Choosing the Method of Collecting Data


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Choosing the Method of Collecting Data

  1. 1. Choosing a method of Collecting DataAdvantages of Mail Survey: Advantages of Pesonal Interview:1- you can ask about many things including personal habits 1- it is fast and easy way to get data2- if the subject is of interest of respondent, he will spend a long time filling the questionnaire 2- researcher can monitor interviewers to insure reliability of data3- No interruption, the respondent will answer questions in a convenient way 3- sample can be spread geographically4- Low cost per response 4- interviewer can use exhibits How to improve efficiency of Mail Survey: Disadvantages of Pesonal Interview:Disadvantages of Mail Survey: 1- advance notice to recipient 1- time pressure1- hard to get a good sample 2- high quality of papers and envelops 2- high cost of in-home/at-business interviews2- low rate of responses 3- write a cover letter3- Lack of control over respondents 4- include incentives (gifts) Desirable characteristics of interviewers:4-resposes may have wrong informations 5- good questionnaire format 1- politeness 6- follow-ups Personal Interview 2- honesty 3- good knowledge in product or serviceAdvantages of Telephone Survey: Mail 4- well dressed and looking confident1- all sessions can be controlled and monitored properely Survey Telephone2- low cost per call (usually, research firms use 800 calls)3- questionnaire can be computerized and questions can be Onlin changed based on respndents answers Omnibus study is a research in which multiple clients share the cost of conductingDisadvantages of Telephone Survey: research that is designed for them. It can be: Tel. survey or Personal interview1- people tend to avoid sales calls2- Limited interview time Advantages of OmniBus studies:3- inability to show exhibits OmniBus Studies 1- low cost 2- avoidance of order and content bias in questionnaire Choosing a method of Syndicated Panels Collecting Data In interactive research, the participant interacts via computer to Panels questionnaire or exhibit. It can be in-house or in central location Custom Studies Advantages of interactive research:Panel is a continuing group that responds periodically to quistionnaire. Interactive Research 1- Avoiding costs of interviewersThe panel may be setup by telephone, mail or personal interview. 2- Provide rapid reporting of results Disadvantages of interactive research:Advantages of Panels: 1- No complicated questions can be asked1- possibility to track behavior of the same person or household face-to-face Observation 2- No opportunity for asking open-ended questionsover a period of time telephone2- low cost Focus Groups online Observation is a controlled recording of events or peoples behaviour.Disadvantages of Panels: videoconferencing It can be either personal or mechanical.1- selecting a sample is a hard job, the participation ratio is low2- turnover ratio (loss of members) is high (20% annually)3- original self-consciousness of panel members Focus group is a small number of respondents who are invited to a discussion There might be a problem in systems used for observation. Researcher4- no quick results about developing new product, testing of ads or developing of a questionnaire have to be sure about the quality of data going into system