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  • The Jumbo restaurant is a floating restaurant on water. It is a double storey boat which serve typical seafood and Cantonese style cooking on board. Most people come for the atmosphere rather than quality of the food. Jumbo Floating Restaurant is frequented mainly by tourists and locals bringing their overseas business clients or foreign visiting friends.The theme is: Chinese/Dim SumAnd the location is: Aberdeen
  • Hong Kong Disney land is a magical place for families to enjoy there time together. The staff in Hong Kong Disney land are really caring and organised! In Hong Kong Disney land there are different sections like: tomorrow land, adventure land, fantasy land etc. Disney land is made for a range of ages from young children to grandparents. If you want to stay over night at Hong Kong Disney land there is a Disney hotel really near by to Hong Kong Disney land. Hong Kong Disney land is filled with Disney characters and you could take photo’s with them. Some of the things you would see in Hong Kong Disney land are Disney characters, castle, fireworks at night, rides, train to travel inside of Disney land and the Disney parade. Finally you could go into the shopping malls in Hong Kong Disney land, in the shopping malls you could get things based on Disney.
  • After seeing all the sights, you will have had a large dose of Hong Kong crowds. If you want to get away, you can try Lamma Island. It is a small island still relatively quiet, with a few trails on it. And: no cars!! (Well, except a few small go-cart-like goods vehicles.) On it you will find small shops, some paved trails, a few small vegetable fields, a few beaches, and seafood restaurants. You can take a ferry from one of the outlying island piers just west of the star ferry pier in Central. (At the time of writing, it is pier number 4.) The ferry fare on weekdays is a bit cheaper than weekends. The island is also quieter. If you really like to get some laid back time, there are holiday lodges for rent at quite reasonable prices by Hong Kong standard.
  • Hk1 07

    1. 1. Welcome to Hong Kong!<br />By: Rachelle<br />
    2. 2. Ocean Park!<br /><ul><li>Ocean park is a theme park
    3. 3. Thcarere are cable cars
    4. 4. The two entrances of ocean park are near the cable car.
    5. 5. When you are on the cable you can see wonderful views!
    6. 6. Great places to eat! </li></li></ul><li>Jumbo restaurant!<br /><ul><li> the jumbo restaurant is a floating restaurant.
    7. 7. most people go for the great atmosphere.
    8. 8. The Jumbo Restaurant is a great place to go to for tourist/ and people that live in Hong Kong</li></li></ul><li>Disney land<br /><ul><li> HK Disney land is a magical place to stay
    9. 9. it has fun rides
    10. 10. parades/ shows
    11. 11. shopping malls packed with Disney stuff </li></li></ul><li>Lamma Island<br /><ul><li> After seeing a lot of busy sights in Hong Kong, Lamma island is a great place to kick back and relax.
    12. 12. you can take the star ferry pier number 4 in central pier to get to Lamma Island</li></li></ul><li>Victoria peak<br /><ul><li> The Peak has a wonderful view from the top once you took the peak up the hill
    13. 13. Taking the peak up the hill is very steep but fun and it has a lovely view.
    14. 14. Fantastic view!!!</li></li></ul><li>Feel free to ask questions....<br />
    15. 15. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING MY PowerPoint!!!<br />By: Rachelle<br />