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Published in: Sports, Self Improvement
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  1. 1. CALENDAR PROJECTIn the month of June**National Iced tea month
  2. 2. Home slide 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28
  3. 3. June 1stthe first day of JuneDare Day If a person has half of a banana, and then adds a third of the banana to that total, and then adds a sixth of a banana to that total, divides it all by two, and then adds a half of a banana, how many bananas will he have? ((1/2+1/3+1/6)/2)+1/2=x ((3/6+2/6+1/6)/2)+1/2=x (1/2)+1/2=x 1/2+1/2=x 1=x x=1 banana
  4. 4. June 2ndNational rocky road day(((1/2+1/2)*2)*1/2)*2=x((1*2)*1/2)*2=x(2*1/2)*2=x1*2=xx=2
  5. 5. June 3rdRepeat day3/1*1/2*2=x/3*33/1*1=1/3x*33/1=1/3x*33=1/3*3x3=xx=3
  6. 6. June 4thOld Maid’s day1/2*4=(1/2x*2)/22=x/22*2=1/2x*24=xx=4
  7. 7. June 5thfestival of popular delusions day((8+-3)/2)*2=x(5/2)*2=x2.5*2=x5=xx=5
  8. 8. June 6thTeacher’s day and national applesauce cake day(24/2)*3/6=x(12*3)/6=x36/6=x6=xx=6
  9. 9. June 7thNational Chocolate ice cream dayIf a person starts out with 17 football trading cards, and they trade 1 of themaway, and then give 1/8 of the rest of the cards they have to another person,and then lost half of those cards, how many cards do they have left?(17+-1)-(1/8*16)/2=x(16+-2)/2=x14/2=x7=xx=7
  10. 10. June 8thName your poison day((((8*4)/8)*2)/4)+6=x(((32/8)*2)/4)+6=x((4*2)/4)+6=x(8/4)+6=x2+6=x8=xx=8
  11. 11. June 9thNational compliment your mirror dayJohnny Depp’s birthday (born 1963)Donald Duck day(32+4)-4=x9+4-4=x13+-4=x9=xx=9
  12. 12. June 10thNational yo-yo day(((102-90)*2)/5)+6=x(((100-90)*2)/5)+6=x((10*2)/5)+6=x(20/5)+6=x4+6=x10=xx=10
  13. 13. June 11th National taco day Hug your gerbil day King Kamehameha day(62+30)/6=x(36+30)/6=x66/6=x11=xx=11
  14. 14. June 12thMachine DayIf a person wants to build a wooden structure using 53 blocks, and they wantthe structure to be 342 meter square, what would the sum of half of the blockand 1.2 square inches added on be?(342 /53)=x1156/53=x21.8=x1/2x=21.8/21.2 +10.8=x+1.2The sum is 12 meters square
  15. 15. June 13thMy Birthday!!National Juggling dayKitchen Klutzes of America Day(((2(3+1/4)+4)+9)-8=x((6+2+4)+9)-8=x(12+9)-8=x21-8=x13=xx=13
  16. 16. June 14thFlag dayNational Canuggling dayPop goes the weasel dayIf a person takes half of the baseball cards they have, and add 7 cards, thendivide that total in half, then add 7, they have 14 cards. How many cards didthey have in the beginning of the equation?((1/2x+7)/2)+7=14(1/2x+14)/2=141/2x+7-7=14-72*1/2x=7*214=xx=14
  17. 17. June 15thSmile power day((2x+3)+-4)=292x+-1+1=29+12/2x=30/215=xx=15
  18. 18. June 16thNational Hollering contest day(((17+-2)/5)*6)-2=x((15/5)*6)-2=x(3*6)+-2=x18+-2=x16=xx=16
  19. 19. June 17thWatergate dayEat your vegetables dayIf there are 5 dogs for every 4 cats, and there are 20 dogs, and there is anothercat brought into the shelter, how many cats are in the shelter?5/4=20/x5/80=5x/51+16=x+117 cats17 cats
  20. 20. June 18thNational splurge dayInternational panic day7.5/6=22.5/x7.5/7.5x=135/7.518=xx=18
  21. 21. June 19thJoin hands dayWorld sauntering day5/3.8=25/x5x=955/5x=95/519=xx=19
  22. 22. June 20thIce cream soda day6/30=x/10030x=60030/30x=600/3020=xx=20%
  23. 23. June 21stCuckoo warning dayIf the distance between point A and point B is 1/6 of the length from A to C, howlong is A to C if the distance between point A and point B is 3.5 meters?1/6x=3.56*1/6x=3.5*621=xx=21 meters
  24. 24. June 22ndMirthday!!National chocolate éclair dayIf the radius of a circle is 2.64 meters, then what is the area of the circle?A = πr 2A= π 2.64 squaredA= π 7.01A= 22.02A=22.02 meters
  25. 25. June 23rdJust let it go dayNational pink dayIf the distance between point A and point B is 1/4 the distance of the distancebetween point A and point C, and the distance between point A and point C is224 meters, how long is half the distance between point A and point B?4x=2244/4x=224/4x=562/x=56/21/2x=23 meters
  26. 26. June 24thMuseum comes to life dayIf a rectangular prism’s volume is 436 feet squared, and the width is 3 and theheight is 6, how long is the prism? 6 3 x436=3*6*x436=18*x18/436=18/18*x24=xx=24
  27. 27. June 25thLog cabin dayIf the hypotenuse of a square is 7.07 feet, how long is each of the sidessquared, if the sides are the same length?a 2 +b 2 =7.07 2a 2 +b 2 =50a 2 =b 2a 2+ a 2 =50a 2 =255=aa 2 =25 feet
  28. 28. June 26thThe 26th day of JuneNational chocolate pudding day Find the diagonal of the cube. 18.38 cm 18.38cm 18.38 cm a 2 +b 2 =c 2 338+338= c 2 676=c2 26=c c=26
  29. 29. June 27thLeon day- exactly 6 months until Christmas on this dayFerret awareness dayFind the height of the tree 9 meters 18 m 6m6/18=9/x x=27 meters162=6x6/162=6x/627=x
  30. 30. June 28ththe 28th day of JuneIf the sides of the square are 14 cm each, how long is the hypotenuse,multiplied by 2?a 2 +b 2 =c 214 2 +14 2 =c 2196+196= c 2392= c 219.7=c2*19.7=c*228.4=cc=28 cm