The legend of the wawel's dragon


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The legend of the wawel's dragon

  1. 1. The Legend of the Wawel's Dragon in Cracow S tudents of Szkola Podstawowa no 2 in Mszana Dolna, Poland present the story from their region:
  2. 2. A long time ago , high on a hill in Cracow a king with his queen, princess and his servants lived .
  3. 3. They were very worried because a terrible dragon attacked their city.
  4. 4. The king was angry because the dragon ate sheep and goats. He needed a brave man who kill the monster.
  5. 5. He promised to marry his daughter to the man who kill the dragon.
  6. 6. A lot of knights fought the beast but they couldn’t kill it.
  7. 7. One day, a shoemaker called Dratewka came to the castle and told the king about his plan.
  8. 8. He wanted some sulphur, a needle, thread and the skin of the sheep.
  9. 9. The man worked on his plan and put the sulphur into the sheepskin.
  10. 10. Next day, a hungry dragon went out of the cave and ate the sheep. The people waited what happened.
  11. 11. The dragon felt very bad and wanted to drink a lot of water. His stomach became very big like a balloon and it finally burst.  
  12. 12. The people were very happy because the dragon was dead. Dratewka married the princess Wanda and they lived long and happily.  
  13. 13. THE END Thank you for watching !!! The presentation was prepared by students of Szkola Podstawowa no 2 in Mszana Dolna, Poland