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States of matter 2013 whms


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States of matter 2013 whms

  1. 1. The States of Matter
  2. 2. Basic StatesOn Earth, matterexists in 3 basicstates: Solid Liquid Gas
  3. 3. Solids, Liquids and GasesWhat is going with the motion of the particles in matter? Let’s find out!
  4. 4. SolidsSolids vibrate in placeSolids are closely packed togetherSolids have a definite shapeSolids have adefinite volume
  5. 5. Liquids Liquids roll around Liquids are still closetogether, but looselyarranged Liquids have anindefinite shape –they change shape to takethe shape of their container Liquids have a
  6. 6. Gases Gas particles move randomly Gases are not close together Gases have an indefinite shape – actually, no shape at all Gases have anindefinite volume –
  7. 7. Can You Explain?Look at each diagram. Explain why:  The solid is not in a container  The liquid is in a container  The gas is in a closed container
  8. 8. Quick ReviewWhat is matter?Matter is stuff! (anything that has mass andtakes up space)What is stuff?If you could look at matter at a microscopiclevel, you would see itty bitty pieces, orparticles.These are the particles (or stuff) matter is madeofHow these particles are arranged determines thestate of matter – solid, liquid or gas
  9. 9. Kinetic TheoryIn science, this is know as the …All matter is made of particlesThese particles are in constant motionChanging the temperature affects the motion ofthe particles.
  10. 10. Solid to LiquidThe particles in a liquid have more energy than theparticles in a solidWhat can you do to increase the energy or motion of theparticles in a solid to change it into a liquid?Add heatWhat is this process called?
  11. 11. Liquid to GasThe particles in a gas have more energy than theparticles in a liquidWhat can you do to increase the energy ormotion of the particles in a liquid to change itinto a gas?Add heatWhat is this process called?
  12. 12. Gas to a LiquidHow can we reverse the process?Take away heatWhat is this process called?
  13. 13. Liquid to SolidHow can we reverse this process?Take away heatWhat is this process called?
  14. 14. Sum it Up!Increasing temperature causes particles to SPEED UPDecreasing temperature causes particles toSLOW DOWN
  15. 15. Important!!!Changing the amount of heat energy usually causes aphase changeHowever, DURING the phase change, the temperaturestays the same even though the heat energy changes. Why?????This energy is going into changing the phase and notinto raising the temperature. Thats why water doesntget hotter as it is boiling. The temperature remainsconstant until the phase change is complete.