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Bon dia, barcelona1


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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Bon dia, barcelona1

  2. 2. Barcelona – the pearl of Catalonia – was the place ofComenius meeting where our Polish group of students andteachers found the real treasure – the Catalan people.Our 4 students found friendship, care and kindness in Catalanhost families and we all, day by day could experience greathospitality of teachers, students and their parents of Laviniaschool in Courts district of Barcelona.We admired school life and organisation, modern methods ofteaching and great atmosphere, national Catalan festival SantJordi Day- at school and in the streets of Barcelona, ancientand medieval architecture, genius of Gaudi`s buildings, oldtraditions of music and dances, football traditions, modernBarcelona, Les Rambles, the harbour, Barceloneta, deliciousfood and many more... Our international group of Hungarians,Italians, Catalans and Poles could experience real harmony ofcultures....
  3. 3. Sant Jordi legend – school performance
  4. 4. Students`dances
  5. 5. PlantingComeniustrees
  6. 6. Sant Jordi festival in the streets of Barcelona
  7. 7. Meetingin theTownHall
  8. 8. Sardana-oldtraditional dance
  9. 9. Human towers
  10. 10. Gaudi`s world inBarcelona –Sagrada Familia
  11. 11. Gaudi`s houses
  12. 12. Guell Park