Apchs logo competition


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Arroyo Paseo Charter High School students designed these logos and submitted them to the school's competition.

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Apchs logo competition

  1. 1. APCHS Logo Competition Student Submissions
  2. 2. AA
  3. 3. In this logo I used all kinds of hues & tints toexpress to the target audience. I used atransparent canvas & I pasted & cut all mypictures in my logo. I did it out of a scratch, first Idraw it in my notebookand then I did a riplica in GIMP. I used theinternet as a reference to look up pictures and toopen the school page. May be my logo would bean icon !!! AM
  4. 4. This Logo Has Eagles Wings As A Symbol ThatRepresents How Eagles Fly High And How Us We Have AGoal And Its To Go High In Other Words Rich You Goal.They Are In Duo, Black & White. AS
  5. 5. For the logo design, I chose a tint of the primary color blue and atint of the primary color yellow as the background, representingthe sun and sky, because I see the sun as a symbol for newopportunities and a time to start fresh, and that is what school isto many students. I chose the popular icon that representsstrength and prosperity, which also happens to be the schoolmascot, (the eagle) as represent strength, which is what youneed to be successful in life. I also chose a bright tint of yellow,which represents power of thought (important to expressopinions) and confidence, which is also necessary for success.This logo needs to appeal to many different cultures, though ofcourse the target audience is students and parents. I think eventhough the logo includes many different elements, it blendsnicely. CaD
  6. 6. My rationale behind the composition and meaning of my logo has many parts involved in it.First, I knew I did not want to use any web-based references, such as google images, etc.Basically, I wanted to be completely original on my Tertiary color logos and I did not want itto be a replica of something else. Secondly, I loved the fact that my canvas was going to bea non traditional one, (GIMP), located on the computer, because I am very tech savvy.Also, my logo is not icon size because I wanted it to be large. Lastly, I wanted to use aneagle that symbolizes leadership and cunningness. In conclusion, I had a riveting time usingthis software because I had used it so many times before (Adobe Photoshop), and I justlove the graphic arts. CrD
  7. 7. ddC
  8. 8. I chose a Tree For my logo. I chose the tree because Arroyo paseo is like a Tree that isGrowing every year. Also That time when the guy in the wheel chair came in to presentwhen he talked about that billion dollar company of Watchs I wanted To kind of copythat image but representing our school with different Hues Tho.I used one Primarycolor which is Yellow.The other colors I used are Secondary Colors(Brown and Green).IDid Used a tint which was light yellow when my primary yellow is Dark yellow. A regulartree would have leaves Coming out but instead I changed it and instead Words arecoming out of the tree.It is a reference how You start off as a root then later you growbigger and bigger into a tree which would be when you make decisions and later onthen you turn old and so on. My logo is like a symbol How you start small and as youget bigger you make harder decisions. I would say somewhat My logo would bemainstream or so since big company have Trees to represent they are a growingbuissness like our school we grow every year except we don’t die we keep on goinguntil we become a very,very big school. My tree can also be a icon in a way since it isvery simple and most people will be able to remember.It was a great experience usinggimp it will help me on the future with “tuning” pictures. I will use gimp in the future tomake logos and other art projects I will have later on the year. DNC
  9. 9. This logo represents the arroyo paseo charter high school. This type of artwork should not be an outcast. I wanted to put some abstract like theabstract movement but couldn’t do it. I used blue one of the primary colors.The canvas has a sharp circle representing perfection. The target audience ishigh school students. The symbol is also unity. ER
  10. 10. These logos represent a few symbols thatI think are important to target theaudience of students and parents thatare looking for a great school that hashigh achievement. In one or two of thelogos I have put a graduation cap at theend of APCHS to show the icon thatsymbolizes graduation and success at theend of high school. In one of my logos Iused a combination of a primary colorsuch as blue and a secondary color suchas green because I thought that it wouldcapture the attention of the mainstreamand for reference I looked to the originalletters that stand for the school. JV
  11. 11. The way I made this design is starting with the animal of the school which is an Eagle. Later, Ibegan thinking about the people in the school of how many different race is there and that we allcome together as one. The most important of all is thinkiing about what Hue I need for the logo.First thing that came from my head was finding References in order to give me ideas for the logo.Everything was ready to start my logo; starting with drawing it by hand. The composition is the oneI was struggling the most in a way where if I should make the image zoom in, from a distance orsort of a kind of a background landscape. Starting with the most important is the Icon which is thebald eagle because the way of it’s difficulty. Later on when I was done with the bald eagle was theearth to represent the many different people that came to this school. I would have to replicatemy logo for about three times for which we need: 1-to have an image in black in white. 2-in twoeithe primary, secondary or tertiary colors, 3-in multi colors. The way I think it would pop-out tothe audience is because I added a light colors for the interior, and for the exterior I added a darkercolor to show the main parts of the image. LJ
  12. 12. My rationale behind thelogo of my choice hasmany reasons. First, Ichose the eagle becauseit’s the school mascot. Itsymbolizes freedom.Second, I wanted to useonly one Tertiary colorbecause I like a hue thatlooks like a blendbetween two differentcolors. I really liked mycanvas to beuntraditional (UsingGIMP) because I likeworking with computers.Also, I had manyreferences, such as theGoogle Images to makemy replica. In theend, the composition ofmy replica was veryentertaining because theeagle is at the center. Ilearned how to useGIMP and got moreknowledge. Using GIMPwas a great experiencefor me and I will useGIMP in the future forother art projects. LV
  13. 13. My rationale behind my APCHS logo, has many reasons. First, I used an eagle to Symbolize leadership inour school. Second, I use many Tertiary colors because I like different Hues in my Replica. Then, myComposition of my logo was done on GIMP, an elecrtonic Canvas. In conclusion, I enjoyed this somuch, that I would love to join the computer graphics art movment. OC
  14. 14. SD
  15. 15. CSC
  16. 16. in my logo i used twosymbols, one is a eagle andthe other one is a pencil, ialso used to kinds of hue, iavoid using primary colors.one of them is a secondarycolor, orange and brownmy target audience iseveryone, the reason ichose this symbols wasbecause the school mascotis an eagle and the pencilwas because its a way torepresent education. ES
  17. 17. FW
  18. 18. GG
  19. 19. MV
  20. 20. NG
  21. 21. RF
  22. 22. I chose to make this logo because I think itrepresents the school and the schoolscolors.I like the I incorparated the eagle intothe logo. Hopefully one day my logo willbecome an icon to the school district as oneof the best schools in san diego. The eagle Ifound on a mainstream web site calledgoogle.on my logo I didn’t want to use anytints because I wanted it to be simple.i haveone primary color and that’s thegold/yellow.and my secondary color I usedwas green also our schools color. JM