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The Netherlands (Hannah + Eimear)


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The Netherlands (Hannah + Eimear)

  1. 1.  population: 16.6. Capital: Amsterdam Main Languages: Dutch + Frisian Currency: euro Climate: temperate
  2. 2. Soccer The Dutch play a lot ofsoccer.Last year they reached theworld cup final but lost toSpain.
  3. 3.  Netherlands is a small bit more than half the size of Ireland. One quarter of it is under sea level. Their flower producing is a strong industry. The Dutch wear a shoe called clogs, which are made from willow.
  4. 4.  Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges. The Hague is the seat of government. Major rivers are Rhine , Maas, Meuse and Schelde. Roterdam is the largest port in the world. When children pass exams they hang the Dutch flag and school bags outside their homes. Windmills are an important industry.
  5. 5. Vincent Van Gogh In 10 years Vincent created approximately 900 paintings. He only sold one though! He was born on the 30th March 1853 in Grootzundert. His most famous painting was ‘The Starry Night’. He died in 1890.
  6. 6.  Its most Famous cheeses are Edam and Gouda. In the 19 century they had the strongest navy on Earth. There are three times as many bikes as cars. Most Dutch speak at least one foreign language.
  7. 7.  The area is 16,034 sq m. The Dutch became independent in 1839. The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe. They were neutral in WWI[world war 1]. The hazards are flooding.
  8. 8. Christmas They call Santa Sinteklass and Christmas Kerstmis. On the 5th December Santa comes and puts toys in clogs. They believe that Santa sails from Spain on his feast day with Black Peter. They believe that Black Peter slides down chimneys and fills clogs with toys.