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Content Repurposing 60-day Plan


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This is an overview of Mike Samboy's 60-day plan for kick starting your online presence by implementing a content repurposing plan.

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Content Repurposing 60-day Plan

  1. 1. Content Repurposing Lead Generation Kick Start Plan
  2. 2. Lead Generation First 60-Days are Vital
  3. 3. Initial Focus Increase Organic Search
  4. 4. Increase Organic Search Regularly Publish Content to the Web Links to Rocket from high-ranking, reputable sites
  5. 5. The Key is… Repurposing Content Video | White Paper | Webinar | Slide Deck | Product Sheet
  6. 6. Take this video for example...
  7. 7. Take this video for example...     YouTube Video Audio file (could be a podcast) Text Transcript SlideShare Presentation All with SEO optimized links to my site Increasing my ranking on Google
  8. 8. So, what’s the plan?
  9. 9. Milestones
  10. 10. Your Next Steps  Hire Mike  Set Priorities  Order Lots of Coffee!
  11. 11. Thanks!
  12. 12. Content Repurposing Lead Generation Kick Start Plan 510.962.5940 |