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Mistakes I Have Made: Collected Project Management Failures


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Collected Project Management Failures, why project management is hard

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Mistakes I Have Made: Collected Project Management Failures

  1. 1. MISTAKES I HAVE MADE: COLLECTED PROJECT MANAGEMENT FAILURES Amye Scavarda Bay Area Drupal Camp - 2014 @amye Rennett Stowe
  2. 2. WHO AM I? @amye • Project Manager at Phase2 • Acquia before that •Maker of many mistakes • Storyteller for other mistakes
  3. 3. WHERE ARE WE GOING WITH THIS Why is this so hard and why is this presentation full of crying statues? What are these Mistakes you keep talking about? Svadilfari
  4. 4. You Must Be This Tall To Ride
  5. 5. WHY IS PROJECT MANAGEMENT HARD? Team Clients Services Alignment / Mission General Sucking: Hard decisions rondmac
  6. 6. Team
  7. 7. Clients ToniVC
  8. 8. Services tterrag
  9. 9. Alignment / Mission
  10. 10. General Sucking: Hard decisions Machiel van Zanten
  11. 11. Now that we’ve covered that - All you have left is the Practice. I have a Practice of project management. I am lucky enough to be able to Practice. *MarS
  12. 12. IN THIS PRACTICE, I MAKE MISTAKES: Frequently Occasionally Every once in awhile Almost never ONCE
  13. 13. FREQUENTLY: drubuntu Accidents of Friction The Black Art of Estimating Team Juggling Agile in practice when a client wants waterfall
  14. 14. OCCASIONALLY Saying yes to something I really really shouldn’t have Not saying anything to something I really really shouldn’t have Letting things go to the last minute: deliverables, deadlines Contracts: What do they mean! elviskennedy
  15. 15. EVERY ONCE IN AWHILE •Insane Timelines •Theming is the true shibboleth •Working so much that you start making mistakes. Like actual mistakes, not these little things. •Forgetting about holidays •Discovery: doing it wrong •Billing: Not doing it Alex E. Proimos
  16. 16. WHEN ATTACKED, FIGHT BACK hey mr glen
  17. 17. The things that you did last week. ! ALMOST NEVER h.koppdelaney
  18. 18. ONCE All of the things that make you cringe when you hear them. Oh yeah, I did that once. Stu Willis
  19. 19. EXAMPLES OF ONCE: Screensharing chat Forgetting the mute button Telling clients how many other clients you’re working with Forgetting how much your billable hour actually *is*
  20. 20. What are your examples of ‘once’?
  21. 21. A Note on Surviving Project Management
  22. 22. Thank You