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O*net Career Management Tool


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Published in: Business, Technology
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O*net Career Management Tool

  1. 1. Mary M Rydesky CEO, Transition Management Instructor – Wayland Baptist University WBU Student Chapter ASHRM October 2013
  2. 2. Selecting education direction Graduating to first job Transitioning from military to civilian Transition from discipline to discipline Navigating career choices Adding a position
  3. 3. Yourself Values Motivators & Personality KSAs Industry/Field Choices NAICs Previous experience Occupations Current demand & projections How you fit
  4. 4. 975 occupations covering many important job qualities US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics Provides data that is valid, reliable, standardized, & updated Portal for occupation experts to submit career information
  5. 5. Bright Outlook & Green Economy Occupations Similar Occupations (Cross Walk) Relating to Personality Types rests/ Skills Search Education Needed – 5 “job zones” Work Importance Locator/Profiler - rank aspects of work representing six important work values
  6. 6. Tool Format Purpose O*NET Interest Profiler Paper/Pencil or Standalone or Network Work-related Interests O*NET Work Importance Locator Paper/Pencil or Standalone or Network What is Important in a Job (Values) O*NET Ability Paper/Pencil What Individual
  7. 7. Assessment focus
  8. 8. Ability Profiler • Psychomotor & non-psychomotor sections • Takes ~2 to 3 hours to complete • Need a trained assessment administrator Interest Profiler • Rates job tasks • Takes several minutes to complete
  9. 9. VOCABULARY interests work values abilities
  10. 10. Computation Arithmetic Reasoning Vocabulary Name Comparison Object Matching Three Dimensional Space Mark Making Place Turn Assemble Disassemble
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Career Management Pick schools & courses Project future demand Understand vocabulary Talk KSAs Learn about salaries HR Management Use standardize terms Improve quality of JDs Improve efficiency Compare salaries Retain & grow workforce
  13. 13. • “Education Pays” • Earnings & employment rates by education level • • Feb. 9, ‘12 article – gender gap in educational attainment htm • “Education & Synthetic Work-Life Earnings Estimates” • Wet Feet resources
  14. 14. O*Net – comprehensive career info O*Net Academy O*Net Desk Aid Monthly Labor Review Occupational Outlook Handbook Bureau of Labor Statistics • Career One Stop • Local employment stats
  15. 15. Godfrey, E. O*net and Beyond (ppt), 2013 Mullins, J. Career planning: the second time around. (2009) 2.pdf Wall, J. How to Interpret and Use the O*net Ability Profiler Results (ppt), 2007 Wall, J. Introduction to the O*net Career Exploration Tools (ppt), 2008