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SEM for Startups Presented at The Werx A Startup Incubator


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SEM for Startups- Presented at The Werx [A Startup Incubator]. What is Search Engine Marketing, SEO & PPC? What are they and what are the benefits? We discuss how to decide if SEM would be good for your small business and how to do it effectively.

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SEM for Startups Presented at The Werx A Startup Incubator

  1. 1. Search Engine Marketing (972) 365-0000 | http:// | 9720 Coit Rd. Suite 220-174 Plano, TX  75025-5833 Marketing Mentor At The Werx, Scott Berry
  2. 2. HELLO! Scott Berry Marketing Mentor at The Werx and founder of MarketCrest, an online marketing agency based out of Plano, TX with clients in TX, IL, TN, NJ & PA Current Marketing Head for two companies and previously a multiple time CS&M Officer of $850 million corporations 4
  3. 3. This Talk Is: For Business Owners, CEOs or Presidents A no B.S., non technical, executive dialog about fit & ROI A no risk opportunity to determine if Search Engine Marketing is for you and your business A catalyst for those ready to begin (answers what to expect, where to start, how to budget expenses and who to trust) 3
  4. 4. Why SEM? Overcome The Cloak of Invisibility: •  When someone types a word into a search engine, sees a page listed from your site, and clicks through to visit your site, you have attracted a searcher. If you do nothing at all, searchers might still find your site. •  To maximize the number of searchers coming to your site, however, you must intentionally take specific actions to attract visitors to your site, otherwise you risk invisibility. •  This is, in essence what paid and unpaid SEM is all about- invisibility insurance ;-) 3
  5. 5. Seek To Understand, Then Decide If It’s For You: •  Attracting visitors to your site may not, be important to your revenue stream. Step 1 make that determination. •  Attracting visitors to your site is absolutely possible, but it’s much harder than you might think (thanks Google) and it cost time and money. •  As search marketing becomes more and more widespread, your competition online is increasing every day. 2
  6. 6. The BENEFITS of SEM (paid & unpaid) 1.  Results of PPC & SEO are easy to track and thus measure ROI. 2.  Paid ads have short term benefits and SEO has long 3.  Strategy changes based on results are much easier to put into action, businesses are able to stretch money further when digital marketing is working effectively. 4.  Any size business can see revenue increases for a fraction of traditional advertising budgets. 5.  Search engine marketing is a more scalable way to reach customers than outbound marketing. 9
  7. 7. What is SEM And What Good Is It? 1.  SEM – What is it? 2.  PPC – What is it and what are the benefits? 3.  SEO – Ditto 4.  Why Use SEM At All? 5
  9. 9. WHAT IS IT? The process of search marketing is called SEM (search engine marketing). Marketers are concerned with two different types of search. They are paid search (often called pay per click- PPC), and unpaid search. Paid First: The process of paying for search involves paying for advertising that shows up on the top or the side (and sometimes the bottom) of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). It’s called p a i d s e a r c h because the advertiser pays the website hosting the advertising (think Google or Adwords) money every time someone clicks on an advertisement. < SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING > 7
  10. 10. Display advertising (banner ads) has been around for ages, so why has a newcomer such as paid search been outselling it since 2003? BECAUSE PAID SEARCH WORKS AND IT’S FAST Benefits: Paid search ROI is easily trackable; The ROI depends heavily on: keyword research, Adwords account mgt; your website’s ability to convert visitors to leads; and your company’s ability to nurture leads to opportunities and win them. With paid search, the ROI is either pass/fail. 8 PAID SEARCH MARKETING
  12. 12. WHAT IS IT? The unpaid type of search is known as organic or natural search and the process of getting ranked “naturally” is known as search engine optimization (SEO). There is both onsite and offsite SEO. This SEO process involves an understanding of what is known as a search algorithm. An algorithm helps the search engine decide which pages come closest to which queries on the Internet. Note: The natural or organic search results show up, below and to the left side of the advertisements on the search engine results page. < SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION > 11
  13. 13. The BENEFITS of SEO 1.  The ability to bring in a significant volume of consumers on a wide range of search terms at a highly effective cost per visit. 2.  Increased traffic to your website helps to build brand awareness. 3.  SEO leads have a nearly 15% close rate, while outbound leads have only 1.7% close rate (Search Engine Journal). 4.  As more and more people visit your site, you’ll be able to refine your sales process and increase your conversion rate. 5.  The more prominent your website is, the less prominent your competitors’ websites will be, as there are a limited number of spaces on that first page; therefore your share of voice is increased. 14
  14. 14. You Know What, Now WHY SEM?3 (972) 365-0000 | | 9720 Coit Rd. Suite 220-174 Plano, TX  75025-5833 15
  15. 15. SEM & The Online Marketing Landscape •  Search engines typically represent the largest opportunity for finding qualified users in your target audience •  Search engine ranking algorithms are becoming increasingly complex, representing both a challenge and an opportunity •  User engagement metrics are critical factors in how search engines decide to rank, therefore user experience & quality content are key •  Offsite presence and activity on prominent and niche platforms like business directories, social media and content sharing platforms are becoming increasingly important factors in ranking •  Quality & quantity of relevant content is the central force in establishing on-site & off-site signals that trigger search rankings
  16. 16. Example: Search Engine Results Page Related Search Traffic in TN & Surrounding States •  Identified 382 aligned keywords and regional traffic •  Estimate ~4,140 aligned regional searches per month •  Regional visibility low, hyper local is decent •  Most queries included paid ads •  Most queries included local map pack •  Many queries also displayed directories on first page Keyword(Groups #(KWs #(Searches( %(Comp $(Avg(Bid Injection(Molding 101 1,360 35% $4.76 Plastic(Molding 89 1,030 45% $3.51 Plastic(Injection(Molding 99 930 27% $4.25 Injection(Molding(Company 27 240 38% $5.97 Plastic(Molding(Company 23 230 43% $7.13 Plastic(Injection(Molding(Company 21 180 37% $6.18 Plastic(Injection 18 140 23% $2.56 Plastic(Injection(Company 4 30 0% $4.20 Grand(Total 382 4,140 35% $4.53
  17. 17. Example: Local Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Local Map Listings Brand News Article Niche Directories General Directory Paid Search Ads Ex: “Plastic injection molding companies in Tennessee” •  11 competitor ad spots •  3 competitor map listings •  2 niche directory pages •  1 industry job listing •  4 general directory listings •  3 competitor web pages Other typical results include: •  YouTube videos •  Blog Articles •  Social Media Posts
  18. 18. Example: Search Engine Results Page (SERP) YouTube Video AutoDesk Knowledgebase Article Multipart Blog Article Images PDF White Paper Industry Website Article Depending on the query, Google may also rank social media posts (Google+), blog content, slideshares, directory listings (local search)
  19. 19. Example: SEM Projected Results & Estimated ROI Performance Metric Baseline Metrics Improvement Goals* New Website Visitors 300 per month +500 per month Website Conversions 4 per month +8 per month Estimated Sales Impact 5+ new customers Projected Ad Spend (paid directly to Google via CC) -- $1,500 per month Campaign Management Fees (includes labor, software & services) -- $1,000 per month Annual ROI -- 7X+ *Traffic will build over 6-12 month period, with short term increases driven primarily by paid ads while you build up organic search and referral traffic
  20. 20. Consumer readiness to buy is one of the most basic reasons to spend your scarce marketing budget on search: 89% of those online, use search engines to look for information about brands and products. Lest you think that not enough people are online for search marketing to be worth your while, note that total Internet users passed the seven billion mark worldwide in 2012. As simple as it sounds, your customers are online, and they use search to buy. Make no mistake, if your business needs online leads to survive or grow…your site must be found by these searchers who are ready to buy. 6
  21. 21. The Wrap Up Decide if your business requires new online leads and wins •  Note: SEO (SEM) leads have a nearly 15% close rate, while outbound leads have only 1.7% close rate (Search Engine Journal). •  Inbound leads are less expensive than outbound sales 14
  22. 22. The Wrap Up Remember: “PPC” is paid search ads and SEO is unpaid search ranking •  With both, hire a pro and someone you know and trust explicitly (they are investing/spending/wasting your money) 14
  23. 23. The Wrap Up Remember: PPC is like a “quick hit” and SEO is a longer term investment •  Expect to spend a minimum of $1-2k per month in ad spend for a 6 month period, if you are going to try PPC. Management fees are in addition to ads. •  Expect to spend $750-1000 per month in SEO fees if you want to accomplish anything material in a reasonable amount of time •  For $1k a month a trusted SEM expert can do your SEO AND PPC! 14
  24. 24. The Wrap Up Allow 4-6 months to fully evaluate PPC & SEO program effectiveness; demand full metrics monthly and shoot for a 2 to 5x ROI on paid ads (mgt fees and ads) 14
  25. 25. The Wrap Up Factors in Your PPC Success •  Strategy & expertise •  Your ability to collaborate/tweak/ strategize with your ad manager •  Price of keywords selected •  Quality of ads, website landing pages and your sales team •  Avg profit of a “win” or sale 14
  26. 26. The Wrap Up Progress with Paid Ads Means •  You are very close to breaking even with full ROI (mgt fees and ad spend) and headed toward a 2x+ return. • So, $2,500 per month in fees and ad spend is driving at least $2,500-5,000 in trackable new revenue 14
  27. 27. The Wrap Up Factors in Your SEO Success •  The quality and quantity of your website content and social media signals •  The combination of On Site and Off Site SEO tactics •  Your monthly time and $ investment (speed of results) • Your SEO manager 14
  28. 28. The Wrap Up Progress with SEO Means •  Monthly/constant improvement in your: •  Quality score •  Authority score •  Trust score •  #Website Pages •  # and quality of backlinks •  # of citations •  # and quality of directories •  Non spam website traffic & key GA metrics •  Arrival in the map pack 14
  29. 29. THANK YOU! (972) 365-0000 | | 9720 Coit Rd. Suite 220-174 Plano, TX  75025-5833 Contact Scott at for follow up questions or catch him every other Thursday morning during mentor hours at The Werx 9:30am to noon. Extra resources linked below.