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Domochannel : Technology enhanced learning systems for sectorial networks of


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Domochannel : Technology enhanced learning systems for sectorial networks of

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Domochannel : Technology enhanced learning systems for sectorial networks of

  1. 1. Domochannel DOMOCHANNEL is a project designed to provide innovative services to Domotecnica, a franchising network including more than 1200 thermohydraulic companies in partnership with 60 leading manufacturing companies.
  2. 2. Domochannel - whyDOMOCHANNEL includes the deployment of advanced ICT methodologies andsolutions to develop an integrated technology enhanced learning system for theprovision of services and information, efficiently and effectively usable by a wideuser base.Innovation in the channel is aimed at three key areas:• the integration of multiple platforms, with the creation of a multimodal systemwith a unique and clever interface to users, to deliver the right content for eachuser profile;• knowledge management, which aggregates the content and ranks themaccording to patterns that evolve over time;• the consolidation of the community with tools and methodologies dedicated toa continuously evolving group of users.
  3. 3. Domochannel - howDOMOCHANNEL integrates different technologies to provide as many features asneeded.High-quality multimedia contents, available anywhere and anytime: at work, in qualitylearning centers, even on mobile devices. The use of video and interaction is themost efficient communication language.Technical documents, on-line consulting, forum, chat, updates; lineFine-tuned methods and contents that adapt to the consolidated working tunedattitudes and to users’ choices.
  4. 4. Domochannel - whatDOMOCHANNEL isa multi-purpose environmentfor a multi-content proposal• WebTV• E-learning programs• News Broadcast• Videoconferences• Video on demand• Live events
  5. 5. Domochannel – web tvUse of a Web Tv Channel allows to:• Lower technological barriers• Fill the gap between man and machine representation• Familiarize with one single system and logic interface• Provide a better User profiling by different activities analysis
  6. 6. Domochannel – e-learning learningUsers access learning resources (contents, services, informations, links, etc.)according to three main typologies:• use of static content (both text documents and audio/video) through directproposition, proposition rail, simple and advanced search;• use of semi-interactive content, or participation in distance education courses interactivethrough interaction with the system testing and validation;• use of content/interactive services, through the participation in Live Events,sessions connecting the center with individual users, consulting at a distancebetween users and professionals.
  7. 7. Domochannel – servicesVIDEO on-demandVideo clips authored by specialists on categorized topics. Company news,corporate and marketing videos, technical videos on specific products.VIDEO liveLive events that users can follow directly from their PC in TV TV-quality, interactingwith those physically attending the event. A network of studios allowscontributions from many different locations.FIRST HELPOn-line Reception: an always available point of contact to have real line real-timeinformation on services, booking, etc.
  8. 8. Domochannel – servicesDISTANCE CONSULTINGDedicated area for the one-to-one interaction between the user and the oneconsultant, with audio, video and remote desktop/application sharing.FORUM AND SOCIAL NETWORKINGUsers can post comments and communicate their demands, upload imageswitnessing their work and share experiences with colleagues, industryprofessionals and consultants
  9. 9. Domochannel – architecture
  10. 10. Other channels
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