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  1. 1. The subjunctive is a special, relatively rare verb form in English. By Lia Cahyati, S.Pd.
  2. 2. Use of the Subjunctive We use subjunctives mainly when talking about events that are not certain to happen. For example, we use the subjunctive when talking about events that somebody:  wants to happen  anticipates will happen  imagines happening Kinds of Subjunctive:  Past Subjuctive  Past Perfect Subjunctive  Present Perfect Subjunctive
  3. 3. Kinds of SubjucntivePast Past PerfectSubjunctive Subjuctive We often use the subjunctive We often use PAST form WERE instead of "was" PERFECT TENSE form after: and PAST TENSE form after:  if if  as if as if  wish wish  suppose suppose
  4. 4. Examples Past PerfectPast Subjunctive Subjuctive I wish you were here.  He wishes he hadn’t spent I wish the meeting all his money. weren’t longer.  If only he had said the right thing, she wouldn’t If I were you, I should tell have left him. her.  A man comes closer and She acts as if she acts as if he had known were Queen. me. I suppose you wouldn’t do  If I had waited ten more that. minutes, i would ‘t have walked home in the rain.
  5. 5. Present SubjunctiveThe subjunctive is typically used after two structures: the verbs: ask, command, demand, insist, propose, recommend, request, suggest + that the expressions: it is desirable, essential, important, necessary, vital + that Subject + the verbs + that + Noun + Verb-1 (bare infinitive) It + be + the expressions + that + Noun + Verb-1 (bare infinitive)
  6. 6. Example TheThe verbs expressions The doctors recommended  It is essential that she be at that she take a holiday. the meeting. The President requests that  It is necessary that every they stop the occupation. student wear a uniform. The manager insists that the  It was necessary that every car park be locked at night. student submit his essay by The boss asks that you come the weekend. early for your first day of  It is important that you move work. on as soon as possible.
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