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The Netherlands (Aaron + Evan)


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Published in: Education, Sports, Lifestyle
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The Netherlands (Aaron + Evan)

  1. 1. The Netherlands
  2. 2. FUN FACTSCapital : AmsterdamPopulation : 16.6 millionLanguage : DutchCurrency : EuroFamous for : Tulips , Dairy products and Art.
  3. 3. The flag
  4. 4. The Dutch introduced cookies toAmerica.
  5. 5. SOCCERVan Der Vaart is here trying to block the goalThat cost Netherlands the world cup Final. In this picture Dirk Kuyt is getting tackled when he could have scored earlier in that match.
  6. 6. Dutch Anthem (click on speaker)
  7. 7. The Netherlands are famous fortulips and cheese.
  8. 8. The Netherlands are also knownfor their windmills here are 2windmills.
  9. 9. FoodThe food in Netherlands is verystrange to us. This is a traditonaldish
  10. 10. This is a Lovely Dutch shepherdpuppy. He is only 6 months old and he is very big like a German shepherd.
  11. 11. A pole vaulting competiton is heldin friesland every year, it startedwhen farmers where vaulting overdikes. (Like a trench)
  12. 12. Amsterdam is famous foDiamond cutting.