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Something Fishy


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Published in: Sports
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Something Fishy

  1. 1. Words of wisdom Stay away from giant hogweed when near rivers or even in your back garden Always be with an adult or a friend when near a river Always tell an adult when going down to the river
  2. 2. PikeEels Salmon Trout
  3. 3. Others at the river
  4. 4. Fishing in kilkenny Fishing inWallslough Fishing in Inistioge
  5. 5. Safety when fishing • Never play with fishing hooks the can be very dangerous! • If a fishing hook does get caught in your finger: • Get it checked out • Never pull it out yourself, unless you are a trained professional Stay safe guys
  6. 6. River monsters • Leech = bad water = no fish = no dinner = no food = death... • Don’t fish in bad water, because you wont catch anything • Leeches catch onto your skin and a suck your blood but don’t worry you can easily just pull them off