Chinese New Year-Evan


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Chinese New Year-Evan

  1. 1. welcome
  2. 2. Chinese new year traditions• People set off fire works.• Wear red.• Eat dumplings.• People also let off lanterns at the lantern festival at the end of the new year festival.
  3. 3. Food• They eat dumplings• Chinese tea eggs (Below)
  4. 4. FireworksFireworks have been a part of thenew years festival for many years
  5. 5. 2012This year is the year of the dragon and some peoplein this class were born in the same year as mewhich is the year of the dragon.
  6. 6. Spot the difference. Well we probably won’t actually do this and it will be an epic fail, but I said I would give it a try anyway!
  7. 7. It’s all about the money! This is the envelope that people find money in from there relations and friends. (LUCKY!!!)
  8. 8. The EndBy Evan R. Nolan