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Chinese new year-Aaron & Cillian


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Chinese new year-Aaron & Cillian

  1. 1. By Aaron and Cillian
  2. 2. facts The Chinese clean out there home to get rid of bad luck. Chinese couplets are hung around the house for luck. family’s eat nine dishes for good luck. Chinese new year starts with a full moon and finish withA full moon. On new years eve they eat a dish called jai.
  3. 3. buddahLegend has it that in ancienttimes Buddah asked all theanimals to meet him onChinese new year. Twelveanimals came he named a yearafter them.
  4. 4. At Chinese new year peoplewear red it symbolizes firewitch can drive away bad look.
  5. 5. The dragonThe dragon witch might stretcha hundred feet long it`stypically made of silk , paperand bamboo.
  6. 6. FoodA whole fish symbolizestogetherness . A chickensymbolizes abundance. Noodlesfor long life.
  7. 7. MoneyChildren receive lucky moneyin red bags.
  8. 8. FireworksThe Chinese are famous forthere firework display. Withblack cats, sparklers andbangers .
  9. 9. TheEnd.
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