Effective Communications


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Presentation made at the 2009 Indiana Chamber Executive Association (ICEA) Winter Conference

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Effective Communications

  1. 1. Effective Communication Campaigns Presented by Mark Schenthal Indiana Chamber Executives Association March 12,2009
  2. 2. Effective Communication Campaigns Presented by Mark Schenthal Indiana Chamber Executives Association March 12,2009
  3. 3. Goals & Objectives  Learn importance of a brand.  How a small marketing budget goes a long way  New methods of improving communication.  Share your effective materials with other Chambers.  How to become a more creative thinker.
  4. 4. • Effective Communications is used to build partnerships, intellectual resources, to promote an idea, a product, service, or an organization – with the objective of creating value for a business. • Effective Communications includes branding, marketing, advertising, customer relations, public relations and media relations to build that important relationship with its members.
  5. 5. March
  6. 6. • Missed Opportunities • Remember “Think Globally, work locally!”
  7. 7. Effective PR • Definition of PR – Have a GOOD story – Tell it • Three Rules of PR – Tell the Truth – Be the first – Do it right
  8. 8. Northern Kentucky
  9. 9. Location • 3 Counties • 36 Municipalities
  10. 10. Location • Within 600 miles covers 70% of the US population
  11. 11. Population 2007 2015 NKY (3 counties) 355,992 376,387 Cincinnati (MSA) 2,109,410 2,165,586
  12. 12. Northern Kentucky Economy 2008 •Service •Wholesale/Retail •Manufacturing •Tourism •Transportation
  13. 13. Northern Kentucky Economy 2015 • Advanced Manufacturing • Professional Office Operations • Technology
  14. 14. Headquarters 2008 2015 Fortune 500 12 16 Inc.1000 33 41
  15. 15. Northern Kentucky
  16. 16. Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  17. 17. Chamber’s Mission To develop strong businesses and a vibrant economy in Northern Kentucky and its surrounding region, through business advocacy and leadership, resulting in a better quality of life for all.
  18. 18. Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce
  19. 19. Membership Approx. 2,000 members 52 committees Approx. 900 volunteers Board of Directors = 54 Budget= $2 MM
  20. 20. My Market Budget absolute zero, aught, blank, boiling point, cipher, concentrate on, dew point, duck, dud, dummy, fix on, focus on, freezing point, goose egg, hollow man, home in on, insignificancy, jackstraw, lay figure, man of straw, melting point, nada, nadir, naught, nebbish, nichts, nihil, nil, nix, no such thing, nobody, nonentity, nothing, nothing at all, nothing on earth, nothing whatever, nought, null, nullity, pinpoint, puppet, pushover, recalescence point, rock bottom, temperature, thing of naught, trifle, void, whiffet, whippersnapper, zilch…..adds up to a big fat ZERO!
  21. 21. • It’s the modern version of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Story • Have to learn from the past • To get to the present • Understand the present to get to the future
  22. 22. Brief History
  23. 23. The Marketing Committee audited the Chamber’s communication materials and determined that there is no consistent or recognizable brand (11/2004).
  24. 24. Marketing Committee contacted Northern Kentucky University (NKU) about partnering on re-branding the Chamber. NKU senior-level Market Research class conducted a survey of 827 non-chamber members. 119 surveys were completed.
  25. 25. NKU market research teams presented the survey findings to Chamber staff and volunteers.
  26. 26. • Chamber as big business oriented. • Chamber was a government organization. • Non-members saw their trade organizations as more valuable than the Chamber. • Research findings were internalized and steps taken to re-shape Chamber communications to offset misconceptions and to be more member benefit focused especially for inactive members. Survey Perceptions by Non-Members
  27. 27. • 18 NKU senior-level Graphic Design students studied the marketing research • 9 teams were formed • Chamber marketing committee met with the students and professor for three months.
  28. 28. Nine NKU student teams present their design systems and logos at the Chamber. Two logo designs were selected which could be incorporated into a total design system. November 2005
  29. 29. December 2005 – March 2006 • Focus Groups of members & non-members were conducted with the two new logos and the current logo. • Marketing Committee reviewed the results. • Chamber staff buy-in for the change was needed. • Executive Committee & Board of Directors buy in and approval. • Simultaneously completing a strategic planning process with customer focus objectives. • New logo and design system adopted. • During the same time period ACCE was launching new Marketing and PR Tool Kits. Adopted the new ACCE materials and officially tagged our new logo with Leading Businesses. Leading Communities.
  30. 30. April 2006 Launched New Logo and Branding System
  31. 31. Uses of the ACCE materials with our new logo design system • Signs • Mugs • Wallpaper • Invitations-Certificates • Ads • Business cards • Stationery and more…..
  32. 32. Chamber Sign in lobby.
  33. 33. Business Cards
  34. 34. Mugs
  35. 35. Certificates
  36. 36. Certificates
  37. 37. Outside Ads
  38. 38. Outside Ads
  39. 39. Wallpaper used as backdrop
  40. 40. Focus The Chamber helps build stronger communities by staying focused and involved in the top business, civic and community priorities Impact The Chamber provides unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to make a difference by connecting them to important community issues Advocacy The Chamber is an advocate for its broad and diverse member businesses, creating a climate of growth and success Economic Opportunities The Chamber enhances and leverages the talents and resources of its members to improve economic opportunities for all Leading Communities.™ Leading Businesses. Key Brand & Brand Essence
  41. 41. Key Messages: Economic Opportunities Advocacy Impact Focus Chamber enhances & leverages Chamber is an advocate for its Chamber provides unique Chamber helps build the talents & resources of its broad & diverse member opportunities for individuals & stronger communities by members to improve economic buisinesses, creating a climate businesses to make a difference staying focused & involved in opportunities for all. of growth and success that by connecting them to important the top business, civic and benefits all. community issues. community priorities. Key Benefit: Improves economic Creates a climate Allows individuals and Builds stronger opportunities for all of growth and success businesses to make a difference communities Chamber Chance to Meet HR 100 Emerging 30 Emerging 30 Programs: Emerging 30 Education Issues Small Business Celebration Minority Business Development Business Referral Networks Environmental Issues Health Care Benefits Task Force Employment Extravaganza Minority Business Development Health Care Issues Workplace Safety Job Fairs Water Cooler Talk Human Resources/Labor NKY Manufacturing Alliance Workplace Diversity Executive Rountables Employment College Connect NKY Capital Consensus HR 100 Taxation Issues NKY Chamber @Work NKY Day in Frankfort College Connect Transportation/ Education Issues NKY United Employment Extravaganza Infrastructure Environmental Issues Washington DC Fly-in Job Fairs NKY Capital Consensus Health Care Issues Business Govt. Exchange NKY Capital Consensus NKY Day in Frankfort Human Resources/Labor Government Forum NKY Day in Frankfort NKY United Employment Political Involvement NKY United Washington DC Fly-in Taxation Issues NKITA Washington DC Fly-in Business Govt. Exchange Transportation/ Education Alliance Business Govt. Exchange Government Forum Infrastructure BEST Government Forum NKITA NKY Capital Consensus Work Ethic K-8 Annual Dinner NKY Day in Frankfort Bank on Your Future Business After Hours NKY United Work Ethic/Career Passport Eggs 'N Issues Washington DC Fly-in FIRST Lego League Annual Golf Outing Political Involvement NKY Leadership Foundation Nine Hole Chamber Challenge NKITA Leadership NKY Ladies Golf Outing Education Alliance Teacher Leadership NKY NKITA BEST Regional Youth Leadership Work Ethic K-8 A.D. Albright/Golden Apples Awards Small Business Development Bank on Your Future Taking Care of Business Campaign Work Ethic/Career Passport Charity Night at the Tables FIRST Lego League NKY Leadership Foundation Taking Care of Business Campaign Leadership NKY Kentucky International Teacher Leadership NKY Trade Conference Regional Youth Leadership www.jobs-nky.com Key Messages & Chamber Programs
  42. 42. In keeping with this new direction, the Chamber changed most of the Chamber’s departments. These changes will better align the departments with the Leading Businesses. Leading Communities brand and members will be better able to identify the work done in the various Chamber departments. The department name changes are as follows: • Membership & Communications will now become Member Services and Community Relations • Government Affairs & Business Advocacy will be Business and Community Advocacy • Leadership Development will be Community Leadership Development • Workforce Solutions and Business Education Partnerships will be Workforce & Education Solutions • Business Development & Entrepreneurship will be Business Development & International Trade • Special Events will be Networking & Special Events Chamber New Department Names
  43. 43. Audit – Prior to Branding
  44. 44. Audit – One Year After Branding Launch
  45. 45. Monitoring Your Brand? • Audit – Conduct an audit once a year – Post it on a wall or 4’ x 8’ poster board • Brand Czar(s) • Marketing Committee
  46. 46. Three Years Later….Today
  47. 47. Our Brand Sisters
  48. 48. Member’s Guide
  49. 49. Chamber Major Publications Membership Directory
  50. 50. Chamber Major Publications Relocation Guide
  51. 51. Chamber Major Publications Business & Community Advocacy
  52. 52. Chamber Major Publications Monthly Newsletter Printed by Times Mail Bedford, IN
  53. 53. Web sites
  54. 54. Web sites
  55. 55. Web sites
  56. 56. • Blast it out every Tuesday to more than 6,800 volunteers • Members can purchase ad space $150 per blast E-Flash (Constant Contact)
  57. 57. Capitol Update (Voter Voice)
  58. 58. Capitol Update (Voter Voice)
  59. 59. • Launched YP Initiative • Total Resource Campaign • Promotions & Events
  60. 60. “Leading Businesses. Leading Communities.” • Chamber’s 30 minute TV Show – Produced monthly – Shown on local cable network approx. 40 to 50 times per month. – 89,000 viewers – TANK – Streamed on our website
  61. 61. Chamber’s TV Show – Promo “Leading Businesses. Leading Communities.”
  62. 62. Chamber’s TV Show – Commercial “Leading Businesses. Leading Communities.”
  63. 63. Video Email Use Co-Video Located in West Lafayette
  64. 64. Social Media • NKITA • Small Business Dev.
  65. 65. • LinkedIn – Northern Kentucky Chamber – Staff • Twitter (140 characters) • FaceBook – Northern Kentucky Chamber – Staff – Professional vs Personal Social Media
  66. 66. What’s next? Let’s take a look into the Future
  67. 67. Social Media “A spontaneous movement of people using online tools to connect, take charge of their own experience, and get what they NEED – information, support, ideas, products, and bargaining power from each other.”
  68. 68. Social Media
  69. 69. Social Media
  70. 70. Social Media
  71. 71. Social Media
  72. 72. Social Media Internet has changed the way people communicate & interact with each other. The rules have changed entirely.
  73. 73. Social Media “ Successful marketing and PR comes from cultivating many small relationships rather than a focus on trying to get that one mega- success.”
  74. 74. Social Media The tools at your disposal as marketers are Web-based media to deliver your own thoughtful and informative content via Web sites, blogs, e-books, images, photos, audio content, video and even things like product placement, games and virtual reality.
  75. 75. • Go2web20.net – The Complete Web 2.0 Directory • YouSendit.com – Sending large files (free) • MailChimp.com – Email Blast, reports • slideShare.com – Podcast & PowerPoints • Techinline.com – Remote Desktop Controls • Boldchat.com – Integrated chat with your website • WordPress.com – blogs, clouds, video, photos • Ning.com – Next level (no reports) • Oovoo.com – Video conference • Co-Video.com – video emails, conference calls • blogtalkradio.com – host your own radio program Social Media/Tools
  76. 76. • Blurp.com – cookbook or sponsor book (cheap) • Cutepdf.com – turn doc into a PDF (free) • Surveymonkey.com – gain survey knowledge • Google.com/Picasa software – photo editing software (free from Google site) • Lipsum.com – dummy text • Fontspace.com – free fonts • Technorati.com – ability to network & bookmark blogs related to your Chamber Social Media/Tools
  77. 77. Expand Your Creativity
  78. 78. Creativity • See problems as OPPORTUNITIES. • Change your perspective, it will expand your possibilities until you see something that you were unable to see before. • Deliberately change some of your daily life…Take a different route to work. • Create a brainbank. Collect and store ideas like a pack rat….cool advertisements, quotes, designs, etc. • Feed your head….read more books.