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Foodspotting opportunitiesdeck v10

  1. 1. good food & where to find it Alexa Andrzejewski CofounderCEO Ted Grubb CofounderCTO Soraya Darabi CofounderCMO
  2. 2. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESFoodspottingisavisualguidetogoodfoodwheretofindit.Insteadofreviewingrestaurants,peoplerecommendspecificdishes.
  3. 3. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESFinding a recommendation isaseasyaslookinginabakerywindow.Youcanseewhat’sgoodnearbyorataparticularrestaurant.
  4. 4. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESSharing a recommendationisaseasyassnappingaphotoorvotingupsomeoneelse’srecommendation.
  5. 5. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESOver1 millionpeopleusetheFoodspottingsiteappstofinddishrecommendationsfromspotters, friends and experts like...
  6. 6. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESBusinesses, media, brandscansharelocation-basedrecommendations,buildafollowingincentivizedesiredactions.
  7. 7. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESOpportunities:BuildaFollowing Theeasiestwaytogetyour brandonFoodspotting:Start sharingrecommendationsand buildingafollowing! Whether you represent a media company, a tourism board, a CPG brand or a celebrity chef, you can enable your fans to find the dishes you recommend wherever they go by simply sharing them on Foodspotting! All you have to do is: • Post recommendations to Foodspotting using the website or apps. • Attract followers by promoting your feed via social media and traditional media channels you have access to. • Your recommendations will appear in users’ following feeds and nearby results. • You can upgrade to a branded channel to add your own banner and colors. • You’ll have the opportunity to be featured on the Foodspotting site, app and social media channels! Treating Foodspotting as another social media channel like Twitter, Foursquare or Instagram is the easiest way to start a Foodspotting presence.
  8. 8. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESOpportunities:CreateLocation-BasedGuides Makeyourcontentavailable viamobileandengagefans indeeperwaysbypublishing location-basedguides. A guide is essentially a checklist of foods or drinks, but is much more fun and useful. They’re easy to create: You don’t even need photos of each dish to create a guide! People can: • Access guides from the Foodspotting website and mobile apps • Follow their favorite guides • See and be alerted when items in the guide are nearby • Take photos of guide items • Complete guides by taking pictures of all of the items • Earn badges and rewards for completing guides Following are some ideas for how guides can be used, and we can work with you to understand your needs and brainstorm new ways to engage fans via guides.
  9. 9. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESOpportunities:In-streamRewardsOffers Giveouruserssomethingto seekoutandtargetpeople basedontheirlocation. Foodspotting enables users to stumble upon good things in the world around them. While it’s user- and partner-generated content today, we’ll be introducing other surprises into the stream in the near future, such as: • Location-based offers, not just coupons but also exclusive food experiences. • Promoted items such as daily specials or secret menu items available nearby. • “Golden tickets” that represent prizes. We can surface these promotions randomly, or we can target a particular action or location. Join our Summer Golden Ticket Giveaway! We’re actively seeking one or more prize sponsors to be part of the debut of instream rewards on Foodspotting! This is a first-to-market opportunity. By supplying a range of prizes, large and small, ideally redeemable by email, you’ll receive valuable exposure and meaningful impressions over the course of 3 months: Homepage and instream logo placement, media attention, and calls to action encouraging our users to seek out your product, generating demand excitement!
  10. 10. OVERVIEW PRESS AUDIENCE OPPORTUNITIES EXAMPLESOpportunities:TargetDesiredBehaviors Reachpotentialcustomers whereandwhenitmattersby surprisingthemwithmessages deliveredatclevermoments. We don’t believe in slapping ads onto pages. Instead, we’ll work with you to understand the message you want to convey and develop a campaign that will deliver it to a passionate community in an engaging, rewarding and memorable way. What actions do you want to target and how will you reward these actions? Prompts can be triggered whenever a user: • Spots a particular food or type of food • Adds a particular tag to their posts • Launches the app in a particular place • Gets X people to spot an item (Flash Mob) • Completes a scavenger hunt • And more... Let’s brainstorm! Prompts should include incentives such as rewards, a chance to win, a tip, an offer, or even an opportunity to donate to a cause.