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Google forms for_the_library


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An example of how you can use Google Forms in the Library.

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Google forms for_the_library

  1. 1. Google Forms for the Library Mary Schwander, LMS New Hope-Solebury High School April 25, 2011
  2. 2. Google Forms can be used to help service students and teachers in your library. Book Suggestions, Equipment Requests, or inventory of Books Read are some of the ways you can use Google Forms and then link or embed them on your site. Select "Form" from the "Create new" menu.
  3. 3. Select your theme here Title your form and give a description. Choose the type of fields based on the form you are creating. Equipment request will probably be a combination of Text, Checkboxes and Multiple choice. Book suggestions will be all Text. "Books read" from a certain list of books would use a combination of Text and "Choose from list".
  4. 4.   Equipment Request Form  An example
  5. 5. The first question field is for the name of the person requesting the equipment. Therefore "Your Name" is the title and the answer type is  "Text". Select "make this is a required question".
  6. 6. Continue to add items to your form using the drop-down list, such as: Text for dates equipment is needed Text or Checkboxes for equipment which is needed Check boxes for periods that equipment is needed (see example below) And any other information you need to collect
  7. 7. Once you have created your form, you can get the link to share at the bottom of the form: And add the link to your website for teachers to access:
  8. 8. After you have created and saved your form, you will see it listed as a spreadsheet in your Google Docs library. Open the spreadsheet, click on Share, and you can set notification rules to be emailed when someone submits a request. Note: If you have a Gmail account, and want notification emailed to your school account, you can set-up a forwarded email rule in Gmail.