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Facial proportions


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Human Facial Proportions.
Follow these simple steps to learn how the prows draw life like and anime characters.

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Facial proportions

  1. 1. Facial Proportions HEAD AND FACE
  2. 2. How to Draw a Human Face
  3. 3. Step by step
  4. 4. Facial Proportions The finished work.
  5. 5. Advanced Learners Rotation Extra Credit Make rough sketches of egg-shaped ovals and crosses. Use the lines of the cross to place the eyes, nose and mouth.
  6. 6. Profile Proportions
  7. 7. Profile Proportions
  8. 8. Profile Proportions A right triangle is formed from eye, chin and ear.
  9. 9. Profile Proportions Start with one oval.
  10. 10. Profile Proportions And add a circle for the head.
  11. 11. Profile Proportions Use section lines to locate nose.
  12. 12. Profile Proportions Add mouth and the eye.
  13. 13. Profile Proportions The flowing hair will cover everything else.