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Tools of history 2013 inclusion


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Tools of history 2013 inclusion

  1. 1. Tools for studying History Inman Zolli 8th Grade
  2. 2. Archaeology The scientific study of life and activities of ancient peoples,by excavation of past cities and relics.
  3. 3. Archaeology
  4. 4. Anthropology The science of the physical,cultural and social development of man, his evolution, behavior, and geographic distribution from prehistoric times to present.
  5. 5. Anthropology
  6. 6. Sociology The science and study of human society, including it’s origin, history,organization, and institution. Study of social behavior and relationships.
  7. 7. Sociology
  8. 8. Political Science The study having to do with the government. For example; elections, parties, rulers, and laws.
  9. 9. Political Science
  10. 10. Geography The study of the earth.
  11. 11. Geography
  12. 12. Homework 1.Read pages 20- 25 2.Complete page 25 (1-6)
  13. 13. Formant MLA format
  14. 14. Geography and History How might these two terms relate? List some striking geographic features you have seen