Curriculum Night 2011


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Slides from the presentation in 5D on Curriculum Night at CDNIS 2011.

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  • Curriculum Night 2011

    1. 1. Welcome to Grade 5
    2. 2. The 6 Units of Inquiry
    3. 3. The 6 Units of InquiryTheme: How We Express Ourselves Focus: Communication TechnologyTheme: How The World Works Focus: The States of MatterTheme:Where We Are In Place & Time Focus: How we Interpret the PastTheme: How We Organize Ourselves Focus: Solid Waste ManagementTheme: Sharing The Planet Focus: Children’s RightsTheme: Who We Are Focus: Changes in the Human Body
    4. 4. Stand Alone Material
    5. 5. Stand Alone MaterialLiteracyGoals for the 21st Century Classroom- information and communication skills- thinking and problem-solving skills- interpersonal and self-directionalskills- learning academic content throughreal-world examples
    6. 6. Stand Alone Material
    7. 7. Stand Alone MaterialMathematicsGoals for the 21st Century Classroom- learning to value mathematics- seeing mathematics in the world- building confidence in their ability- practicing problem solving- communicating mathematically- reason mathematically
    8. 8. Stand Alone Material
    9. 9. Stand Alone MaterialTechnologyGoals for the 21st Century Classroom- strengthening independence andpersonal, ethical responsibility- learning to navigate and behave innew environment- receiving and becoming part of aglobal audience- expressing understandings morecreatively and quickly in a variety ofways
    10. 10. Stand Alone Material
    11. 11. Stand Alone MaterialFine ArtsGoals for the 21st Century Classroom- development of fine motor skills- creatively expressing themselves- exposure to a variety of art forms,fostering art appreciation andunderstanding fine arts- learning about art from othercultures and times, encouraging theirglobal perspective and developingopen-mindedness
    12. 12. Assessment & Reporting
    13. 13. Assessment & ReportingFormative Assessment assessment for learningSummative Assessment assessment of learningPortfoliosLearning Updates
    14. 14. How Would You Assess?
    15. 15. How Would You Assess?A new model for assessment!
    16. 16. How Would You Assess?
    17. 17. How Would You Assess?
    18. 18. Assessment Timeline
    19. 19. Assessment TimelineStudent Portfolio & Goal-Setting Sheet are sent home October 14th, 20113-Way Learning Reviews with parents, student and teacher present November 3rd & 4th, 2011Student Portfolio & Progress Report are sent home February 10th, 2012Student-Led Learning Reviews April 18th, 2012Student Portfolio & Progress Report are sent home June 8th, 2012
    20. 20. 5D Homework Policy
    21. 21. 5D Homework PolicyReading Expectations Minimum 30 minutes each evening50 minute maximum/night Including Chinese & Specialist SubjectsWeekends & Holidays Always homework-free
    22. 22. Parent Communication
    23. 23. Parent Communication5D Class Website h ttp ://site s . c d ni s . e d u . h k / t e ac h e r s / al o n ica h u sa c2011/ Weekly Friday Updates Programme Overview Unit of Inquiry Updates Homework Literacy Page Numeracy Page