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Ail reporter 150411

  1. 1. AIL Buzz 2,3 AIL Reporter 15 April 2011│VOL 3, ISSUE 03Cover Story 4Faculty Opinion 5On the campus 6,7Your Space 8 ARMY INSTITUTE OF LAW, MOHALILeisure 9 A Fortnightly Newsletter V i b r a n t ● Y o u n g ● Y o u EDITORIAL BOARD OPINION QUOTABLE QUOTE Unidentified Flying Objects: Myth or Reality“If, in fact, we are able to find life or to answerthe question ‘Are we alone?’ then thatcertainly is grand enough and noble enough to “Universe is not only queerer than we suppose but queerer thanbe the enduring legacy of our civilization”. NASA, October 1999 we can suppose...there are more things in heaven and earth than Relive youR big day are dreamed of, or can be dreamed of, in any philosophy”. These The entire team of ‘AIL Reporter’ wishes words of J.B.S. Haldane truly reveal the mysterious nature of thea very Happy Birthday to its certain universe. The existence or non existence of UFOs is still astudents. mystery to be resolved with scientific evidence inspite of the fact that many people in the world have claimed to have seen them. Those who have seen UFOs believe in their existence and those who haven’t, reject their existence. Since it is a subjective matter the question that whether UFOs exist or not should be left to theSee Page- 3 masses. The best part is that such research will undoubtedly lead man to explore his talent. LEGAL SCANNER LAW LEXICON Calendar - 16 to 30 APRIL The AIL ReporterNoscitur a sociis- a word is known by 2011 | _Deblina, IV yrthe company it keepsExpressio unius est exclusio alterius- DATE DAY OCCASION Team wishes itsthe express mention of one thingexcludes all others 16thApril Saturday Mahavir readers a blessed Good Jayanti LEGAL MAXIM th 18 April Sunday Hanumaan FridayBreve judiciale non cadit pro defectuformae - A judicial writing does not fail Jayanthi andthrough defect of form World Heritage Day IMPORTANT JUDGEMENT nd 22 April Friday Good Friday Dear AILians, and Earth Day This issue of AIL ReporterRelying on circumstantial evidence, a fast th 24 April Sunday Easter Sunday revolves around UFOs.track court in Mumbai has convictedBollywood actor Shiney Ahuja for rape of Scroll through, read, enjoy thhis maid and sentenced him to seven years 29 April Friday AWES Raising and try to find out the truth,rigorous imprisonment though the victim Day andhad turned hostile during the trial. if any, in UFOs….. International(Source: The Hindu Online edition March Dance Day31 2011)We are all full of weaknesses and errors; let us mutually pardon each other for our follies; it is the firstlaw of nature- Voltaire │ Page 1
  2. 2. AIL Buzz │ what’s up ● new● happening PLACEMENT INFORMATION WORLD CUP │Navjyot II Yr Talwar and Talwar consultants have started The ever enthusiastic students of Army Institute of Law interviewing various students for campus watched the Semi Finals and the Finals of the Cricket World placements. Cup, 2011 on the big screen in the Multi Purpose Hall with the [Source: Placement Cell] true spirit and good wishes on 30th March and 2nd April BEST OF LUCK!! respectively. The victory of team India overwhelmed all and made the AILians proud. Basketball Matches │ Navjyot II yr 7th April: Basketball matches among -The Mid Terms │Navjyot II Yr bullets, The invincible, Invaders and Hell The 2nd Mid Term exams were held from 28th March to 1st Hounds. Teams formed on the basis of bidding. April for the 1st year. Finals will be held very soon. CLUB ACTIVITIES │Navjyot II yr EDITORIAL BOARD FINE ARTS CLUB AIL Reporter Incharge The club named “Fluxus” (to change) is engaged in clay Ms. Sunaina modeling classes being conducted by an esteemed artist Mr. Shyamlal Mehta. Various decorative items and beautiful pots (Assistant Professor of Law) on the electronic potter’s wheel have been made by the students. Editors DEBATE CLUB Vikram Saini, Vyr, Deblina, IVyr The club organized a Turn Coat competition for its members. The winners are Sirtaj, Mandira, Pratiksha and Tuhina. Assistant Editors and Reporters Congratulations!! Navjyot II yr Mannat II yr DRAMATICS CLUB Saloni II yr Gurbani, II yr A ‘Street Play’ is to be performed by 2nd year students in the college and for the events outside the college between 18th and Indhu II yr Parvinder II yr 22nd April. Deeksha II yr MUSIC CLUB The Music club is practicing hard on their vocal and instrumental and learning techniques in guitar, harmonium and ARTICLES INVITED keyboard.Dear Readers, SPORTS CLUBArticles are invited for the next issue of AIL Students are actively engaged in practicing cricket for the final match to be held very soon.Reporter. Write in your best poetry or cool BOOKS AND MOVIE CLUBrandom writing. Mail your articles to The latest movie to be watched is “The Kite Runner” based on famous novel by ‘Khalid Hosseini’ which deals with comrade in between friends in the backdrop of Russian invasion of Afghanistan. Page 2 │ Justice that love gives is surrender, justice that law gives is a punishment- Mahatma Gandhi
  3. 3. AIL Buzz │ what’s up ● new● happening Upcoming Debate Competition BIRTH DAY WISHES {01-15 April} NAME OF THE DATE VENUEName Class Date of EVENT Birth Trivium 2011 15th - 17th PEC Parliamentary April, 2011 Chandigarh 15 AprilDeepika BhaDwal 5th year Debate 15 AprilTusharanshu Walia 4 year th 14 April Farewell: Beginning of A New LifeShivika Choudhary 4th year │Parvinder Kaur II yr 02 April 22nd April- Farewell (Batch of 2006)KartiKa Suhag 4th year 01 April As another batch of the final year is about to leave,Deblina Mitra 4th year it’s time to bid them farewell. 13 AprilArchAnA 3rd year Saloni │II yr 07 AprilKalyan Singh Rana 3rd year 04 AprilNishaNt Bhardwaj 3rd year 14 AprilMeera Hari 3rd year 01 AprilShubhaShree Sen 3rd year 01 AprilDevrath Singh 3rd year 15 AprilArjun Singh 3rd yearAnirudh Singh 2nd year 05 AprilChauhan 2nd year 15 AprilNidhaaN SiNgh Johal 2nd year 05 AprilSahil Randev 2nd year 14 AprilMehak Judge 2nd year 09 AprilShereyaS Kemparaj 1st year 05 AprilTaranjiT Singh 1st year 15 AprilRubaina Singh 1st year 03 AprilGunjan KamraAmritA KAur 1st year 09 April Happy BirtH day to you allHatred does not cease through hatred at any time. Hatred ceases through love. This is an unalterablelaw- Buddha │ Page 3
  4. 4. COVER STORY │ Interview Of Our Dear Principal │ Deblina IV Yr and Deeksha Yadav II YrDate: 08th April 2011Time: 13:43 hrsVenue: Principal’s OfficeShe is vibrant, energetic, enthusiastic, listens to everyone patiently, decides judiciously and above all a womanwith a vision. Yes, you guessed it rightly. She is none other than our dear, loving and charming PrincipalDr. Geeta Joshi. Here goes the interview…Ques Good Afternoon ma’am. How has been your experience at AIL and what is your vision for the future?Ans Good Afternoon. My experience has been wonderful and different and absolutely beyond my comprehension. Since, it was a shift over from teaching profession to the administration and also because I come from a civil background, so I was apprehensive during the initial fifteen days and not very positive but gradually after having understood the purpose, aim and target of the college and after having interacted with the authorities, I started feeling at ease. Moreover, I have always enjoyed interacting with students. My vision for the college is to raise the standard of college higher and higher.Ques Ma’am, since you remain very busy, do you find free time to pursue your leisure activities/hobbies?Ans Since, I have a single daughter who is studying in UK and my husband who is a businessman by profession also stays out of the country most of the times due to his business, so my responsibilities towards my daughter and home are not that much.Ques What are your hobbies?Ans I like reading new books, going for a walk and working out at home during my free time.Ques Ma’am, had you not been a teacher, what else you would have been?Ans I completed my LL.M in the year 1983 and then tried for civil services but I missed it by 22 marks in the interview. So, I chose to pursue teaching profession. Moreover, positive thinking, determination, dedication, hard work, self-confidence and faith in God are always rewarding and fruitful.Ques The theme for the upcoming issue of AIL Reporter is ‘Unidentified Flying Objects: Myth or Reality’. Ma’am, do you believe in UFOs and what reason would you like to state for your answer?Ans No. Frankly speaking, I do not believe in Unidentified Flying Objects because I believe in facts.Thank you ma’am for sparing your precious time from your busy schedule. It was completely our pleasureand honour.Page 4 │ The life of the law has not been logic; it has been reason- Oliver Wendell Holmes
  5. 5. ~} Faculty view {~ Unidentified Flying Objects: Myth or Reality Col (Dr) Jaswant Singh Sandhu MS SUNAINA Since years there have been lots of The universe is really mysterious. Fiction debates over the existence of UFOs. is stranger than truth and sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. These Are they a myth or reality? People extraterrestrial bodies have been and still who have seen them believe and are a ‘wonder’ element for the scientists. those who haven’t don’t. There have The question whether UFOs exist or not certainly forces the man to explore his been certain reports also; various vistas and intelligence. Such a research movies have also depicted the will make him more inquisitive and existence of UFOs and aliens. curious. It is this inquisitiveness which will lead him to explore his intelligence as Scientists across the globe still do not well as hidden talent. What is more have an answer to it and are still important is the persistent effort and trying to figure out the hidden truth. endeavour to find out the truth. This zeal to find out the hidden truth must not end The day when UFOs are discovered as it is this zeal only which has been able will really shake the world. Since to help man in various discoveries and there is no scientific evidence to inventions. In the words of Clifton Fadiman, “Science fiction is a kind of prove their existence it is hard to say archaeology of the future”. The more we that UFOs exist. It is a subjective research and explore, the more we will matter based on one’s thinking and achieve. belief.It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and Ithink that’s pretty important - Martin Luther │ Page 5
  6. 6. On the Campus| w e ∙ u s ∙ o u r s e l v e sUFOs – Myth or Reality │ Garima I yr UNIDENTIFIED FLYINGWhat are these unidentified flying saucers? Well, many take to have seen these OBJECTS : A MYSTERY │ Jatinder Randhawa II yroval or circular flying objects in the skies, but most of these incidents have been If life can exist on earth then there arereported in the continent of America. We all know that there are many theories huge chances of existence of life onregarding the existence of UFOs such as: these are the mere results of a other planets of our Solar System also.person’s overactive imagination or it may the path taken by forgotten people Life on other planets might not be in(mostly the celebrities) to try and come back into the news of the daily affairs or the form that we perceive it to be butit may just be an escape for some, from the real world, through which they plan life can exist. Just like we humansto make their lives joyous and happy. The facts regarding these are that carry out various space programmes inaccording to a Roper poll conducted in 2002 for the Sci Fi channel, one in seven our quest to know about other planets,Americans say they or someone they know has had an experience relating to similarly it is possible that life-form ofUFOs... other planet is also curious about life-A total of 14 per cent have had or know someone who has had at least one close form on earth. There have been manyencounter of the “First,” “Second,” or “Third” kind. The largest proportion (12 UFO sightings all around the world.per cent) say, they or someone else they know has seen a UFO at close quarters. These sightings just open us to aVarious tests are performed to confirm. If I might use this term, whether these whole new world of possibilities…reportings are really true, is there really someone else living out there and ismore advanced than us and are they going to be our enemies or allies; or are allthese just plain reports and simple lies? YES IT HAPPENED TO ME… OR DID IT?UFOs: A MYTH OR REALITY │ Mannat II yr │ Priyamvada Chaudhary II yrSometimes what we see is not what is real and what is real is not what we see. It In the past three years, more than awill not be right to say that UFOs aren’t real. If we humans can exist, if we can be dozen people have claimed to beREAL, so cannot be ALIENS? There have been so many incidents when people abducted, molested and raped byhave actually witnessed UFOs. I don’t think there is any reason for us to be afraid ‘ALIENS’, walking out of bright UFOs.of these aliens; they are just another living species on earth. They are harmless. Could such things have really happened?If we can believe in God, if we can believe in spirits, then why not in UFOs? Is it Or are they an outcome of the incessantbecause we don’t have any evidence regarding the existence of UFOs? We also talks of UFOs and aliens which takedon’t have any evidence regarding the existence of God, then why is it so that we people to a parallel world?spend so much time praying and worshiping Him? We keep fasts for Him. Why is it Is it just a belief in the unknown? Athat when we lose all our hope, we expect that ‘the ultimate supernatural power, belief where the strongest human power,what we call God will come from somewhere and help us’? Why? the power of ‘imagination’ takes over usIf it is all to do with our beliefs, then I would end up by saying that what might be a to such an extent that we start believingmyth for someone could be reality for another and what might be reality for one in something with no evidence!could just be a figment of imagination for another…Page 6 │ When the President does it, that means that it is not illegal- Richard Nixon
  7. 7. On the Campus| w e ∙ u s ∙ o u r s e l v e sUFOs- A MYSTERY │ Shubhpreet Kaur II yr UFOs: A MYTH OR A REALITYA huge disk like object with lights all over is how an │ Karan Handa II yrunidentified object called UFO is imagined. If it is a If life can exist on planet earth, then how can wereality then why no evidence has been found and if not negate the fact that there can be life somewhere else inso, then is it just a wild imagination. The question isunanswered. But the electronic media has taken the universe? I believe that the ‘eyes see what theyadvantage of these Unidentified Flying Objects and have choose to see’ and what we see might not be the truth.used it for many games, movies etc. Some questions are amystery and this one is too… So, I would say that unseen can still exist. Charisma │ Garima I YrAah!! The topic of UFOs is a very unique and debatable one. The idea of existence of UFOs is a very fleeting one whichdoesn’t have a very distinct and formulative identity. The issue of this debate is whether UFOs or what I may call as theUnidentified Flying Objects, a myth or are they a reality? I stand at a point where I cannot say what might be true andwhat not. We all know that most of the stories of encounters with the unknown are from America, the rest of the worldbeing a sleeping contributor to the subject of UFOs. But what I really think is that we can never be sure of what’s outthere in the space and beyond. We, so to admit in truth, know so less about ourselves and earth that we cannot be sure ofwhat is outside our world. The popular question regarding this is that, ‘Are we alone in the universe or are there moreliving souls out there?’ This question hasn’t been answered. It would be affecting us all drastically if there wassomething which we know is there but we still are not sure that is it really going to meet us in the coming years. Will itbe a friend or a foe? The space scientists, NASA and many other research centres are trying to find out an answer to thisquestion and also to the main question, is this really a reality or just a myth? Is the reporting of so many incidents reallytrue or not?A survey of a sample group taken in our very own college determines that they do believe in the existence of the UFOs.A detail regarding this is as follows: Do you believe in the existence of UFOs? yes no maybeThis sample survey concludes that we all do believe to some extent in the unknown and its existence. In my opinion alsothe UFOs do exist and they are a part of our own reality. Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favour- Theodore Roosevelt │ Page 7
  8. 8. un c h a i n yo u r h e a r t ∙ f re e yo u r i m a g i na t io n |YOUR SPACEUFOs │Chitresh Sharma V yr HUMOUROSCOPE | SALONI II yrWhenever we talk about UFOs, the only thing which comes to my mind is a guy with Aries (March 21 to April 20) It’s time to start thinking about your Halloween costume, don’t dye your hair, it will be permanent.a huge watermelon-sized and helmet-shaped head saying: “We come in peace” in an You tend to make people mad, don’t worry they’ll get over it. Watch out for bats when you take theelectronic voice. garbage out Tuesday night. Taurus (April 21 to May 21)From the last few decades, in our media, print or digital (including the movies), we You’ve been watching too much football lately; don’t you think you should be outside? Watch football outside somehow. Where there is smokehave seen a lot of aliens coming and attacking us. And then, there are also few who there is fireworks, take pictures. Don’t forget to say Thank You.come and help us survive. Gemini (May 22 to June 21) Your creative side comes out this week, give awayBut the only question which strikes my mind was, is and will seemingly remain for all what you make. A song will be stuck in your head for a reason, listen close. Cancer (June 22 to July 22)in near future: Why always America? Why not Fiji or Uganda? Still haven’t It is what it isn’t and it’s not what it was, deep down you already know that. Financial ties areunderstood anything about it. May be it’s the weather or may be Las Vegas. Hrithik holding you back, that’s too bad. You are emotional this week. Keep an eye on your car keys or theyRoshan did try to bring a “Jadoo”. But with an amputated hand and a twisted tongue, will end up under the bed forever. Leo (July 23 to August 21) Pick up an extra set of shoe laces; you’re going toall I could think of is the Japanese nuclear disasters. break a lace at work on Thursday. Rearrange your furniture; you’re sitting way too close to the TV.So let’s come back to the main issue from which I deviated some time back. When I Virgo (August 22 to September 23) Take time for star gazing, it’s good for your soul.saw the last UFO... If they are real, then thank God we are not alone dumped in this You need to exercise more, just walking to the mail box and back does not equal a “work out”. You can lead a horse to water.never-ending vast space. But if we are the only ones around, then just wanna say: Libra (September 24 to October 23) Crowded rooms make you nervous, especially at thewhat’s up big fella? Just go check out our new movies as you don’t have any other canoe store. You feel the need to write, mostly checks, not good. A strange call is not really what it seems, fly south. Fun times are ahead, buy someoption...  new skin cream. Scorpio (October 24 to November 22) You will receive a large amount of money if youUFOs- A Hoax │B. Indhu II yr keep scratching. Be careful when turning corners by buildings, you may hit a house. People love toUnidentified Flying Objects from Outer Space (UFOs). What an imagination?? There play games with you, don’t cheat. Sagittarius (November 23 to December 22)has never been a real UFO and there will never be one. UFOs do not exist even A new singing career may be on the horizon for you, especially when driving. You have a specialthough more than 60% of the public believe in them. Millions claim to have seen an inner light; don’t let anyone mess with it. You know exactly where to be and when to be there; it’salien space craft. It is similar to believing statements like “we can walk on water” or never too late for ice cream.“we have seen God”. So, UFOs are nothing more than a media myth. It has been Capricorn (December 23 to January 20) Share a special meal with a friend, something morecreated by media for earning money, TRPs, fame etc. It is pretty evident that the than a happy meal. There is a nail in your front left tire. There is a special puppy waiting for you, goconcept of UFOs never came in 60s. It came in 90s with the growth of media. Now get him. Drink lots of orange juice this week, people you work with have colds.this concept is being used by others to earn profits. We see various T-shirts, movies, Aquarius (January 21 to February 19) Travels towards the end of the week will take youvideo games etc in the market coming up every day. This is because of such a myth somewhere you’ve never been before, don’t forgetthat people become fools and spend their hard earned money on such things. NASA how to get home. A key you lost many years ago will appear in a very strange place this week. Tryhas spent billions of dollars to find aliens in the Milky Way Galaxy, but has failed. new recipes, but no tofu. Pisces (February 20 to March 20)Nobody is out there. We are alone. So, it is not that hard for people to accept that Music helps you relax, try something new, but not rap. An animal is trying to talk to you, don’t poke itUFOs do not exist. THEY are JUST a MYTH!!! in the belly. Honey is good for your health.Page 8│ The life of the law has not been logic; it has been reason- Oliver Wendell Holmes
  9. 9. LEISURE| f u n • j o y • p e a c e GENERAL KNOWLEDGE QUIZ │ Saloni IIyr LEGAL LAUGHS | Saloni, II yr Ques1. Which Indian state is the largest producer in the world of the golden coloured ‘Muga’ silk? (A) Assam (B) Orissa (C) West Bengal (D) Karnataka Ques2. Which Indian freedom fighter was popularly called ‘Mahamana’? (A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (B) Jai Prakash Narain (C) Gopal Hari Deshmukh (D) Madan Mohan Malaviya Ques3. Which Indian state would you be in if you were watching birds at Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary, situated on an island in the Cauveri river? GO (A) Karnataka (B) Maharashtra (C) Tamil Nadu (D) Andhra Pradesh Ques4. Baglihar Dam, also known as Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project, in Jammu & Kashmir is built across which river? (A) Beas (B) Chenab (C) Jhelum (D) Sutlej Ques5. Where was the first Indian Institute of Management (IIM) established in 1961? (A) Kolkata (B) Bengaluru (C) Ahmedabad (D) Lucknow Ques6. Which India born physicist invented the ‘Optical Fibre’? (A) C.V. Raman (B) Satyendra Nath Bose (C) Homi J. Bhabha (D) Narinder Singh Kapany Ques7. Which Australian state was formerly known as ‘Van Diemen’s Land’? (A) Victoria (B) Queensland (C) Tasmania (D) New South Wales Ques8. According to 2001 census, which state has the highest literacy rate? (A) Goa (B) Mizoram (C) Tripura (D) Kerala Ques9. Which Asian city was formerly known as ‘Batavia’? (A) Yangon (Myanmar) (B) Hanoi (Vietnam) (C) Jakarta (Indonesia) (D) Beijing (China) Ques10. Which country is also known as the ‘Rainbow Nation’? (A) Australia (B) United Kingdom (C) Switzerland (D) South Africa ANSWERS 1. Assam 2. Madan Mohan Malaviya 3. Karnataka 4. Chenab 5. Kolkata 6. Narinder Singh Kapany 7. Tasmania 8. Kerala 9. Jakarta 10. South AfricaLATEST GADGET The Vocal Charismatic Ability- The Group JUMBLED SENTENCES Discussions │ Garima Kuthiala I Yr │ Saloni IIyr________│___ Navjyot II yr These are the discussions between individuals pertaining to certain topics of national or international interests. TheseDiesel is one of the brands most 1. few words he a man is of. discussions help the common individual to be able to get apopular with youth people: meet the grip on their own personal speaking skills, a control over 2. everywhere looked her fortaste of young, because he manages their body language and help in developing the responsive costume with trend and simplicity. and logical reasoning of an individual. These discussions 3. hear will from you short timeFor this new season is tinged with a are not just the extracurricular activities nor such activities in a her.very special feature, which is already are limited to the academia of an individual but also add in 4. what cannot happen will sayunderstood by the name of the aiding the full communication skills of an individual. They one.collection: Glow in the Dark is the help an individual to learn how to make their points in conversations, be aware of what they need to say and what 5. sorry my mistake for very Iline of Diesel watches that light upthe dark. not to say and at what point of time. Being aware of the am. current affairs is an essential element to be a good speaker ANSWERS in any speaking competition, be it a group discussion, a 1. He is a man of few panel discussion, a debate, or an extempore; as normally it words. is this awareness which helps one to speak properly on the 2. We looked topics given or the interpretations they have to make fo everywhere for her. r these topics. It is normally such awareness on which the 3. You will hear from her in a short time hosts of the competition pose their topics on. Thus, the 4. One cannot say what group discussions are a great manner of making oneself will happen aware of the current affairs, making one’s speaking skills 5. I am very sorry for better and thus this overall helps in the overall development my mistake. of the personality of the future advocates. Good men must not obey the laws too much- Ralph Waldo Emerson │Page 9