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Measuring User Adoption


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The point of focusing on user adoption isn't adoption, but business value. Slide deck from Michael Sampson's User Adoption Strategies workshop.

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Measuring User Adoption

  1. 1. Measuring User Adoption User Adoption Strategies
  2. 2. How’s it going? We have more users than last week … … more of everything actually. So it’s going great! … and more Communities … and more Status Updates … more Team Sites
  3. 3. Adoption isn’t the goal … Achieving better business value is
  4. 4. Measuring adoption works well when … R O A D M A P We have a clear picture of the business value to be gained from new ways Our measures of adoption are to inform how well we are gaining business value
  5. 5. Measuring adoption does not work well when … A D M A P Our measures of adoption are focused on system utilisation, not value gained R O There is no business vision of value to be gained; it’s just new technology
  6. 6. Principles for Measurement
  7. 7. “You cannot manage what you cannot measure.” Peter Drucker
  8. 8. Have a clear picture of what success looks like (Remember that high adoption isn’t necessarily good news) PRINCIPLE 1
  9. 9. Example High Adoption is Not Good Email High number (100-250 per day) High usage (4 hours per day)
  10. 10. Example High Adoption is Not Good Meetings High number (5 to 20 per day) High frequency (“I live in meetings”)
  11. 11. Non-existent usage (rejection) Explore Why Increase Adoption Abundant irrelevant usage Explore Why Reduce Adoption Appropriate cautious usage Celebration Sustain Adoption
  12. 12. Success Appropriate Measures The average number of comments per topic The spread of contributions across employees Broader participation by employees in discussions
  13. 13. Success Appropriate Measures The number of active projects that have an associated project space that’s being used Greater transparency of work-in-progress
  14. 14. Use measurement to inform your next steps Simple numbers may not be helpful PRINCIPLE 2
  15. 15. Make measurement a way of life, not a one-off event You’ll need good “before change” measures PRINCIPLE 3
  16. 16. Attract better applicants Win better talent before others Improve firm quality Measures of Business Value
  17. 17. Number of Video Calls Average Call Duration Average Size of Video Recording Measures of Tech Adoption
  18. 18. Approaches to Measurement
  19. 19. 1 System Utilization Easy to do, but be careful Percentages, not raw counts Trends, not single numbers Rolling averages APPROACH
  20. 20. Dec 55%
  21. 21. DecNovOctSepAugJul 55%70%70%60%60%55%Utilization
  22. 22. 55%70%70%60%60%55%Utilization -15%0%10%0%5%Change DecNovOctSepAugJul
  23. 23. 55%70%70%60%60%55%Utilization -15%0%10%0%5%Change DecNovOctSepAugJul 65%67%63%58%Rolling Average -2%4%5%Change
  24. 24. Managing from the Numbers Numbers are bad Numbers are good Numbers are midway Follow-up contact, coaching, help Follow-up contact to gather insight on value add Follow-up contact to see what is and isn’t working
  25. 25. 2 Justified and Unjustified Investment APPROACH
  26. 26. Have Adopted Have Not Adopted How much have we spent on each group? What benefit has the “have adopted” group achieved? Why have the others not adopted yet?
  27. 27. 3 The Changing Mix of Systems Email to Wiki Excel to BI APPROACH
  28. 28. 4 End-User Satisfaction APPROACH
  29. 29. Measuring Satisfaction (5-point Likert) Q1. The new system helps me to do my job Q2. The new system provides a better way of working than the previous system Q3. I think we should use the new system for more tasks and activities in our team Q4. I recommend the new system to other teams and groups in our organization Q5. I have the tools I need to do my job
  30. 30. Look at the medians Next action? (correct, congratulate)
  31. 31. Stories of Awesome APPROACH 5 You were able to win a new customer, or salvage a difficult situation Convey the emotional and social aspect of new ways of working Something happened that otherwise would not have happened Customer Win Human ElementInternal Awesome
  32. 32. • How do you measure business value? • How do you measure user adoption? • How’s it going?