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Power Writing for Fluency


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Encourage writing fluency by developing a daily power writing program.

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Published in: Education
  • These tools will become invaluable to me in the teaching profession I have chosen. I will be able to have students become more tech savvy with the exercises you have shared. Thanks
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Power Writing for Fluency

  1. 1. Power WritingPower Writing Build Writing FluencyBuild Writing Fluency
  2. 2. Ms Edwards Power Write 1. Choose 2. Think 3. Write
  3. 3. Ms Edwards Power Write - Choose 1. Look at the list of topics/words provided or in your own list. 2. Decide on a topic.
  4. 4. Ms Edwards Power Write - Think 1. Think about all the words linked to that word or topic 2. Make as many connections as you can
  5. 5. Ms Edwards Power Write- Ready, Set, Write 1. Write for the time specified. 2. Keep writing. You get credit for the number of different words. 3. Stuck: repeat the last word written until new thoughts pop into your head (refer to Step 2) 4. Keep writing --you can switch topics 5. Use public thoughts.
  6. 6. Ms Edwards Power Write 1. Stop when signaled to stop. 2. Immediately count the number of words you wrote. 3. Write the date and number of words at the top of your paper, or on the grid provided if you have one. 4. Spelling: re-read and circle words you think are misspelled 5. Repeat this process two more times. 6. Share (optional). 7. Put writing in writing folder.
  7. 7. Ms Edwards • Now you know what it is, how does it look in the classroom? • First decide how long to power write; always write the same for each of the three times • Younger Students: start with 1 minute writes • Older students: start with 3 minute writes • Then build up to longer times 5-10 minutes. • Vary times according to fluency need.
  8. 8. Ms Edwards Teacher Directions to Class 1. Show-- list of words - or students have own list 2. Choose-- your topic (wait 15 seconds) 3. Think-- about what you will write (15 seconds) 4. Ready, Set, Write
  9. 9. Ms Edwards Teacher Directions to Class 5. When time is up, say “Stop and count.” 6. Record. 7. Reread and circle any words you think you have misspelled. 8. Repeat the process two more times. 9. Allow time to share (partner or class).
  10. 10. Ms Edwards Word Lists
  11. 11. Ms Edwards Choose, think, write. trust productive present kindness respectful safe lake roller coaster pow wow jingle dress stick games dirt bike camping fish hunt
  12. 12. Ms Edwards
  13. 13. Ms Edwards
  14. 14. Ms Edwards
  15. 15. Ms Edwards
  16. 16. Ms Edwards Wordle Prompts • •
  17. 17. Ms Edwards More Wordle Prompts • Our Class Wordles: • • Create your own with science text, speeches, poems at •
  18. 18. Power WritingPower Writing 2008-20092008-2009