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You've Launched! Now What?


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A conversation about effective support for your website, with project management, the lifecycle of a project, and many stories.

I've added in a section for smaller dev shops who want a model for maintenance for their projects.

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You've Launched! Now What?

  1. 1. After the confetti! You’ve launched: Now what? Amye Scavarda AcquiaPacific Northwest Drupal Summit, 2011
  2. 2. I’m Amyeand I’ll be your ranter today
  3. 3. We’ll do this:• Confetti! Projects! Winning! • Expectation mismatch• Project lifecycles• Code rot! (how sites get hacked)• Why I care about this• Brainstorming
  4. 4. There comes a time in every project where thereis great rejoicing.
  5. 5. You have made it through• Scope changes • Then lots of requirements• Budget cuts • Developer changed• Stakeholder changes • “That should be• Pixel-Perfect Design simple, right” Requirements • “Wouldn’t it be nice• No requirements if it did”
  6. 6. And you have made it through• Theming challenges • Hosting migration• Staging challenges • Quality assurance that wasn’t• Version control snafus • You have two DNS providers?• E-Commerce added at the last minute • “My last developer put in this great• SSL Certificates thing! Fix it!”
  7. 7. Project Done!
  8. 8. A misplaced anchor a small segway
  9. 9. Project Lifecycle Discovery Maintenance Information ArchitectureLaunch DesignQuality Assurance Theming Content Staging Implementation Now with “Supportable Moments”!
  10. 10. Discovery• Answers the questions: • What are we doing? • Why are we doing this? • What happens if we do nothing? • Feeds requirements gathering • That’s another talk - short answer: functional, easy and defendable Supportable Moment: Requirements
  11. 11. Information Architecture• Wireframes• Data schemas• Project planning • Milestones, Timelines Supportable Moment: Documentation for what’s being built.
  12. 12. Design• Look and feel meets function• Refer to requirements, watch carefully• This will take way longer, get effective signoff Supportable Moment: Understanding your client.
  13. 13. Theming• The moment of truth!• Design + Function = What’d we just sign up for? Supportable Moment: Review requirements. Now go write more down.
  14. 14. Implementation• Also known as development• Core + contrib + custom code• Configuration• Migration Supportable Moment: Documentation. Remember your narrative!
  15. 15. Content Staging• The client’s first real test of the system.• Unofficial Usability Study starts now. Supportable Moment: Training.
  16. 16. QA• This performs as we required.• This doesn’t.• Wait, shouldn’t this do this? Supportable Moment: Check your work, remember why you’re changing things.
  17. 17. Launch• You load tested, right?• SSL certificates good?• DNS cutover Supportable Moment: If something is going to wrong, now is the time.
  18. 18. Maintenance• This is not your phase two.• This is where you contemplate your sins and the sins you’ll be creating next time.• Expectation management between active development and maintenance. Supportable Moment: This is where you’ll wish you did all of those things I said earlier.
  19. 19. Support!
  20. 20. Code Rot(why a developer would care about support)
  21. 21. Why I Care About Support• Acquia Support• Building your own support team• Support as an overall need in Drupal
  22. 22. Acquia Support• Client Advisor in charge of onboarding (that’s me.)• Onboarding is when a project is about to launch and we’ll be handling maintenance • What’s special about this site • What immediate needs are going to important • What the long-term goals are for this site
  23. 23. Building Your Own Support• Dedicated resources• Dedicated schedule• Retainer clients• How to project manage maintenanc• Getting away from ‘Agile support’• Effective hand-off
  24. 24. Maintenance Movie Time!1. Set up a time where you’ll do maintenance upgrades like you said you would in your retainer contract.2. Review the Security Advisory Lottery for the past month at the same time as you choose your movie for the evening.3. See which of your sites have affected modules.4. Apply new modules to staging, email affected clients.5. Work out a testing schedule with your clients so that this doesn’t throw off their groove.6. Push to production when things look good.7. Breathe easy knowing that your sites are going to sleep peacefully from that particular security hole.
  25. 25. Things To Do• Build in support expectations into your contracts• Create a narrative of your project through documentation• Create a culture that values support
  26. 26. Brainstorming• Building this into your own projects• Helping me and people like me help you
  27. 27. I’m here all week!