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Brooks.r.keeping fit

  1. 1. Keeping Fit:It’s Family Fun!
  2. 2. Childhood Obesity on the Rise • In the past 30 years, • Overweight is the number of regarded as the most overweight children common nutritional has doubled. disorder in American children. • It is estimated that one in five children in the U.S. is overweight.
  3. 3. Consequences of Childhood Obesity Overweight children are at a greater risk for: • Heart disease • Joint problems • Sleep apnea • Poor self-esteem • Hypertension • Concerned about your child’s weight? Visit the • Type 2 diabetes pediatrician for an expert • Early puberty evaluation of his or her • Depression height, weight, and growth patterns.
  4. 4. Why Children Are Overweight • Lack of exercise – as our kids’ activity levels have decreased, their waistlines have increased. • High fat/low nutrition food – prepackaged, processed, and take-out foods often replace the healthy, balanced meals our kids should be eating. • While genetics can occasionally be a factor, poor lifestyle choices are typically the culprit.
  5. 5. Solutions • Luckily, parents hold the key to raising fit, healthy kids! By incorporating simple activities and healthy eating into the family routine, parents can help their children reach and maintain an appropriate weight.
  6. 6. Fun Ways to Get Your Family Moving • Play classic games like red light/green light, tag, and hopscotch. • Swing like a monkey, climb like a spider, then stretch like a cat when you’re done. • Sweep, weed, shovel, and clean up – chores are exercise, too. • Keep equipment handy for impromptu use – toss a Frisbee and a kickball in your trunk.
  7. 7. Making Good Food Choices Do This . . . Not That! Eat snacks and meals at regularly Grab whatever you can, whenever scheduled times. you can. Be a good food role model for your Put broccoli on junior’s plate and kids. KFC on yours. Offer fresh fruit, pretzels, and milk Offer gummy bears, chips, and for snacks. soda for snacks. Serve high fiber cereal for Serve donut holes for breakfast. breakfast. “Do you feel full?” “Clean your plate!”
  8. 8. Good Choices . . . We are always advising children to “make good choices” – now we need to do the same thing! It is our responsibility as the adults in children’s lives to make good choices on their behalf. At The Creation Station, we are committed to supporting your child’s healthy lifestyle by providing daily exercise opportunities and nutritious snacks. Together, we can raise happy, healthy children!