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iDevices for UAS


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Published in: Education, Technology
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iDevices for UAS

  1. 1.
  2. 2. iDevices: Are They Worth The Hype?Webinar outlineIntroductionsConsiderations for iDevices as an AT deviceNew IOS Accessibility FeaturesTraining and ImplementationFavorite AppsResourcesQ&A
  3. 3. Introductions
  4. 4. What is Assistive Technology (AT)?For people withoutdisabilities,technology makesthings easier.For people withdisabilities,technology makesthings possible.
  5. 5. ConsiderationsAT Assessment Principles:• is a process not a product. Technology itself is not the goal…• is a team process. The individual’s• is a system of devices participation in and services. their chosen activities is the• requires new skills. goal.• is a step towards independence.
  6. 6. Why an iDevice for AT?• Low cost• Portable• Easy for all to learn• Easy to control• Not going to be obsolete any time soon
  7. 7. Why an iDevice for AT?
  8. 8. Keep in mind…o Functional visiono Hearingo Dexterityo Ability to respond to a prompto Ability to perform prompted tasko Frustration toleranceo Awareness of needo Interest in using device
  9. 9. iOS AccessibilityAccessibility features built-in• Physical & Motor• Cognitive• Hearing• Vision
  10. 10. Accessibility Features
  11. 11. Accessibility FeaturesA Game Changer: iOS5• Siri - Voice Activated intelligent assistant• Speak Selection• Audible, Visible & Vibrating Alerts
  12. 12. Accessibility FeaturesPhysical & Motor• Assistive Touch – Multi-touch gestures – Adaptive Input device support• Tactile Buttons• Predictive Text Entry• Siri• Automatic Sync
  13. 13. Accessibility FeaturesHearing• FaceTime sign with video phone calls, or use and• Closed Captioning support• iMessage free iOS to iOS messaging
  14. 14. Accessibility FeaturesHearing• Mono Audio• Visible & Vibrating Alerts • LED flash & custom vibrations• Visual Voicemail• TTY Support• Hearing Aid Mode • both T-coil and acoustic coupling
  15. 15. Accessibility FeaturesVision• Voice Over & the Rotor• Word Prediction• Wireless Braille Displays• Siri• Zoom• White on Black• Speak Selection• Tactile Buttons• Large Text• Audible or Vibrating Alerts
  16. 16. Training & Implementation
  17. 17. AppRubric Educational App Decision Rubric 1 2 3 4 SCORE Skill(s) reinforced in the Skill(s) reinforced are Skill(s) reinforced are Skill(s) reinforced are app are not clearly prerequisite or related to the targeted strongly connected to Curriculum connected to the foundation skills for the skill or concept the targeted skill or targeted skill or concept targeted skill or concept concept Skills are practiced in a Skills are practiced in a Some aspects of the Targeted skills are rote or isolated fashion contrived game/ app are presented an practiced in anEnvironment (e.g., flashcards) simulation format authentic learning authentic environment format/problem-based learning environment Feedback is limited to Feedback is limited to Feedback is specific Feedback is specific correctness of student correctness of student and results in improved and results in improved responses responses and may student performance student performance; Feedback allow for student to try (may include tutorial Data is available again aids) electronically to student and teacher App offers no flexibility App offers limited App offers more than App offers complete (settings cannot be flexibility (e.g., few one degree of flexibility flexibility to alterDifferentiation altered) levels such as easy, to adjust settings to settings to meet student medium, hard) meet student needs needs Students need constant Students need to have Students need to have Students can launch teacher supervision in the teacher review how the teacher review how and navigate within theUser Friendly order to use the app to the use the app on to the use the app app independently more than one occasion Students avoid the use Students view the app Students will use the Students are highly of the app or complain as “more schoolwork” app as directed by the motivated to use the when the app is and may be off-task teacher app and select it as Motivational assigned by the teacher when directed by the their first choice from a teacher to use the app selection of related choices of apps6 - 12  No 13 - 17  Maybe 18 - 24  Go for it! TOTAL Adapted from Harry Walker – Johns Hopkins University
  18. 18. Training & Implementation• Look for a wheel, dont re-invent one!• Have a plan• KISS Method – Keep It Simple Stupid• BASE Model – Borrow And Steal from Everyone• Find a Geek :)
  19. 19. Favorite Apps7NotesHD Proloquo2GoTyp - O EvernoteOverdrive PhotoMindTextExpander MoneyReader
  20. 20. ResourcesIt’s an AppGeneration• Over 500,000 Apps available• Over 150,000 iPad Apps• 30% are free• 15 Billion Downloads• 200 million iOS users in 90 countries
  21. 21.
  22. 22. learning/id3689726http://www.inov8- for-that-part-1-5-apps-to-improve- organizational-skills-for-students-with- learning-disabilities/
  23. 23. Q&A
  24. 24. Presented by ATLA, 2011
  25. 25. Follow us! www.atlaak.orgMore info is out there! ATLAAK.WORDPRESS.COM DELICIOUS.COM/ATLAAK TWITTER @ATLAAK FACEBOOK.COM/ATLAAK