Hmw media kit - frequent travelers


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Hmw media kit - frequent travelers

  1. 1. 73% of our readers travel at least 5 times per year… What are you waiting to talk to them?
  2. 2. Beyond Frequent Travelers OUR READERS ALREADY LIVE ON A PLANE… SHOULDN’T IT BE ON YOURS?3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 2
  3. 3. Beyond frequent traveling… • Our readers take 7+ business trips per year • 73% travel 5+ per year domestically • 79% of the trips are domestic3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 3
  4. 4. Beyond frequent traveling… Then, they take another 6.4 personal trips per year 41% take over 5 personal trips per year3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 4
  5. 5. 14 Trips per year More than once/month!3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 5
  6. 6. Influential, Engaged THE HMW READER3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 6
  7. 7. The HMW reader  10,000+ Decision Makers  Premium readers: people who actually pay for our content  Absolutely identified: we know our subscribers not only by name, but also by company, city, category and title.3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 7
  8. 8. The HMW reader  32% are C-Suite executives  91% are principals, VP’s, directors and managers – the people who make purchasing decisions3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 8
  9. 9. The HMW reader: Engaged! "Three things I need first thing Monday morning: coffee, our corporate financial report, and HMW, the best recipe to start the “I enjoy reading the weekly week.“ Manny Machado, newsletter every Monday. I think CEO, MGS Comm HMW is the best of all Hispanic marketing media out there.” Patty Marrero SVP, Client Partnership Development at Telemundo Esther Novak, Founder & CEO of Vanguard: “Timely Monday “Four things: morning delivery… key 1. The wide range of information that is available to start my week” 2. Thoughtful reporting 3. The availability of just reading headlines Isabella Sanchez, Zubi with the option to click into more specific Advertising information if interested and time permits. 4. The analysis and wrap-ups offered after events, like the upfronts”3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 9
  10. 10. What our readers say about us(1)  Eight out of 10 respondents affirmed that HMW provides “the valuable content they need”.  What they like best of HMW? – Heritage  which puts events and analysis into perspective – Longevity in the marketplace – Journalistic perspective  Eight of 10 respondents indicated that they received critical industry information from HMW on a timely basis. (1) Internal readership survey 20113/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 10
  11. 11. Our readers’ lifestyle  Because our readers are leaders and “C Suite” executives in a highly competitive industry… – They entertain more in expensive restaurants – Travel more than most – Stay in hotels more nights than most – Rent cars in their destinations – Dress better – Replace their computers more often – …and love their gadgets  In short, the kind of person who is one of your heaviest users3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 11
  12. 12. HMW – A complete messaging environment Monday Morning Newsletter Friday Preview E-Blast Full-service Website Daily Phone & Newsbrief Tablet3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 12
  13. 13. Join great companies! Whether seeking to influence industry leaders and decision- makers, increase interest in their events our easing the way for their reps… our advertising partners have found that HMW is the best platform. Join us!3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 13
  14. 14. Where to join a select group of companies ADVERTISING IN HISPANIC MARKET WEEKLY3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 14
  15. 15. Website ROS We offer a complete selection of IAB-compliant display units to fit your communication needs. Our marketing staff will be happy to assist you in developing customized plans to achieve your goals3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 15
  16. 16. Website – our core communication platform Our website is where our readers look for the latest news, analysis, interviews, research and other tools3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 16
  17. 17. Newsletter PDF Our flagship publication, sent every Monday morning before 9:00 am containing all the news, analysis, research and other information which will impact our reader’s work week3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 17
  18. 18. Newsletter email The indispensable Hispanic Marketing business tool. Sent every Monday morning before 9:00 am containing all the news, analysis, research and other information which will impact our reader’s work week3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 18
  19. 19. Daily Newsbrief Every afternoon, our News Briefs delivers a recap of what made news in the industry throughout the day. When major news happens, our exclusive Breaking News alerts brings our readers the freshest information. Ratings of the most popular shows on Hispanic broadcast and cable networks are featured every Wednesday in our News Briefs.3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 19
  20. 20. E-Blast If something big happens, our readers want to know and our e-blast delivers the breaking news as they happen Because we don’t bombard our readers with tons of eblasts, ours are opened and read with the utmost attention Rates available by request3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 20
  21. 21. Mobile Naturally, we offer advertising in our mobile-optimzed site. Perfect for reaching our readers on-the-go and in their tablets Rates available upon request3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 21
  22. 22. Webinars Need a more detailed sell? Want to spend some quality time with our audience? A webinar might be the ticket. At HMW we will arrange for a turn- key webinar with our readers. Just bring your information and we’ll take care of the rest. Rates available upon request3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 22
  23. 23. Talent Mart For only $250, Talent Mart offers you: • A 30-day job posting in our website • 30 days inclusion in Thursday’s TM e-mail • 30 days inclusion in the daily news briefs emails3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 23
  24. 24. Contact Information  Arturo Villar, Publisher –  Helene Coutinho – ccoutinho@hispanicmarketweekly.com3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 24
  25. 25. TECHNICAL SPECS3/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 25
  26. 26. Newsletter Website Format Artwork format should be in full color Artwork should be in full color (RGB) (RGB) and submitted by e-mail in JPEG, and submitted in one of the GIF, PNG format at a resolution no following formats at a resolution no lower than 300 dpi. lower than 300 dpi: TIFF or JPEG. Submit artwork via email to Helene Deadline Diaz at hdiaz@hispanic All materials are due no later than Please use a 6pm EST on the Thursday prior to compression utility (such as WinZip, the Monday issue. WinRAR or Stuffit) to compress the file. Submitting Artwork Artwork should be delivered via Banners can be animated only for the email to Helene Díaz at website. Email banners must be a static picture. Please use a compression utility (such as WinZip or Stuffit) to compress the file. Mobile Advertising Opportunity Banner Size: 280 x 603/28/2013 Insight, Impact, Integrity 26