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Henry James by Paula S


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1st batx ppt

Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Henry James by Paula S

  2. 2. Introduction Born in 1843 in New York. Writer, psychologist and philosopher. 20 novels, 12 plays, 112 stories. Literary critic. A model for writers.
  3. 3. Childhood Wealthy family. Important father. Earned money.
  4. 4. Youth Travelled back and forth. He studied in a lot ofplaces. He devoted himself toliterature.
  5. 5. Adult life Travelled and wrote alot. Protest against the US
  6. 6. Important work “The Portrait of a Lady” 29 October 1881 (Houghton) 16 November 1881 (Macmillan) Published in a magazine
  7. 7. Why is he so important? Differences between the new and the oldworld. Personal liberty. Betrayal. Sexuality.