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Foreign games

Ryan Fehr semester final over foreign games.

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Foreign games

  1. 1. Flag of England Flag of India Influences of Foreign sportsFlag of Spain Flag of Great Britain By: Ryan Fehr
  2. 2. Jai- Alai the worlds fastest game.Pelota Cesta- punta. Official Jai-Alai logo
  3. 3. View of the Pyrenees from a valley Basque Jai- Alai Jai-Alai was originated in the originally played Pyrenees using the walls of mountains of the local church. Spain.
  4. 4. One rider checks another as they go for a ball PoloPlayed in teams of Rider safety is the mostfour. important factor.
  5. 5. TraditionPlayers #1-Offensive #2- Best defender #3- Best player #4- Defensive Polo player #4 lifts his stick in celebration
  6. 6. Cricket Cricket is played with a Cricket bat and ball.
  7. 7. Counting sheep? The first cricket balls were made of sheep skin sewed around aCricket was wood core.originally playedwith a hockeystick.
  8. 8. InfluenceCriteria Positive Negative Overall Total influence influence Success x2Jai-alai 2 1 4 7Polo 3 2 2 7Cricket 1 3 6 10