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E43 Favourite Jobs


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Published in: Education
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E43 Favourite Jobs

  1. 1. OUR FAVOURITE JOBS E43 “ICT Project” 2nd Term 2013-14
  2. 2. Vet · Scientific batxillerat · Veterinary degree -Love for animals - Interest in animal health and protection - Good work ethic · Meet all kinds of animals · Recognizing symptoms Noelia Alcudia - Love all kinds of animals - Like to help
  3. 3. HUMANITARIAN DOCTOR -GCSE (General Certificate Secondary Education) -Higher Education (scientific) -Study Medicine -Be nice with the patients -Know to do something very fast -Know to take painful decisions -Not to be afraid when something goes wrong -Not to be too much sensitive -Treat and cure the patients -Do all that the patients need -Go where the people need help, above all, Africa -Like helping people. Paula
  4. 4. Noemí Corchero -Social batxillerat, music degree, instrument degree. -Talent musical, know how to write songs, be nice, be applied and orderly. -Teach your knowledge to others -Love music, know how to control nerves, be nice.
  5. 5. DANCER -Dancer Exams. -Workshops with famous and professional dancers. -be fit and elastic -have got good expression in a escenary, - know acting -Transmit feelings to the public - You dance to the people -Know dance a lot of styles -Dancer is very intelligent. -I love dancing to transmit feelings to people
  6. 6. Héctor POLICE OFFICER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 18 years old - Driving license class B society - Have a minimum height of 1.65 (**) - Stop criminals - Maintain the order in - Protection for people meters for men and 1.60 (*) women - Have the ‘GSCE’ or higher titles - Be able to communicate - Be friendly, clearly and effectively - Take decisions like to be a Police Officer * How they act * I would - Work as a team member ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. 7. FIREFIGHTER • • • Graduate School, Professional Training of first degree or equivalent. Driving Licenses B and C. In some calls do not require any license. Applicants must be 18 years of age and not to exceed that in missing less than ten years to the compulsory retirement age. • • • • • • • • Courageous responsible Good physical condition Do not be afraid Know face difficult situations… Braveness Fire extinguishing urban, rural, forestry Vertical rescues,aquatic Ariadna
  8. 8. Doctor GCSE Scientific batxillerat Access to the university of medicine Desire to save lives Help people Motivation Doctor Teacher of university Searcher of new medical theories Alba
  9. 9. - GCSE - Technological batxillerat Mechanic for competition Vocational courses at mechanic (MONLAU) - University degree at mechanic engineering -Skills with machines and tools -Ability to solve problems - Be creative to draw maps of cars thinking on aerodynamics. - Car designer - Mechanic - Technician - only one that I would do with motivation Joao Marcos Pifer
  10. 10. Member of a band Performing arts batxillerat, music and instrument degree. Musical talent , have a nice voice. Know how to write songs. Good presence at scenery. Make people feel better listening to his/her music. Do concerts and songs. Martina. Love music, be original and innovative.
  11. 11. PSYCHOLOGIST -Scientific batxillerat -psychology degree empathic, analytical, sensitive, patient, sincere, know to listening the people, charisma. -study human behavior and mental processes. -try to offer solutions and psychological support to their patients (help the people). - I like to help people. -know how/what the people think and act Katherin
  12. 12. HOTEL RECEPTIONIST - Social ‘Batxillerat’ - A tourism degree - Languages - Kind, patient, nice, reliable, confident, responsible, organized, sociable, talkative, work well in a team... - assist clients - Give them information about the services - Solve problems - check the reservations - Answer calls - I would like to work in tourism Deniz