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Knowledge Resources into the Learning Community


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Webinar for the EADTU members (European Association of Distance Teaching) about Knowledge Resources into the Learning Community, as a chair of the Knowledge Resources working Group (EMPOWER Project)

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Knowledge Resources into the Learning Community

  1. 1. Knowledge Resources into the Learning Community (Higher Education teachers & learners) Gema Santos-Hermosa ( Santos-Hermosa ( Chair of Knowledge Resources experts’ group – EMPOWERChair of Knowledge Resources experts’ group – EMPOWER 7/07/2016
  2. 2. 2 Some recent international reports about the key trends, challenges and technological developments in Higher Education …. have pointed out the important role of the knowledge resources (KR) and libraries to improve the learning environments
  3. 3. 3 Empower>KR>Tools& Resources
  4. 4. 4 adapted to learning contexts (context-based learning) suitable for different learning paths (adaptive teaching) available from various spaces & devices (crossover learning) created in typologies as Opent content (open learning) Learning by doing Lifelong learning Student-centered learning KR supporting
  5. 5. 5 CONCLUSIONS: KR should provide a wide range of flexible possibilities to teachers & students. Libraries as “catalysts” for innovation in teaching and learning at the universities  Promote the transformation of HE of innovation in teaching and learning college
  6. 6. 6 Access to this report Current State of Art
  7. 7. 7 •Some courses offered in English (=English materials) •OUNL Library not physically but purely electronic (provided by Maastricht Univ) •Lack of physical books •OA publications available at the repository •Production unit to develop courses- support provided by technicians and designers but not by librarians •Print-based Systems – Course book is very important both pedagogically and financially •Print collection attractive - loan durations longer than in traditional libraries •Special collection of 29,000 items teaching and learning •Posted materials (library rate) •National Borrowing arrangements via CURBA + The Alberta Library (TAL) - 49 libraries- 25 million items available •Digital reading list for some courses •OA resources collection and a special collection on distance learning •Eresources purchased thought a Consortia
  8. 8. Knowledge Resources at UOCKnowledge Resources at UOC Gema Santos-Hermosa ( Santos-Hermosa ( Chair of Knowledge Resources experts’ group- EMPOIWERChair of Knowledge Resources experts’ group- EMPOIWER [Universitat Oberta de Catalunya 7/07/2016]
  9. 9. 9 University community of more thanUniversity community of more than 50,000 students50,000 students graduates **Teaching staffTeaching staff: between coordinating teachers and course: between coordinating teachers and course instructorsinstructors 49,672 students 68,479 graduates 3,709 teaching staff 463 tutors Last updated: 4th April 2016
  10. 10. UOC Virtual Library (UOC VL) Learning Resources SupportLearning Resources Support ServicesServices
  11. 11. 1. UOC Library. Introduction1. UOC Library. Introduction UOC VL doesn’t have a building Website = library itself (main services offered though it) UOC VL was born virtual in 1995! 31.954 Books (paper) 2.349 eBooks63.950 ejournals 73 full text databases (86 in total) 700 Open UOC materials * Data provided to Rebiun
  12. 12. 2. UOC Library. Departments & teams2. UOC Library. Departments & teams Learning Support Service 6 librarians 4 editors 1 head Research Support Service 6 librarians 1 head General Services 2 librarians 3 technical staff Outsourced Services ICT Support
  13. 13. 3. UOC’s Educational Model3. UOC’s Educational Model Students & their learning activity  center of the teaching activity Main elements: 1. accompaniment, 2.collaboration & 3.resources
  14. 14. 4. UOC Learning Library Support Services4. UOC Learning Library Support Services Coordinating teacher & course instructors 3rd Collaboration & Assessment 2nd Knowledge Resources UOC’s Educational ModelUOC’s Educational Model 1st Accompaniment Providing & managing KR Supporting teacher staff in their teaching
  15. 15. 15 11stst Teaching Support Library ServicesTeaching Support Library Services • Coordinating professors & subject librarians collaboration • Library teaching support services offered during the full teaching cycle:
  16. 16. 4. UOC Learning Library Support Services4. UOC Learning Library Support Services Knowledge Resources Create Acquire OWN RESOURCES - created by UOC handbook/textbook for each subject Multiple formats (html5, pdf, epub, audiobook, wiki, video, etc.) Different languages Written by experts Creation & edition process Budget management Authors’ contracts Edition tracking Dispatch of material printed version EXTERNAL/3rd parties RESOURCES Complement to the teaching process Books, books chapters, articles, databases, audiovisuals, photography, films and also software Subscriptions of rights for use Databases’ licences Software Authorization of the exploitation rights holders
  17. 17. 4. UOC Learning Library Support Services4. UOC Learning Library Support Services ... And works closely coordinated with other departments: •UOC’s legal department: legal advisers specialized in intellectual property •Programme managers: ensure the proper development of a program; economically, its recruitment, the provision of LR, etc. •Technologists: control the proper functioning of learning resources inside the virtual classrooms •Elearn Center: analyse and redesign of subjects or programmes, and other pedagogical support •Oberta Publishing editors, a UOC group company responsible of the entire publishing process of the learning materials Responsible /centralizes the management of learning resources
  18. 18. 5. UOC Learning Library Services - Website5. UOC Learning Library Services - Website
  19. 19. 6.- UOC Learning Library Services – virtual6.- UOC Learning Library Services – virtual classroomclassroom
  20. 20. 6. UOC Learning Library Services6. UOC Learning Library Services virtual classroomvirtual classroom From Materials and information resources section students can access to: Learning resources: a)UOC materials b)Recommended bibliography (customized reading list with links to the library catalogue) c)External resources (links to databases, open resources or embedded articles and book chapters with copyright permissions) d)Reference service The Library replies (to submit queries about the library, its services& resources) The O2 Institutional Repository
  21. 21. 6. UOC Learning Library Services6. UOC Learning Library Services virtual classroomvirtual classroom a) UOC Learning resources b) Recommended Bibliography c) External Resources d) Library replies & O2
  22. 22. 22 a) UOC Learning resources
  23. 23. 23 b) Recommended Bibliography
  24. 24. 24 c) External Resources Films collection
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention! Please, don’t go... there is more....
  26. 26. 26 Now it’s your turn… QUESTION & DISCUSSION FOR ATTENDANDS • How does your library manage and provide KR to be used into the learning? • what kind of KR are offered in teaching and learning? • Do you (teachers, technicians, instructional designers, librarians, etc.) have institutional support?