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Chinese New Year- Andrew & Adam


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Chinese New Year- Andrew & Adam

  1. 1. CHINESE FESTIVAL Chinese new year is when chinese people celebrate for two weeks.They invite friends and family and have a feast.They celebrate by lighting fireworks and fire crackers.
  2. 2. CURRENCYThe chinese money iscalled VENMIUBI.
  3. 3. Chinese Flag The red on the flag means communist revolution and the traditional colour of the people.The big yellow star means communism and the small yellow stars mean social classes.
  4. 4. Chinese Food When we think of chinese food we think of fried rice and chicken balls but they also eat meat and vegtables.
  5. 5. New Year For the new year they let off chinese lanterns and have a festival.
  6. 6. Politics The presedent of china is Hu Tintao.