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What We Talk About When We Talk About Project Management


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Technical Project Management for DrupalCamp Vancouver 2012

Published in: Technology, Business
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What We Talk About When We Talk About Project Management

  1. 1. What We Talk AboutWhen We Talk AboutProject Management Amye Scavarda @msamye
  2. 2. Project Management as a DisciplineProject management is the discipline ofplanning, organizing, securing, managing,leading, and controlling resources to achievespecific goals.
  3. 3. Project Management as a DisciplineA project is a temporary endeavor with a definedbeginning and end (usually time-constrained,and often constrained by funding ordeliverables), undertaken to meet unique goalsand objectives, typically to bring about beneficialchange or added value.
  4. 4. Project Management as a DisciplineIn practice, the management of these twosystems is often quite different, and as suchrequires the development of distinct technicalskills and management strategies.
  5. 5. Project Management as a DisciplineProject managers work with constraints: Time Scope Budget
  6. 6. Project Management as a Discipline1950s: Critical Path MethodPERT: Project Evaluation and ReviewTechniqueWaterfallAgileTheory of Constraints
  7. 7. Project Management as a Discipline
  8. 8. CertificationPMP: No, it’s not pronounced like that
  9. 9. So why are we making these veryskilled people do things that they aren’t good at?
  10. 10. A sampling of recent job descriptions
  11. 11. This concludes today’s rantAlso, we’re hiring: I’m in support. I <3 it. You might like it too.