Madagascar- Sarah


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Madagascar- Sarah

  1. 1. MadagascarI like tomove it move it!By Sarah K
  2. 2. MadagascarFacts Madagascar Facts!In Madagascar you can find 70 different types of lemur!It is thought it was discovered 2000 years ago.They have a history of pirates.Some of the worlds longest place names in Madagascar (e.g. Ambatondrazaka which is the capital)
  3. 3. People and Populationo The people of Madagascar are Malagasy.o The total population is 20,713,819.o 43.1% of the population are 0-14 year olds,o 53.64% are 15-64year olds,o And 3% are 65+
  4. 4. Food!!!!The Madagascar cuisine is a mix of Arabic, Chinese and Indian.They don’t eat much meat, it is mainly as a side dish sometimes.Wholegrain food is the main part of their diet as well as root vegetables.
  5. 5. Religion55% of the population have traditional beliefs ,40% are Christian ,5% are Muslims
  6. 6. Traditional Beliefs The Malagasy traditional God = Zanahary (creator) or Andramanitra (sweet and fragrant lord). The dead are sometimes called Gods on Earth. The burial tombs are built with great care and expense.
  7. 7. AnimalsThe animals in Madagascar are thought to be dome of the most amazing!Madagascar is the only planet with 70 different types of lemur!The biggest and smallest chameleons are found in Madagascar.75% of the population of animals can ONLY be found in Madagascar
  8. 8. Lemurs! The ring tailed lemur is the most famous but there are many more such as……. The bamboo lemur who eat bamboo and is found in cloud forests. The aye aye has the ears of aBat, teeth of a rat, long bonymiddle finger and big eyes.
  9. 9. Aye AyeBamboo Lemur
  10. 10.  Madagascar is home to the biggest and smallest chameleons in the world! The smallest in the world is the Brookisea and it is 30mmMax. length! The biggest chameleon is the veiled chameleon Most chameleons eat crickets and other insects.
  11. 11. The Fossa! Fossas are carnivores that look like a puma dog creature. They would hunt nearly every animal including Insects Lemurs Mongoose and other animals. They are nocturnal animals
  12. 12. True or False!There are only one type of lemur. FalseThere are more 0~14 year olds than 64+TrueThe Brookesia chameleon is the smallest lemur. True
  13. 13. Thanks forwatching!!!! by Sarah Kelly ( we like to…. MOVE IT!)