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Tunisia- Jack & David


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Published in: Travel
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Tunisia- Jack & David

  1. 1. Tunisia map • Tunisia is 163’610 km long • There are 10’549’100 people living there to day
  2. 2. Language• French is mainly spoken in Tunisia• That is because years ago a lot of people emigrated to France• But a lot people didn’t had the money to emagrate
  3. 3. Soccer• The coach of their soccer team is Jan molbty• The captain is Tarim haggui•
  4. 4. facts• 98% of the people living there are Muslim• 1% are European• 1% are Jew or other• 98% are Muslim• 1% are catholic• 1% are Jewish or other
  5. 5. culture• Khathellool is an ancient flute• The flute is still used by people of Tunisia
  6. 6. Food• They have tuna or lamb in most of the traditional meals• There is just about meat or fish in all the dishs
  7. 7. By DAVID & jack