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Butterfly and Moth Encyclopedia


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The Butterflies of North America Web site is a "work in progress," consisting primarily of the following information:
Distribution maps showing the counties in which occurrence of a particular species has been verified. Photos of the adult and caterpillar (when available) Species accounts containing information on size, identifying characteristics, life history, flight, caterpillar hosts, adult food, habitat, species range, conservation status, and management needs. Species checklists for each county in the U. S. and state in northern Mexico

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Butterfly and Moth Encyclopedia

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Lepidoptera of North America: 2. Distribution of the butterflies (Papilionoidea and Hesperioides) of the eastern United States. Storing Food Contributions of the C.P. Gillette Museum of Insect Biodiversity. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colo. Unpaginated. l Canning l Freezing Pavulaan, Harry and Paul A. Opler. 1995. Atlas of eastern butterflies. l Drying Unpublished information. l Root Cellar Stanford, Ray E. and Paul A. Opler. 1993. Atlas of western USA butterflies, Products Available Through including adjacent parts of Canada and Mexico. Published by authors. Equipment Denver, Colorado. 275pp. The Home Stores l Tractors & Implements This resource should be cited as: l Hand Tools l Storage Tools Opler, Paul A., Harry Pavulaan, and Ray E. Stanford (coordinators). l Harvest Kitchen 1995. Butterflies of North America. Jamestown, ND: Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Home Page. Preparing for Winter (Version 05DEC2001). l Splitting the Wood l Putting the Garden to Bed Disclaimer: Maps shown on this Web site were created initially by manually coding maps in the original l Sealing the House publications and creating new maps from those data. The new maps were checked for errors, but there is a l Winter Chores possibility that some errors remain. Current maps may also reflect new county records that have been established since the date of publication. Users of this Web site need to understand that data are more complete for some species and counties than others. Absence of a county record for a particular species Purchase Siberian Iris may mean that 1) the species does not occur there, 2) the species is present but has not been detected and On Sale! reported yet, or 3) a county record exists but has not yet been added to our database. 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