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Strategic Plan Tool 2012_HPI120111 1 (02)


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Strategic Plan Tool 2012_HPI120111 1 (02)

  1. 1. Annual Plan: Marketing Company: Homecare Products, Inc. Updated: STATUS GOALS: UPDATE: OBJECTIVE GOAL = Meets (success STRATEGY (activities focused on accomplishing# (desired metric) [TARGET = desired outcome) outcome) Exceeds] STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES (proactively build on and/or create strategic advantage) A. Expand Brand Awareness Strengthen Brand - Titan 1 New Market & New Product sales in DME market 2 New Market & Existing Product Diversify One article in print 3 Create "Experts" for Aging in Place (editorial) w/each NSM 4 Identify Unique Channel One New Channel Attend one-two non-DME 5 Identify Horizontal Tactic Tradeshows B. Embrace Innovation Improved Segmentation 1 integration & Strategic Lead Generation Create Landing Pages for 2 Integrate Website for Promotional Activities tradeshows 3 Increase Collaboration Amongst Depts Adoption of Chatter
  2. 2. 4 5C. Leverage our Strengths to Expand our Vision 1 Introduce Existing Product to New Market DIVERSIFY Develop MVP Program "safeguards" to maintain Meet w/Sales bi-weekly to 2 strategy and structure of program as it rolls out Ensure Program Integrity Rendering of each 3 Leverage Engineering to Enhance Product product Leverage R&D to Showcase Creative Capability - 4 Concept Ramp Visionary Improve DME/VGM Bring Titan Series under EZA to leverage Brand relationship w/ Expanded 5 Strength Revenue Options for DME DealerD. Plan for Scalable Growth Develop P&P for all 1 Audit Process & Procedures Marketing Activities Develop the Social Media 2 Implement Social Media Policy Establish Marketing Impact and Position Integration of Complete Engagement w/ 3 Department all Departments Reallocate $$ according 4 Balanced Budget based on KOI & Market Type to growth trends per market-type
  3. 3. Develop & Identify Skill 5 Training Building Workshops & TrainingE. Expand our Sense of Community Collaborate with Press for events and charitable 1 Collaborate with Press for events and charitable efforts efforts - Internal & External 2 Leverage Facebook Likes above one hundred Partnering w/key Dealers 3 Identify Adjacent Philanthropic Opportunity when applicable Develop Classes to Post 4 Webducation & Measure by # 5OPERATIONAL OBJECTIVES (proactively maintain operational effectiveness)F. Informed Decision-Making Based on Proper Analytics Marketing Materials will 1 Develop Materials Costs have Associated Costs 2 Tradeshow Budget Plan ROI for Tradeshows For Three Key Markets | 3 Establish Cost/Lead and Cost/Contact ranges DME | AO | GOV Meet w/Finance to 4 Establish KPIs Develop Reports Begin Monthly Meeting w/ 5 Marketing Budget Development Finance to Establish Budget
  4. 4. G. Maximize our Merit Pool Cost Reduction w/ 1 Quarterly goals for Marketing Team to find cost savings Quarterly Goals 2 SEO Established & Increase Content Relevancy Reduce Ad Spending 3 Leverage VGM Decrease Ad Spend Maximize Use of Determine Communication and Distribution Channels 4 Resources & Reduce for Target Audience Wasted Energy Justify Mktg Budget | 5 Define Sales Revenue to Marketing Expense Ratio Cost/Revenues EarnedH. Establish a Margin Strategy Develop Product & 1 "No Price" Strategy Market Matrix Efficiency of Production - 2 Identify Key Market Segments Work w/Sales, Finance, & Ops 3 4 5 Based on the book, "100-Day Action Plan" DEFINITIONS: by Bradt, Check & Pedraza
  5. 5. A mission statement informs the organization about how to spend its time. A mission guides what people do every day. The best mission statements are concise, clear and motivating. They leave no question as to the "higher good"Mission: or the "ultimate focus" of the organization. Great missions provide great focus over time. * Why are we here? * Why do we exist? * What business are we in? A good vision is an appealing picture of future success, showing what the company will be like when the mission is accomplished. Vision: * Where are we going? * What do we want to become? * What will it look like when we get there? The beliefs and moral principles that guide attitudes, decisions, and actions. These are things a team cannot walk away from to pursue its mission and vision. Value-driven Values: teams do not believe the end justifies the means. Values are important to them because values guide both individuals and teams on a day-to-day basis.