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Mexico - Sergio Gomez Rabago


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PowerPoint provided by Sergio Gomez Rabago, National President for the Mexican National Association of Realtors for the Florida Gulf Coast Tour
November 2012

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Mexico - Sergio Gomez Rabago

  1. 1. We invite you To look in to your past Analyze your present & take advantage of The opportunities In your near future You are about To discover
  2. 2. “You cant do todays jobwith yesterdays methods, and be in business tomorrow” Henry Ford
  3. 3. ThePremiumBuyer hasChanged
  4. 4. They are not whoYou Think They Are
  5. 5. Do youspeak theirlanguage? & Do youknow howto connectwith them?
  6. 6. PROBABLY NOT• Emotional• Analytical• Driver• Visionary
  7. 7. A Powerful sector of the consumers will buy for reasonsbeyond price and economy
  8. 8. Now the most important factor influencing the purchase is location, followed by price.
  9. 9. Nowconsumers are looking for unique and individual ways to enrich their lives
  10. 10. THE NEW REALITY In which planet you want to live in?52% 48%PPlanet TRADITIONAL Planet NEO • Price • Experiences • Status • Unique product • Characteristics • Personalized attention
  11. 11. “Traditionals” buy for 3 main reasons: 1.- Price 2.- Features 3.- Status They behave exactly the way you think they do: They dominated real estate markets all over the world for the last decade and virtually every project is geared towards them.Planet traditional
  12. 12. When the economy tumbled,traditional retreated,no matter how much moneythey had. Now, they are keepingtheir wallets locked until they are100% sure it is safe to buy again.We are years away from atraditional revival. The only waythey will buy today is if you givethem an exceptional deal thatthey literally cannot turn down.
  13. 13. What have we done in the past? Area Bedrooms Bathrooms Now, it is not enough.Client knowledge, uniqueness and surrounding information is key in the decision process.
  14. 14. What do we know about prospective buyers?Interests needs and reasons vary dramatically
  15. 15. Today the 48% Of prospect buyers form part of theNew Economic Order, or “NEO´s” : Their purchase decisions are made fora far wider range of reasons than those of a Traditional buyer. New Economic Order
  16. 16. NEO´s seek out people, products and services for rich and unique Experiences.NEO´s differ from therest, and are in favor of the individual and the authentic. When they find it they buy sooner and will do so at a fairer price.
  17. 17. Today, 93% of “big spenders” are NEO´s.NEO´s place value upon,Seek, and needto be sold to in a waythat is completely newto the world ofReal Estate.
  18. 18. In order to sellwe must have clients
  19. 19. The world has become wealthierduring the last century
  20. 20. Consolidated WealthBased on International Trade1.- United States 11.- Russia2.- European Union 12.- India3.- China 13.- México4.- Germany 14.- Australia5.- Japan 15.- Brazil6.- France 16.- United Arab Emirates7.- United Kingdom 17.- Indonesia8.- South Korea 18.- Turkey9.- Italy 19.- South Africa10.- Canada 20.- Argentina
  21. 21. Consolidated Wealth
  22. 22. Accumulated Foreign Direct Investment1.- United States 11.- Switzerland2.- France 12.- Italy3.- United Kingdom 13.- Brazil4.- Germany 14.- Australia5.- Hong Kong 15.- México6.- Belgium 16.- Sweden7.- Netherlands 17.- Russia8.- Spain 18.- Singapore9.- China 19.- Ireland10.- Canada 20.- United Arab Emirates
  23. 23. Country Accumulated Foreign direct investment
  24. 24. GDP of the Americas versus InflationCountry GDP Inflation Growth Country GDP Inflation Growth1.- Haiti 8.6 7.7 0.9 14.- Costa Rica 4.3 4.7 -0.42.- Peru 7.5 4.7 2.8 15.- Argentina 4.2 10 -5.83.- Panama 7.4 5.9 1.5 16.- Honduras 3.5 5.6 -2.14.- Argentina 6 10.9 - 4.9 17.- Nicaragua 3.5 9.0 -5.55.- Chile 5.9 4.4 1.5 18.- Ecuador 3.2 5.4 -2.26.- Paraguay 5.6 4.9 0.7 19.- Guatemala 3.0 6.2 -3.27.- Dominican Rep 5.5 5.5 0.0 20.- Canada 2.8 2.2 0.68.- Uruguay 5 8.6 - 3.6 21.- United States 2.8 2.1 0.79.- Surinam 5 6.3 -1.3 22.- El Salvador 2.5 5.1 -2.610.- Guyana 4.7 5.5 -0.8 23.- Grenada 1.5 3.2 -1.711.- México 4.6 3.7 0.9 24.- Jamaica 1.0 6.9 -5.912.- Colombia 4.6 3.8 0.8 25.- Venezuela 4.7 31.6 -26.913.- Brazil 4.5 6.5 -2.0 26.- Paraguay -1.5 5.0 -6.5
  25. 25. GDP Europe1.- Belarus 6.8 14.- Luxemburg 32.- Georgia 5.5 15.- Bulgaria 3 16.- Norway 2.93.- Russia 4.8 17.- Hungary 2.84.- Lithuania 4.6 18.- Germany 2.55.- Armenia 4.66.- Ukraine 4.5 19.- Switzerland 2.47.- Poland 3.8 20.- Austria 2.48.- Sweden 3.8 21.- Bosnia 2.29.- Slovak Rep. 3.8 22.- Belgium 1.710.- Albania 3.4 23.- Czech Rep. 1.711.- Latvia 3.3 24.- France 1.612.- Estonia 3.3 25.- Netherlands 1.513.- Finland 3.1 26.- Romania 1.5
  26. 26. GDP Africa1.- Ghana 13.7 12.- Gambia 5.52.- Angola 7.8 13.- Niger 5.53.- Mozambique 7.5 14.- Namibia 4.84.- Zimbabwe 7.3 15.- Burundi 4.55.- Nigeria 6.9 16.- Senegal 4.5 17.- Guinea Bissau 4.36.- Zambia 6.8 18.- Mauritius 4.17.- Rwanda 6.5 19.- Guinea 48.- Botswana 6 20.- Morocco 3.99.- Uganda 6 21.- Algeria 3.610.- Kenya 5.7 22.- Togo 3.611.- Burkina Faso 5.5 23.- South Africa 3.5
  27. 27. GDP Asia & Oceania1.- Qatar 20 15.- Myanmar 5.52.- Mongolia 9.8 16.- Hong Kong 5.43.- China 9.6 17.- Taiwan 5.44.- Iraq 9.6 18.- Kuwait 5.35.- Papua N Guinea 8 19.- Singapore 5.26.- Afghanistan 8 20.- Philippines 57.- India 8.2 21- Kyrgyzstan 58.- Saudi Arabia 7.5 22.- Nepal 4.59.- Uzbekistan 7 23.- South Korea 4.510.- Bhutan 6.5 24.- Oman 4.411.- Indonesia 6.2 25.- United Emirates 3.312.- Kazakhstan 5.8 26.- Brunei 3.113.- Tajikistan 5.8 27.- Australia 3 28.- Pakistan 2.814.- Malaysia 5.5
  28. 28. Where international buyers invest in theUnited States & who you are competing against
  29. 29. Total U.S. Market:Estimated at $928.2 BillionEstimated International Sales $82.5 Billion
  30. 30. Percent of U.S. Transactionsby Non-Resident ForeignersThey are more likely to decide to purchaseon Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays
  31. 31. 27% of Realtors ®during last 12 months reported havingworked with international clients
  32. 32. Geographic Market Concentration and SegmentationThe international home sales market in the U.S. is concentrated interms of purchasers’ home country and preferred destination.International buyers came from nearly all over the globe, but 5countries accounted for 55 percent of transactions :1. Canada2. China (including Hong Kong)3. Mexico4. India5. the United Kingdom
  33. 33. % of International sales by countrybuying homes in the United States
  34. 34. Percent of International Sales by State in the U.S.
  35. 35. Proximity to the home country, the presence ofrelatives, friends, and associates, the convenience ofair transportation and climate and location appear tobe important considerations to prospective buyers.• The East Coast attracts Europeans.• The West Coast is attractive to Asian purchasers.• Texas, California & Arizona attracts Mexicans• Florida appears to be attractive to South Americans as well as Europeans and Canadians.* Within markets in an individual state, it is not unusual to find concentrationsof people grouped by nationality. One could speculate that word-of-mouth andshared experiences influence the purchase.
  36. 36. What type of marketinternational buyers invest
  37. 37. Hispanic market28.5 millionMexicans live in USA
  38. 38. Why International Clients Purchase in the U.S.• The houses are less expensive than is the case in the home country.• Low prices and high inventory of homes.• Moved because of their employment.• As security for their families and that they would have their own home and would not have to pay rent the rest of their lives; in addition their children would always have a place of their own to come to.• Clients have family members and wish to be near them; relatives in area.• My clients wanted their children to be educated in the U.S.• Security reasons in some cities of Mexico.• A safe escape from home politics while making a smart investment.• To escape turmoil in the country.• U.S. Democracy with laws protecting private property rights.• Stability and security.• Vacation destination.• Canadians purchase second homes in AZ because of the weather.• Southern California - Retirement/Vacation Home
  39. 39. Why international clients didnt purchase in the U.S.
  40. 40. Method of payment ofinternational buyers
  41. 41. Home prices as seen by domestic and foreign purchasers
  42. 42. Impact of Value of Dollar and Exchange Rate
  43. 43. Purchase Price ofinternational buyers
  44. 44. Market to MarketNAR & AMPI ProgramNetworking and closing transactionswith those Real Estate Professionals where there is a flow of buyers that are coming and going to invest in to specific markets
  45. 45. Market to Market Program Case scenario A Fact Business proposal Mexican National Houston Association Prospect Buyers of Realtors signs afrom Monterrey, Mexico collaboration agreement are coming to Houston with the Monterreyto invest in Real Estate AMPI chapter Increase your market share and the number of transactions
  46. 46. Market to Market Program Case scenario B Business proposal Fact The AMPI Chapter of Successful Real Estate Professionals entrepreneurs of Cozumel signs a from Houston, Texas collaboration agreementare coming to Cozumel with the Houstonto invest in Real Estate Association of RealtorsTake advantage you have a partner in México and diversify your income
  47. 47. Rule # 1 in salesIf you arent working with your clients, someone else will take care of them.They will buy with or without you.
  48. 48. 50% of Closed Transactions of AMPI Real Estate Professionals of Cancun, Playa del Carmen & Cozumel are with international buyers. Due to their International NetworkingCanada, Spain, America, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia,ex Russia, Czech Rep, France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Belgium, China, Central American, Switzerland, etc.
  49. 49. 60% of Closed Transactions of The Miami Association of Realtorswere with international buyers.They participated in many International Real Estate and Entrepreneur Events From 70 different countries 40% Canada, 8% China, 7% Mexican, 7% India, 7% English, 5% Argentina, 5%Brazil, 4% French, 3% Russian, emerging countries, etc.
  50. 50. 70% of Closed Transactions of ADIPE Real Estate Professionals of Punta del Este, Uruguay were with international buyers. Due to their Regional networking Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile, Peru and Spain
  51. 51. In 2011 9% of all the Real Estatetransactions in Texas aredone with Mexican Nationals
  52. 52. AMPI Real Estate Professionalsare Realtor® members, workingin close collaboration with USRealtors® generating positiveeffects like trade missions inboth countries. Sergio Dueñas,past AMPI National presidentand Adrian Arriaga, past NARLiason structured the first TradeMission over 5 years ago in thecity of Guadalajara.
  53. 53. We just had a Trade Mission inCozumel this past May 25,Where 100 Texas Realtors and100 Mexican Realtors andAMPI are working inconjunction to closebusinesses among each other.
  54. 54. Challenge: Increase International Real EstateTransactions between México and TexasSolution: NAR/AMPI Market to Market Progam• Aguascalientes • Matamoros• Angelopolis Cholula • Metro Edo. Mex.• Chihuahua • Monclova• Ciudad de México • Monterrey• Coatzacoalcos • Morelia• Cozumel • Nuevo Laredo• Culiacan • Reynosa• Guadalajara • Tampico• Irapuato • Villahermosa
  55. 55. • Abilene• Amarillo• Austin• Brownsville• South Padre• Corpus Christi• Greater El Paso• Houston• Lubbock• Greater Fort Worth• Greater McAllen• MetroTex Dallas Regional• San Antonio• San Marcos
  56. 56. Texas Realtors Welcome Reception toAMPI Chapter Presidents Trade Mission
  57. 57. La Misión Comercial de AMPI a Texas
  58. 58. Realtor® specialization on the buyer’s side of the market such as foreign language capabilities,cultural affinity or orientation with the prospectivepurchaser and experience inexplaining U.S. Real Estate to foreigners appear to be important in bringing an international transaction to successful conclusion.
  59. 59. It is better to beknown for something than being ignored for everything
  60. 60. Is the fee ofa General Doctor the same as the Specialist?
  61. 61. “PerceptionsAlways Become Reality”
  62. 62. If you want International Clients, you must become a member of Certified International Property Specialist International Federation of Real Estate Professions International Consortium of Real Estate Associations
  63. 63. Get involved with FIABCI. (The Federation of Real EstateProfessions). You have the opportunity to network with theindustry leaders, because the FIABCI members are directlyrelated with international real estate investment funds anddevelopers representing Multiple Business Possibilitiesin the following areas: • Investment & • Industrial developer financing • Land Reserve • Construction • Office space • Housing and Residential • Macro projects Mix use • Second homes and Tourist • Mining • Commercial property • Agricultural • Urban service properties • Short sales & • Real Estate Development Foreclosure • Consulting
  64. 64. The international Consortiumof Real Estate Associationsis conformed by the 45 LeadingReal Estate Associationsworking together to solvecommon problems, businessopportunities, international MLS,exchanging knowledge,certifications, differentiation tools,service programs, marketingstrategies and helping RealEstate Professionals to findtheir way to specializein a niche market.
  65. 65. We invite youto get involved and discover the multiple benefitsof International collaboration in the Real Estate Arena
  66. 66. AMPI IS key in ALAAIThe Union ofReal EstateAssociations ofLatin America
  67. 67. Tourism in Mexico Central America Latin-America Argentina, Uruguay & Paraguay Brazil Chile, Bolivia & Peru Colombia & Ecuador Venezuela Dominican Republic Bahamas Netherlands Antilles CaribbeanMexico has 34% Market Share
  68. 68. The portfolio of Real Estate opportunities that México has tooffer is very rich, interesting, international appeal, and verydiverse ranging from native American cultures, cultural townsof a Spanish colony, in all sorts of ways, new concepts, animpressive biodiversity, natural wonders etc.
  69. 69. Second homes market is booming throughoutthe country. Fonatur is beginning the largest project ever in Playa Espíritu, Sinaloa. Even larger than the Riviera Maya
  70. 70. 28% Air France increase offrench tourist to México Announced that during 2012 they will increase Routes to México
  71. 71. Mexico is importantto baby boomersestate and assetsportfolio,because inheritancetax in our countryis 0%compare to 60% inthe United states
  72. 72. 50% of International flights of Latin America happen to be in MexicoMexicos 7 strong connectivity airports• Mexico City # 1• Cancun # 2• Guadalajara• Monterrey• Tijuana• Los Cabos• Puerto Vallarta
  73. 73. Getting a list of all the direct flights to your city will determine where your prospect investorsare coming from and going to buy Real Estate
  74. 74. Canadian entrepreneurs were the most important investmentgroup in the United States during 2011. In México theyrepresented 3.4% of the foreign direct investments.They actively invest in second homes. • Mazatlán • Puerto Vallarta • San Miguel Allende • Los Cabos • Oaxaca • Campeche • Mérida.
  75. 75. Social Networking between 48 to 62% of your leads come from our sphere of influence Are you using a CRM? And Facebook?
  76. 76. Importance of high visibility andcontacts was reported by Realtors®55% of clientswere referredto them throughfriends,previous clients, andinternational anddomestic referrals.20% percent ofclients are obtainedthroughwebsite/online Client recommendationlistings. is key
  77. 77. 43% of the Real Estate Marketsin Mexico are tourist andsecond home related.30% of them are from all overthe world. Generating apositive enrichment in theAMPI mission of raising thestandard of the industry.The relationships andnetworking with their clienteleand Real Estate professionalshave generated and launchedimportant internationalinvestments throughout México
  78. 78. Number of Months Intending to Use the Property
  79. 79. Tourist market share composition in MéxicoHotel 32.0%Studio 17.9%1 Bedroom 32.6%2 Bedroom 14.9%3 Bedroom 02.4%
  80. 80. Tourism in major DomesticCoastal destinations PrivateCancún & Ribiera mayaCozumelHuatulcoAcapulcoIxtapa ZihuatanejoManzanillo & B NavidadPuerto VallartaMazatlánLos CabosLa PazLoretoGuaymas / San CarlosRocky PointRosarito/Ensenada
  81. 81. Market share of most important Tourist ocean side markets Acapulco 28.4% Cancún 31.2% Cozumel 02.4% Huatulco 02.4% Ixtapa 04.3% Los Cabos 06.7% Manzanillo 03.3% Mazatlán 09.9% Puerto Vallarta 11.3%
  82. 82. Forbes magazinerecently publisheda study where it revealsthat a lot of US and Canadiancitizens of all sort of ages,(35 and older), are continuouslymoving to México, not only forweather reasons, but also foreconomic opportunities, tomeet people, quality of life andLifestyle that Mexico offers.Illegal immigration to theUnited States has sloweddown and now, it is mainlyfrom Central Americans.
  83. 83. In recent studies of the UnitedNations reveal that the peoplewho live in Mexico, India andCanada, are the places wherepeople live the happiest,representing a strongattraction and key for thedevelopment of these counties.
  84. 84. U.S. Citizens reside inEvery single State of México
  85. 85. Mexicos second home markets
  86. 86. México offers the opportunity to start your own businesswith less competition, even to continue working regardlessof your age or work rhythm. The cost of living and medical expenses are dramatically cheaper.
  87. 87. In México 2 million of USCitizen reside permanently& over 2 million US andCanadians live for periodsthat range between2-6 months in winter time.They are taking advantageof our cultural heritage,people opportunities,weather, lifestyle and ourland.
  88. 88. Carlos Slim is building hospitals throughout Mexico because U.S. Medicare Healthcare benefitswill start to be honored in 2014!
  89. 89. Privileged information on Mexico
  90. 90. México has the largest number of international collaboration and free trade agreements,placing Mexico in an appealing position of real estate Investment groups.43 Free Trade International agreements
  91. 91. Mexicos 1. Little economic productiveeconomic activity and growth in Europestrength is 2. Steady Mexican exports todue to: the USA, Europe and China 3. Macro economic stability throughout the country 4. Controlled inflation 5. Steady general conditions for credit and mortgage conditions flow.
  92. 92. Mexico Closed Home Transactions 1,106,674 Houses sold during 2011, and same expectations and even higher for 2012 due to tourist market recovery.A Real Estate Opportunity
  93. 93. Real Estate inventory in MexicoProperties 50 millionHousing 35 millionCommercial 15 million
  94. 94. Inflationin México3.4%
  95. 95. Construction ¿ Sector Brazil and the rest of Latin America needs to invest in highways, hospitals, schools, airports and infrastructure Since 1990 Mexico has been investing in infrastructure representing 50.6% of the total value; meanwhile private constructionA Real Estate Opportunity represents 49.4%.
  96. 96. For each dollar invested in private constructionthe Mexican governmentinvests another dollar in public infrastructure
  97. 97. 2013construction ofthe bullet trainbetweenQueretaro andMexico CityFrench, Japanese andMexican joint venture from 2013-2023
  98. 98. Tren Bala
  99. 99. Tijuana will be the city that will grow the most in Mexico percent-wise for 2030 in Mexico Tijuana 220% Hermosillo 90% Morelia 65% Cancun 210% Villahermosa 90% Irapuato 65% Tuxtla Gutz 145% San L Potosi 85% Culiacan 65% Juarez 135% Toluca 85% Torreon 60% Chihuahua 110% Puebla 80% Reynosa 60% Aguascaliente 105% Matamoros 75% Tampico 55% Leon 70% Guadalajara 55% Queretaro 105% Merida 70% Acapulco 55% Oaxaca 95% Saltillo 65% Durango 50% Celaya 95% Veracruz 65% Coatzacoalcos 45% Mexicali 95% Mazatlan 65% Metropolitana 40% Cuernavaca 95% Monterey 65% Dist. Federal 40% Xalapa 25% A Real Estate Opportunity
  100. 100. City growth of Mexico,Measured in percentages A Real Estate Opportunity
  101. 101. The 15 Fastest growing citiespercent wise in México for 2030Tijuana . .Mexicali 135% 220% . Ciudad Juarez 135% Hermosillo 90%. . Chihuahua 110% San Luís Potosí 85% Querétaro 105% . . Toluca 85% Cancun . .. 210% Aguascalientes 105% Celaya 95% .. Cuernavaca 95% . . Gutierrez Tuxtla Oaxaca 95% 145%
  102. 102. The next 15 faster growing citiespercent wise in México for 2030 . . . Torreón 60% . . Saltillo 65% Monterey 65% . . . .Matamoros 60% . Reynosa 75% .. Mérida 80%Culiacán 65% Mazatlán 65% .. . . . Tampico 55% 80% . . . . . .. . Veracruz 65% Puebla León 70% Irapuato 65% . .. Morelia 65% . . . Guadalajara 55%
  103. 103. Fast growing cities percent wise in México for 2030 . . Los Cabos 25% Nuevo Laredo 55% . . . . Xalapa 25% . . . . Coatzacoalcos 55% . .. . . La Paz . . . Villahermosa 55% 50% Tepic 55% . . .. . . . Durango 50% Puerto Vallarta 25% . . . . .. . .Colima Metropolitana Edo. Mex. 40% . .. . . . . . . . Chetumal 50% 25% Distrito Federal 40% . . . Ixtapa 25% . Acapulco 55% Huatulco 25%
  104. 104. Growing Mexican Urban Markets Mexico City Aguascalientes Culiacan Tijuana Tuxtla Gutierrez Villahermosa Monterrey Leon Tampico Guadalajara Cuernavaca Saltillo Juarez San Luis Potosi Morelia Puebla Torreon Acapulco Cancún Merida Oaxaca Chihuahua Hermosillo Matamoros Querétaro Nuevo Laredo Reynosa Mexicali Irapuato Chetumal Toluca Veracruz La Paz Tepic Celaya* Mayor International Urban Cities with Direct flights to your city* Order according to growing number of houses for the next 20 years
  105. 105. City growth of Mexico,measured in number of houses The average Mexican family is conformed by 4.3 members
  106. 106. Current Housing Deficit in Latin AmericaParaguay 43%Dominican Rep 41%Panama 39%Colombia 37%Mexico 34%Brazil 33%Argentina 32%Venezuela 29%Uruguay 26%Chile 23%Costa Rica 18% A Real Estate Opportunity
  107. 107. Population Growth for 2030Sao Paulo 10,300,000Mexico City 8,500,000Rio de Janeiro 6,100,000Tijuana 4,500,000Bogotá 3,800,000Monterrey 2,600,000Guadalajara 2,350,000 A Real Estate Opportunity
  108. 108. Which countries are investing the most in Mexico?
  109. 109. Foreign Direct Investment in Mexico Other 10.2% Japan 3.4% Canada 3.4%Switzerland 6.3% BENELUX 6.7% USA 55% Spain 15% 2011
  110. 110. Foreign Direct Investment La Inversión Extranjera Directa en México in Mexico 2001-2011 Durante los últimos 10 años 2.1 FDI Accumulated by country origin 2.2 FDI Accumulated by country origin 2000-2011 2000-2011 Millions of dollars Millions of dollarsOther Counties 28,845 United States Switzerland 7,461 2.7% Spain 3.0% 8,234 4.0% BENELUXUnited Kingdom 10.6% Canada 11,062 Canada 38,756 14.2% United Kingdom BENELUX 50.4% 41,204 Switzerland Spain 15.1% 137,905 Other Counties United States 0 50,000 100,000 150,000
  111. 111. Foreign Direct Investment La Inversión Extranjera Directa en México in sector, Durante 2001-2011 Por Mexico los últimos 10 años2.3 FDI Accumulated by specific sector 2.4 FDI Accumulated by specific sector 2000-2011 2000-2011 Millions of dollars Percentages 26,604 Manufactured Goods Other 9.7%Real Estate Services 9,886 3.6% Financial Services 3.9% Mining 10,576 3.9% Trading 42.6% Business Services 10,568 Communication 8.3% Communication 14,308 Business Services 22.8% Trading 22,591 Mining Financial Services 62,324 Real Estate ServicesManufactured Goods 116,510 Other 0 100,000 200,000
  112. 112. How is the Mexican economy?
  113. 113. The 3 world economies thatwill grow the most for 2012 1st place China 2nd place India 3rd place México
  114. 114. Middle Class Evolution In MexicoMiddle Class is also growingin the rest of Latin America
  115. 115. Mortgage Evolution In the United StatesOnly 11% of the Mexicanhomes have a mortgage
  116. 116. Income acquisition power growth GDPGDPIncome growth in Mexico exceeded all forecasts
  117. 117. GNP/Capita LaunchIn 2030 Mexican Families Income acquisition power will grow to US$23,000, average
  118. 118. It is important to be aware thatThe United States is theprincipal foreign investorIn the Republic of Mexico,during 2011 & represented 55%of the foreign directinvestment. A Real Estate Opportunity
  119. 119. New Mexican EmbassyThe United States Embassy in Mexico is the largest inthe world with over 35,000 employees. In process ofbuilding a new one in the Polanco Business District-
  120. 120. Chinese Boomers Project: Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo.China is developing a land reserve to develop 300 hectaresfor retiring Chinese in the Caribbean oceanfront lifestyle.
  121. 121. Spains investment in Mexico is very important withthe tourist area being a major player. Foreign directinvestment from Spain in Mexico represented 15%.
  122. 122. The most important Spanishdevelopers actively participate inconstruction of macro projects in thefollowing areas: Residential, Tourist,Commercial and Corporate offices.
  123. 123. Other complementary sectors in which countries collaborate are Gastronomic and Retail. AEGI (Spanish Association of Real Estate Management) jointly with AMPI are structuring seminars and business opportunities.
  124. 124. (Association of Real Estate developersand Promoters of Madrid), also has a collaborationagreement with AMPI, generating business opportunitiesactively.
  125. 125. Canadian investments are key in the Development of corporate offices throughout Mexico• Tijuana,• Querétaro,• Puebla• San Luís Potosí,• León• Ciudad Juárez• among others
  126. 126. 80% of Transnational Corporate Officesof Latin-America are located in Mexico• 70% México City, 16% Monterrey, 06% Guadalajara, 08% Tijuana, Querétaro, Puebla, San Luís Potosí, León, Juárez, Hermosillo, Toluca, Aguascalientes, Mérida, etc.
  127. 127. Office Space Market Mexico city 10 corporate office areas there is a total inventory of 6.5 million m² mainly composed by A+, A & B types. New corporate buildings recently added 110,000 m²of inventory.Información elaborada por Colliers International.
  128. 128. Office Market Segmentation
  129. 129. Available Office SpaceInformación elaborada por Colliers International.
  130. 130. Office Market Demand During the last 4 years the office market has grown dramatically. But the availability factor due to an important absorption rate of a steady demand that we forecast to continue. 2008-2012Información elaborada por Colliers International.
  131. 131. Office Market PricingInformación elaborada por Colliers International.
  132. 132. Canadas mining investments are in:silver, gold, copper, lead and zinc,in the states of: Durango, Sonora,Chihuahua, Puebla and Guerrero.
  133. 133. In 1848-1855 gold was found in the Sierra Madre generating the gold rush. Carlos Slim, (the wealthiestman in the world according to Forbes), investors from China and Canada are investing in the mountains of Baja California& Sonora for exactly the same reasons
  134. 134. United Kingdom has specialinterest in energy related,chemical industry andPharmaceutical:- Oaxaca- State of Mexico- Distrito FederalAlso in Mexican touristmarkets. Such as hotels andsecond homes:- Jalisco- Nayarit- Colima
  135. 135. The Risen Project: Durango:Project designed to capturesolar energy. The objectiveof this project is to sell it tothe north part of Mexico andthe southwestern region ofthe United States
  136. 136. Industrial Market in México Mexico city and its metropolitan area is composed by 1600 industrial properties larger than 2000m², adding up a total amount of 18,694,956m² of inventory. 44% of this properties are “class A” and 56% are “class B”. Only 95 properties are available in the market. A brand new complex “class A” recently finished and leased of 12,000m². Industrial properties demand in Mexican cities is high. 29% of the industrial properties are located in Mexico City metropolitan area. Información elaborada por Colliers International.
  137. 137. Industrial Warehouse Market251,000 m² were closed in purchase &lease transactions during the secondquarter of 2012.• 17% “Class A” warehouses rangefrom USD $3.20/m² to USD $8.30/m²• 83% “Class B” warehouses rangefrom USD $2.20/m² to USD $6.47/m²* The monthly price difference is mainly dueto location. 3.6% is available in the mkt Información elaborada por Colliers International.
  138. 138. 12 NEWIrapuato, Gto. Car Plants Celaya, Gto.México State México State Silao, Guanajuato Puebla, Pue San Luis PotosiAguascalientes Mexico State Cuernavaca, Mor. Puebla, Pue Tlaxcala
  139. 139. In 2011, México occupied second place in foreigndirect investment growth (17%) right after China (19%).
  140. 140. Giant Eagle: Durango:Textile Project where theyinvested heavily, butadditional info will bepublished after Mexico andChina sign their free tradeagreement this summer.
  141. 141. Golden Dragon: Coahuila:Automobile industry project tomanufacture auto parts for theMexican and North Americanmarkets. Initial investment is of50 million Dollars.
  142. 142. Lenovo: Monterrey, NuevoLeón: This was the firstChinese investment projectin Mexico, where Chinarealized high-skilledmanufacture labor availablein electronic and computerrelated goods, confirmingtheir interest to continueinvesting in México.
  143. 143. FAW Automotriz:Car and motorcyclemanufacture project composedof 3 plants in the State of México, Tlaxcala and San LuisPotosi. Exclusively marketedby Elektra department stores.
  144. 144. HUAWEI: Cuernavaca, Morelos. China isassembling cellular phones to market them throughout the continent.
  145. 145. Homeport: Rocky Point,Sonora: Master project thatwill launch the NauticalStairway of the Sea of Cortes.This master project includescorporate offices, commercialcompanies, corporate offices,distribution center of Chineseproducts and services.Boom is coming to all thesecities and in this region thereare mines so Mexican, Chineseand Canadians are investing.
  146. 146. EnsenadaEscalera Náutica Los Cabos Espíritudel Mar de Cortes
  147. 147. Red Dragon City:Chihuahua: City MasterProject next to CiudadJuarez is the largestextension of land that Chinahas acquired outside theircountry. They will build anentire city re-flourishing the“Maquiladora” industry inMexico. Also will include thelargest distribution center inthe country.
  148. 148. Xin-Tian: Campeche, Campeche: an investment of 20 milliondollars in farming industry due to the fact that Mexican fruitin Asia is a costly delicacy. They wil continue in other states.
  149. 149. China is interested mainly in the ports, bays, Mexico/US border cities, where they are studying, working and developing master projects to continue new investments: • Tijuana • Los Cabos • Mexicali • Puerto Lázaro Cárdenas • Colima • Los Mochis • Puerto Progreso • San Felipe • Los MochisTijuana and Los Cabos have direct flights from China,and they are also entering from Los Angeles airport.
  150. 150. We forecast that China will invest:Baja California Sur, Sinaloa Veracruz y Tamaulipas
  151. 151. Commercial Market Información elaborada por Colliers InternationalThis sector has continued a strong expansion trend that canclearly be noticed by the opening of all kinds of commercial centers.At the same time brand new concepts have being developed. Due tothe important number of historical building throughout the countryinvestors are taking advantage remodeling and recycling their use.
  152. 152. Información elaborada por Colliers International Niche growth by segmentCommercial • Specialty stores +16.3% Market • Auto service stores + 9.0% • Department stores + 6.5%
  153. 153. During the first semester of 2012, new 12 shopping malls were opened with over 10,000 m², adding a new shopping capacity of 226,000m². By geographic leased space the commercial in new shopping centers distributes as follows: 52% Mexico Metropolitan area 29% Central region 07% Northwest region 06% Southeastern region 06% North regionInformación elaborada por Colliers International
  154. 154. Commercial Activity First semester 2012Información elaborada por Colliers International
  155. 155. Currently 44 new commercial centers are in construction process, with 890,622,000 m² lease capacity. Only 4 of these are expansion projects. Metropolitan Central region Southeast Northwest NorthInformación elaborada por Colliers International
  156. 156. Retail market conditions From January 2011 until now, the confidence index has shown significant recovery signs, reflecting growth in retail sales. Power centers and fashion malls are clearly the trend use by developers, even though the demand for retail space at fashion malls is quite higher.Información elaborada por Colliers International
  157. 157. Price trend of Retail Recycled historical places such as downtown Mexico city in the street of Madero. Converted in to a pedestrian corridor has developed a price increase in this kind of locations. Investors are now making it a national trend and taking advantage of the beauty of historical sites throughout the country. High end uber market corridors in Mexico city such as: Polanco, Reforma y Centro, followed by Interlomas, Periférico and Bosques de las Lomas.Información elaborada por Colliers International
  158. 158. Some of the most prominent new commercial centers thatopened during the first semester are:• Town Center El Rosario (Power Center)• Galerías de León (Entertainment Center)• Portal Conchal (Neighborhood Shopping Center),• Plaza Altabrisa Tabasco 2ª phase (Fashion Mall)• Bazar Pericoapa expansion (Entertainment Center).
  159. 159. Dragon Mart: Puerto Morelos,Quintana Roo: Corporate,commercial, cultural anddistribution centre of 1.2 squarekilometers designed to promoteChinese products and servicesto the Americas markets. Thefirst was built in Dubai.
  160. 160. Intended use of propertyThe annual rate of return of Commercialproperty in Mexico ranges from 15-30%
  161. 161. “ If you want to be enthusiastic, act enthusiastic ” Dale Carnegie
  162. 162. Lets break mental barriers and lets work together
  163. 163. Sales and Marketing are the driving forces that move the world
  164. 164. If you haventvisited Mexico latelyit´s because you been watching too much TV
  165. 165. “The secret of business is to know something nobody else does” Aristotle Onassis
  166. 166. “ Business is like riding a bicycle. Either you keep moving or you fall down.” Frank Lloyd Wright
  167. 167. We are
  168. 168. The Mexican Associationof Real Estate ProfessionalsLa Asociación Mexicana deProfesionales Inmobiliarios
  169. 169. The Networkthat provides PRESTIGE ®