Read & Write Gold 4 Juneau School District 2012


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This is the Day Two version of the presentation. It has everything the Day One crowd received plus a little bit

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  • Device and Software ResellerCustomized Training & Professional DevelopmentAssessment & Organization Support ContractsExclusive and NonExclusive AT Vendor ContractsSame price as catalog – occasionally can beat itWe are a direct link to the AT vendorLoan / Trials firstInside scoop!Tracking systems
  • Video tutorials,texthelp.com
  • The discrete, customizable toolbar floats on top of the commonly-used programs that students use every day, such as Microsoft� Word for Mac 2008, Apple� Safari�, and Adobe� Reader, so all students can independently and confidently succeed at their own pace. They can access digital content and read the text aloud with highlighting using natural sounding voices.
  •, Safari, PDFHighlights while it readsScanningScan to common formatsScan from our NetworkBookshare BooksSupport ToolsHighlightersMaskingDictionaryMP3
  • Read & Write Gold 4 Juneau School District 2012

    1. 1. Read and Write Gold 4 for MacMolly Ridout, Heather Swanson
    2. 2. Who is ATLA?Grant ActivitiesFederal Tech Act Project• Information & Awareness• Demonstrations• General AT Presentations (small or large group)• Short Term Loans• Reutilization of equipment
    3. 3. CRAIGS LIST FOR ATWWW.AKTRADINGPOST.ORG•Service that connects people and organizationswith available assistive technology (AT) and durablemedical equipment (DME)•Searchable web-based database•Provides Alaskans access totechnology that may be locatedanywhere in the state
    4. 4. Feature Matching ATLA can assist by finding thebest AT solution to overcome barriers Try-Before-You-Buy short term loans trial software demonstration areas research and resources
    5. 5. What’s the next step? Servicing the state beyond the grant…
    6. 6. Who is ATLA?Nongrant ActivitiesFee Services• Device and software reseller• AT training on a variety of custom topics• AT assessments
    7. 7. Where is ATLA? Available throughout Alaska • Demonstration Centers • Virtual Help Desk SystemBasecamp • Webinars3330 Arctic Blvd., Suite 101Anchorage, AK 99503 • Resources
    8. 8. Who can ATLA help? Qualifying Criteria Be in Alaska Need assistive technology Be aliveCommunity Living Education Employment IT / Telecom
    9. 9. ATLA does not… Fix, maintain, or train general computer needs Provide funding Bill medicaid / medicare Therapeautic evaluationsoccupational, physical, speech Durable medical needs (wheelchairs, walkers, vehicle mods, vents, etc..)
    10. 10. ATLA AT areas• Augmentative & Alternative Communication• Computer Access• Deaf & Hard of Hearing Aids• Environmental Controls• Learning & Cognitive Supports• Vision Impairment Aids• Other
    11. 11. Assistive Technologyany device or system that allows someone with a disability, injury, impairment, or deficit to perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do
    12. 12. AT Assessment PrinciplesAssistive technology• is a process not a product. Technology itself is not the goal…• is a team process. The individual’s• is a system of devices and participation in services. their chosen activities is the• requires new skills. goal.• is a step towards independence.
    13. 13. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC WHY this program for Literacy Support? •Non-proprietary •Works natively with other key programs •Supports existing curriculum •Customizable to student needs •Available for both Mac & PC users •Comprehensive plans for District wide implementation
    14. 14. TECHMATRIX.ORG
    16. 16. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC WAIT! It gets better…
    17. 17. READ & WRITE GOLD MACThere’s a TOOLBAR for that! • customizable •floats on top of commonly used programs•Writing, Reading, Study, and Research Tools
    18. 18. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC READING FEATURES• Reads Word, PDF, & the Web• Bi-Modal (Text to Speech while Highlighting)• Multiple voices and preferences
    19. 19. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC READING FEATURES •Audio Feedback •Talking Dictionary •Screenshot Reader •Screen Masking •Speech Maker
    20. 20. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC DAISY READER• Reads Bookshare• Import books directly• Set Bookmarks• Navigate TEXT AUDIO Converts text from WORD, SAFARI, or a PDF to a MP3 or AIFF file
    21. 21. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC WRITING FEATURES •Spell Check •Word Prediction •Talking Dictionary •Homophone •Keyboard Customization
    22. 22. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC OTHER USEFUL TOOLS •Scanning •Translator •Fact Finder •Fact Mapper •Screen Masking •Study Skills tools
    23. 23. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC STUDY & RESEARCH FEATURESHIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS • Works in Word, Safari • Four Color Highlights Collects Highlighted passages into new Word Document
    24. 24. READ & WRITE GOLD MACWRITE, RESEARCH, & STUDY SKILLS EXERCISEStudy Skills Activity•Go to the Juneau Empire website•Find the article about XYZ•Turn off Continuous Reading & Web Highlighting•In the first 2 paragraphs • highlight all of the words that end in “ion” in GREEN • highlight all of the words that end in “ing” in PINK•Collect highlighted words into a Word document•Add the intended definition to each of the words
    25. 25. READ & WRITE GOLD MAC READING EXERCISEInupiaq ActivityAssignment #11.Go to a Flashcard website and make a MP3 file thata student could listen to on their iPod while studyingthe words on a handout.••• #2•Open the Power Point and add the following soundfiles to the Power Point. 1. An introduction to the presentation 2. Sound file for each of the Inupiaq phrases
    26. 26. Follow us! Thank you for attending this training! EMAIL: SKYPE: atlamolly TEL: (907) 563-2599 xt. 107 WWW.ATLAAK.ORGCHECK OUT OUR BLOG FOR MORE INFO ATLAAK.WORDPRESS.COM DELICIOUS.COM/ATLAAK TWITTER @ATLAAK FACEBOOK.COM/ATLAAK
    27. 27.