or Cultural Evolution?• Brain size • Biological• Hunting strategy • Cultural• Speech • Cultural• V-shaped jaw • Biological• Cave art • Cultural• Brow ridges • Biological
  4. 4. Andamanese People• Andaman Islands• Arrived 60,000ya• 18th C = 7000  disease/war  now 400• Bow, adzes, wooden harpoons• no fire making – tree embers from lightening• (small genetic variation = bottleneck)
  5. 5. Think and share:• Are all humans at a similar stage of evolution? – Why/ why not?• Is learning easier for new generations? – why + how? – Why not?